Los flufflys son muy flamables(art:metalgore)


Why is there a “gudmummah” tag, the brown foal has clearly been neglected in the typical fluffy manner.

Good on the person burning the bitch and her best brat.


post should be named how white knights solve all problems. :joy: :rofl:


Fluffies are more flammable than toys should be.


Nah thats not as fun. Take her babbehs and basically say,”Sorry but since you neglected your brown foal, your a bad mother. No. I don’t want to hear your shitty excuse of,”But Daddeh dat POOPIE BABBEH!” You are a bad mother and you can’t be trusted with foals.” With that the mother be kept in a sorry box, as she has to basically watch me raise all the foals. If the foals show any hate towards the brown foal, they get an extra special sorry box. Its a metal box where they have to hear recordings over and over again of why they are a bad babbeh for a day straight.

….Why do I come up with this shit?


I gotta admit i into that white knighting but that got a litle too much common

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No i think cutting its front legs and give the other sexual stimulants and viagra would be good too.

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Hahaha, burn stupid stray mare. I think her “besteh bebbeh” gonna burn with her. That foal is so stupid for holding him on her. After this two are burned to death, burn the foals also to death.

Hahaha nice to hear that idea. Another possibility is, if them show hate to the brown foal, pillow them.

Fuck I legit forgot I wrote that o-o. Yeah pillow works too. But I prefer the idea of maybe take a leg everytime they misbehave towards the brown foal. They keep up after all are gone. Take the tongue.

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Hahaha I like the Idea and if they didn’t listen after taking the tongue take the eyes, one by one.

HELLL YEAH! Then the genitals

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Nice idea or for making their life more horrible, let them hold their genitals by mares and make enfie pillows from them. the males can take the genitals and then force them to eat their own genitals. After all they can become litterbox fluffies.

Lol I love your enthusiasm, but I think at that point I would have no energy and just throw them into the wild. Or use them to trade with dumb feral fluffies. Trying to steal my stuff,”Dis smawty wand nuw!” Oh so you want the land? What about some enfie babbehs?” (Guns are expensive. Among other stuff.)

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I understand your opinion and yeah they are good trading stuff.

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Thank you for understanding bro. Was surprised I never came up with a use for them till was like,”…Trade item…YEA!”

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Yeah mostly they are useless, but when you can trade with them then they a little valuable.