Lov Lov (Moesius)

True but the genetics are supposedly definitely to them so they’re prone to all sorts of health issues. So it’s actually not a good breed even if desirable.

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Did the mare’s face retract in during the milk drinking process?

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I can imagine a bitchy mare getting mad that it’s having trouble making babies with it’s new “dummeh speshul fwend”.


Ah, one step further to the perfect fluffy breed


Gen 2: buttcheeks so thick a standard Fluffy dong just hot dogs them.


The shoulders are an odd choice to designate for fat deposits, but there’s precedent.


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It tries to look down but have no neck, so yeah, somehow xD

they crawl xD

yeah xD but the tits tends to decrease when foals weaned (or else, they are just smashed against the floor as the poor creature try to walk èwé)


just call me Moesius, please blush blush

unfurtunatly right :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks :3 they are from a “inbred accident” (it’s to small regular ears attached to the same point, it looks like hearts :3 , in some rare case, they can split with one fonctional one and one for decoy, or a “clover” shape can occur → 4 tiny ears at the same whole)

tucked in the dewlap xD

so yeah, this breed is like the munchkin cats, or the pug dogs :v
sad for the real creatures

very common things :v (and the mating between the breeds can occur some awkward situation → very painful mating between original male and lov-lov mare ; incapacity to mate between lov-lov male and original female)

you can cut the remaining libs if you want :3 (except if the perfect breed is the dead one :smirk: , in this case, the problem can be solved easily)


Oh, one can imagine all sorts of frustrations. But originals might well find Lov Lov`s “pwetty”.

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It’s really cute

Those foals would be perfect to put into Potato Guns. Imagine the Fluffy Games having these foals as officially licensed live ammo lol

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yeah * ^*

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Ugh! Why the fuck is everything you make SO FUCKING CUTE?! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

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thank you >w<

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