Love versus Sex and fluffies

So there’s two things I noted getting used almost interchangeably: Special Huggies and Enfies.

Special Huggies is mostly positive. I’ll see Bad Special Huggies periodically.

Enfies is very contextual. I don’t think I’ve seen Good Enfies, just Enfies. But Bad Enfies, Enfy Baby, Worstest Enfies? Seen those a lot.

Sex is the commonality, but it seems like Special Huggies has a narrower range defining it. Is it the difference between “making love” and "having sex"for fluffies? Or is it a “times change, words change” sort of thing? Or are they actually interchangeable and I’m over thinking this? :crazy_face::thinking:

Speaking of which: while finding a special friend is a high priority for many fluffies, can they separate having a special friend from sex or having babies in your writing or art? Could a sterile fluffy have a special friend? Or an asexual/low sex drive* fluffy have a special friend but not sex? Is there a term for a non-sexual special friend? Just bestest friend? Would a special friend get jealous?

Fluffies are hyper social, and have incredible reproductive drives, so I’m curious on possible nuance and different directions people have on the matter.

*Could be due to age, low interest, physical issues, etc

Edit: Inspired by a tangent on @FallenAngel007’s latest piece, Urban Fluffy 5 [by: FallenAngel]


enf is fuck simple as that ,special friend is tied to reproducing but i don’t see why it would not be used as a standing for best friend


the answer is obviously yes


Well, in my headcanon fluffies aren’t a hivemind. Their personalities can be just as complex and varied as, say, a human child’s, even if their worldview is a bit simplified. But then, so is a human child’s.

So it differs from fluffy to fluffy. Some see special huggies as a way of expressing their wub with their special friend, some see it as just a way to have babbehs, and some see it as just a way to get gud feews. And it’s perfectly possible for a fluffy to just not care about special huggies, like Woodstock, who is as close to spiritual enlightenment as a fluffy can get. So, they’re exactly like humans, really. After all, they are partially human. Hasbio may have attempted to make fluffy personalities uniform, but they also tried to keep fluffies under wraps until the little fluffballs were ready to sell, and look what happened.


My cannon:

Special huggies = sex
Enfies = sex
Special enfies = sex
Bestest special huggies = lots of sex
Bestest enfies = lots of sex
Bestest special enfies = lots of sex

Bad special huggies = rape
Bad enfies = rape
Bad special enfies = rape
Forced bad special huggies = intense rape
Forced bad enfies = intense rape
Forced bad special enfies = intense rape

Nu tummeh babbehs special huggies = neutered sex or sex with protection.
Nu tummeh babbehs enfies = neutered sex or sex with protection.
Nu tummeh babbehs special enfies = neutered sex or sex with protection.

(A neutered fluffy can sometimes say “special huggies/enfies/special enfies”)

“Enf” = AAAAAAH!
“Mowe” = “more”

Now i am thinking about the fact that i spend about 15 minutes of my life writing this.



So basically special huggies and enfies are the same thing.


Special huggies is consensual sex between special friends for the purposes of “makin tummeh babbehs”.

Enfies is essentially just masturbation, even if the masturbation “aid” is another fluffy


Instinct is powerful even in humans, and programming probably infodumps on them when genitals appear and their own is tingling.

(Rant about me using breeds of different kinds and programming of many builds by separate teams and contradictions in programming when builds mix and natural selection and age/experience changing how they react to programming and so on)

If a Mare asks for or a Stallion offers Special Huggies I’d say what is being inferred is they’re referring to foreplay, expectation of mutual pleasure, afterglow cuddles, and being there in the morning. They couldn’t explain it if you asked them to list off, in order, what they want to happen. But if her mate just gets behind her and immediately starts prodding at her folds or nuts and falls asleep she’s going to know she didn’t get Special Huggies.

Enfies is “I’m ready to cum right now”. Generally only used by males I would think since it should take more for a female than forty seconds of open-mouthed rutting, unless pregnancy is the sole goal.

“Want to spend the night at my place?”
“Wanna head to the bathroom stall?”

Bad Special Huggies to me implies that a Fluffy’s primary instinct is to make love rather than rut. A baby with no desire does not usually scream “Nu want bad enfies”. Their instinctual understanding of sex is consensual mutual lovemaking, the bad modifier indicating the lack of consent. Enfies is the clarification that it will not be mutual, and the dominant male will be the only one pleasured. A baby should’t know the difference between lovemaking and rutting any more than a virgin Fluffy, though I would think the programming would pipe in and give them the understanding that SHs will involve time and physical closeness while Enf will be short and aggressive.
I would also imagine the programming dumping knowledge on them before physical readiness to understand it on a deep level would lead to a lifetime of anxiety of physical contact if they were molested, and a clingy desire for it if not (such as babies seeing their aunt and the Smarty getting it on).

Speaking of which: while finding a special friend is a high priority for many fluffies, can they separate having a special friend from sex or having babies in your writing or art?

Yes. If they choose to. I wanted to parallel Prussian and Mitzy in this way.
I’m going to get into it later, but Prussian accepted pregnancy because of the needs of the herd. Not out of desire to be pregnant. She likes caring for them because she likes being wanted/admired, but didn’t need it.
Mitzy on the other hand would be happy with a taxidermied one. She wants babies, not children. She’d steal them to avoid the pain of childbirth. She feels no attachment to them as individuals. She’d be a perfect Nurse for Chirpies and young Talkies so long as another Fluffy was a teacher.
But as a Feral she will continue to have litters, then get rid of them when she doesn’t want them anymore.

Could a sterile fluffy have a special friend?

So long as pregnancy was not the goal. Being barren or shooting blanks shouldn’t lower sex drive, and if pregnancy is not the reason for mating then there should be no rejection.

That said, it probably is better for Ferals where herd numbers is not usually a problem than for dumbass Domestics raised as animals.

Or an asexual/low sex drive* fluffy have a special friend but not sex?

Asexual romantic? Totally. Especially for widowers needing a companion to help them raise Foals.

Is there a term for a non-sexual special friend? Just bestest friend?

I imagine it would still be Special Friend. Maybe split between Huggie Special Friend and Special Huggie Friend? Would make for good comedy dialogue.

Would a special friend get jealous?

Given its Fluffies I imagine they would form polys easily. Just have a small herd thats one giant relationship.




I figure it’s just words they either hear or understand it what it is. It just depends on how they are introduced to the meaning they all mean the same thing but the concept or emotion of it defers fluffy to fluffy. They may be dumb but they can somewhat put 2 an 2 together if it’s a concept or topic they know or have been taught by the parents or owners and just connect the meaning or it could just be a safety program that the company installed cause it’s better to hear the fluffy version of sex and fucking then them actually going up to another fluffy and saying hay lets fuck and feel good


I prefer not to use the word “enfies” at all. What makes fluffies so cutely innocent is that they don’t even have words to properly conceptualize naughty things, whereas enfies would be just a straightforward slang for fucking.


I feel like ‘special hugs’ is in the context of making love. It’s between two consenting fluffies in love with each other.
Enfing is in the context of sex. It doesn’t necessarily mean love.


I see enfies as a catch all for any sexual encounter a fluffy will face, so it’s more neutral, to me; where as, special huggies are more reserved for the special friend and is more of a consenting term where both parties accept their sexual desire.

There can be a special friend without sex. It’s more of a mutual favored pairing between both fluffies, kind of like marriage in an odd sense. A stallion or mare that engages in procrastination will more often than not accept their breeding partner as a special friend in an idealistic situation only replacing them when they die and their brood is old enough to survive on their own. Feral herds may act a bit differently where the Smarty may have more than one breeding mare, but they will always default back to their first/favorite as a special friend.


I figured enf was just them grunting during the session kinda like what most humans do…
Oh never mind reread post that makes sense but then they wouldn’t know that word at less they were taught it

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Indeed, it’s just a sound fluffies make.

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Yeah. Someone decided since they grunt “enf enf enf” that the fluffies would make “enfies” the word. Which makes sense, honestly.

So this means @Eded_ted’s fluffies might call it JOIHAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAOOOOOOOOHA-ies.


Now i am just imagining bluey coming to ted and asking:

“Cawn beuew an pinkew do de HOIJAAAAAAAHAAH AAAAAAAAH HAAAAAH!!!
Ies, daddeh? An cawn daddeh hewp pu da " cuwduum” on bwuew specul stikie?

Bursts into laughter


Ooorrrrrrrr…. Fluffies are not real animals and each author/ artist has their own interpretation of the meaning of each.

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Sorry, I only implied “in your headcanon”. Should’ve said it outright.

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Oh we know that it’s just something to discuss cause we got nothing better to do at the time

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Most cause fluffies are as we always say social animals/biotoys , so they wanted companionship from a life long partner or herd.

Special huggies is more on a pair that love each other and have mutual respect and enjoy it.

Bad special huggies are those like smarties that force themselves on unwilling mares usually can scar them mentally.

Enfing is mostly bad as using anything as a fuck toy…unless the suppose enfing begin to enjoy it .