Make fluffies colour blind

So, from what I have gathered, fluffies are a result of combining different animal genes to produce a biotoy. So, I have a question: what if fluffies were made colour blind instead? This is to prevent color discrimination. I mean, they would still identify runts by smell but this should reduce favouritism (bestest babbeh).


My head canon regarding that is Hasbio made them hate certain colors so they get rid of “bad product” on their own to save costs on disposal. Though some back alley genetics expert could do this


Yeah, having them dispose of bad coloured foals themselves make sense, though the bitch mares keep them alive to abuse anyway instead.

They are flawed given the overall canon event is that they were let lose before theybwere finished by PETA

Id guess colorblindness would hurt hasbios ability to code in the peripheral desires.
Snubbing any old ball for just the right propriatary shade of hasbio ball, identifying hasbio patterned clothing as opposed to any old dog costume. Etc.


Seems like it would solve one issue to then cause more issues. If they become colorblind the survival rates would plummet, as abyssal as they are already.

Yeah but then how would we be justified in beating the shit out of spoiled bitch mares who think racism is good?

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A bit off topic but I think that taking away their ability to see color (achromatopsia I think?) would be an enjoyable abuse method. Just imagining them all depressed since nothing would be “pretty” anymore makes me feel really happy


as fun as this sounds, i think it would be difficult. I did give it a think though. if you were able to use a frequency of light that only affected the cone receptor cells, and left the rods alone, you could kill off the cone cells and be done with it, but here’s the problem
because the sensitivity of the rods lies between green and blue, and overlaps the peak values, you’d have difficulty not damaging the rod cells. If you used a ultraviolet laser and then an infrared laser that might work, but you’d have to be very careful to only do enough to kill the cone cells, as even at those less sensitive frequencies, the rods would still be taking damage, just less. I’m also not sure to what degree the cones might regenerate, so even if you did it just right, the fluffy might just gradually get its color vision back as the cells were replaced in the normal course of cell division.

Can you make that a funny story?
If not, then you’re pissing into the wind.

probably not that hard, you just flip the norm- a human slowly goes mad trying to create a colorblind fluffy, only for it to keep ‘regrowing’ color sight. (here the human is dumb, hence the norm-flip)

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A fluff scientist hard at work over here. Ill just be over here bashing two rocks together like the neanderthal i am because i have no idea what rod cells or any of that is. XD though i understood the laser thing can blind people.

rod cells are how we see greyscale, and are what we use when it’s too dark for the cone cells to see color. check the links for further reading

Will there be a quiz at the end of the month?

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