Mamma's special baby part. 3 Final. (Not_A_Wise_Man)


The only one who thought you are special is dead. Now you are nothing


She actually managed to die without eating another baby. Well, I suppose we’ll have to imagine what does end up killing the foal.


Poor thing, over exhausted mare now her bestest babbeh will die in starvation or the cold will kill it first :frowning:


I like works like this because they touch the boundary between what we’ve created with fluffies, and what happens every single day in our society.


The only disconnect is how aggressive people are.
Usually folks want to avoid contact, many people would turn and walk the other way rather than make eye contact or be touched. Kicking requires interaction. Any form of touch would.

Although I feel like a lot of people would carry little brooms to push them off, and a lot of folks would carry cheap bread to throw so they leave them alone.
Sure, the city may pass laws against feeding them, but I know in Seattle folks will feed a whole flock of birds and street rats right in front of a cop just to see an animal eat, regardless of the city ordinances. Cops themselves give no shits.

I also know there would be a LOT of fights. People give city workers shit for spraying the trees for caterpillars, and business owners who scare away pigeons get their windows plastered in coffee. I have no doubt there’d be street fistfights between people who feed the Fluffies at lunch and people who stomp them.


I believe that the conciouness and speech fluffies posses would be the reason for the different treatment they receive when we compare them to other animals and how people try to advocate/protect them.
The moment fluffies had been granted speech, they are able to trully interact with people, not only that, they can vocalize their impressions/feelings toward people.
If a bird looks at you and think “man, thats one fat mother fucker” theres no way for you to know that. But fluffies, on their eternal ignorance of how the world work, and believing that in the end of the day everything just rainbow and fairies, would come up to you and tell you that yeah, you’re fat. SURE THEY WOULD NOT frase it in a mean way, but we all know that some people would be triggered in a instand by hearing that.
Not only that, let’s take a person that have tatoos, or suffered severe burns and is unable to cover them, even someone with a strong body odor. Fluffies would go around screaming monster, saying people dont smell pretty, even being little dicks if they believe they are in danger (like most feral smarties do in most headcannons).
People already deal with a lot of shit from other people, and i do mean A LOT. In a reality that even a animal gives them shit I believe most would come to hate these animals, and even go out of their way to interact in a violent way with them, even if they didnt need to.

In the end of the day, for me, the big problem is humanity. Fluffies just got the shortest end of all the possible sticks by being created by us.

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That’s why I’d say its a mixture of homeless and animals.

People will just decide to take another ten minutes of walking to avoid possibly being touched by or spoken to by a homeless person.

The rare person shoves one or says something cruel but most folks want to avoid any and all contact.

Like mimes or Times Square Elmo. You’d do anything to avoid being singled out and interacted with. If it happens you disengage as fast as possible like nothing happened, with as little contact or acknowledgement as possible.

Were it not for bored people at lunch throwing them pickles and fries and telling them their scarfing noises are cute or getting as many into a photo as possible they’d think they are ghosts.

I think that the line that makes people rather kick a fluffy instead of walking away, as they do with the homeless, is because no one would see fluffies as a threat.
Truth be told, nothing sees fluffies as a threat aside from other fluffies lol

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Its not even a threat. Its just awkward.
People like to avoid being singled out. Instead of anger I’d think most folks would feel humiliated or just awkwardly guilty if a Mare with babies grabbed their leg and begged for love.

The way you prep change or a dollar to quickly pass off to make them be quiet and go away, folks would throw cookies or something.

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Most folk, yeah, I can see most folk choosing the cookie or any other piece of food route so they avoided the awkward situation. I can even see people taking the avoiding route because fluffies are considered vermins and carrier diseases. We don’t see people going out of their way to kick rats, the truth is most people avoid them.

But we would have those that acted violently toward them. Heck, I can even see some people giving them poisoned food just to get rid of the begging, and rid of them at the same time.

I know that if we look at it in a scenario based on our reality it would be a lot more complex. Sure, some of us can be shitty humans, but the majority of society is good at the end of the day. No white knights, but good people that are capable of being decent and kind.

Hum… been a long time since I got to talk about these things, thanks for sticking around Thk


No problem, the deeper discussions are fun.

There’s folks in real life who buy a cheeseburger from McDonalds and spit in it or worse so they can give it to homeless folk, who know its probably fucked with but eat it anyway.

I think most folk want to do good but want to keep their head down. They’ll donate money LONG before volunteering in a kitchen even though they worked longer and harder for the money.
Saying yes or no to donating a dollar is easier than making eye contact and smiling.
Paying it forward at a coffee shop is appealing because its anonymous, and if you want attention for the good deed you can post on social media that you did it where you can control the interaction.

So I figure most folk would donate money for shelters, desperately try to avoid them, or bribe them to go away by tossing a handful of cookies or some cheap bread or something. Folks who wanted to go the extra mile would get like five large fries and two salads plus some baggies of apple slices, dump it all into the bag, then go someplace safe and secluded like a bench, gesture over a Fluffy, then quietly leave it for it and walk away immediately.
The rarest resources would be water when its hot and warmth when its cold, plus love. Like, any kind of love at all.

The nuance would help the writing I think. As it stands most works imply Fluffies who approach humans often just disappear because the world is made up of abusers, Hugboxers, or folks who kick them into the road where they can’t get up the curb. Like their diet is entirely just spaghetti made from Foals by a machine or trash. Which begs the question of how so many survive, and why any experienced ones would ever approach a human for any reason unless they hit the point where mercy or death were equally desired.

It also makes a main character stand out, regardless of their -box alignment. Just choosing to interact with a Fluffy reveals why this is the main or a major character.

Hell, since I’m on the tangent, you can get into a fucky kind of meta. Stepping on Croc’s toes a bit, but if the writer is “god” then most folk are NPCs in the story, motes of background implication. The leg that the desperate Mummah grabs is more important, for that moment, than the summation of the existence of that person including their life experiences, ancestors, and descendants. The Fluffies surpass humans in importance, because the universe exists only for their story.

Suppose our universe existed only for three stories about bed bugs. After those three the author gets bored and never writes another, meaning “god” has abandoned his creation. The humans in the three stories are prophets kind of, selected by “god” to feature as the only beings he ever touches the minds of.

If this is all odd, then in my defense I just wasted some time on the meta Tropes on TVTropes last night.



I believe that the survival, and increase in population despite the horrible conditions, can be found on the original headcanon, and I quote:

The fluffy reproductive system is also a marvel. Often the first, last, and indeed only real defense the species has against going extinct in the wild, fluffy ponies are able to reproduce at a remarkable rate. When two fluffies mate, it is almost fully guaranteed that the mare will become pregnant. Gestation takes three to four weeks, and a litter generally consists of one between one and five foals. The last few days may render the dam immobile, depending on the number of foals within her. She will also begin to produce milk. Fluffy foals can grow to adulthood in only several weeks, and the mare will be ready to mate again within a day of giving birth. Their fast reproduction rate leads to fluffy populations growing rapidly, despite natural predators, sickness, malnourishment, rejection, abuse, and the many horrible fates that often await fluffy foals.

That being said, even if they KNOW humans are shit, they are programmed to depend on and believe us, not only that, they are PROGRAMED to LOVE us above all else.

And I agree, the fact that the MC chooses to interact with them is the prime mark of the MC. And in a fucked up way, yeah, the fluffies surpass human characters in importance, because the universe was indeed created just so we could mess with fluffies.
That brings us to another fucked up concept.

Would the preference for abuse come from the fact that every character involved with fluffies have a subconscious acknowledge that they are NOT the center of their universe, that in reality, Fluffies are the sole reason their universe exists, and that if their god loses interest in the fluffies, everything would just end?
This can explain the hardcore hugboxers, that try to appease the gods by treating their favorite creations with reverence and devotion.
It explains the hugboxers, that treat the god’s favorite creation as the gods originally intended they should be treated.
It even explains the abusers. Those unable to accept that a babbling, disgusting, retarded THING is the sole reason for the existence of everything they know, and so, act with hate and extreme violence towards them, in a desperate act to hurt the gods that have forsaken them.
Just think about it.

God youre one of the best drawing desperate fluffies

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