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I am a bit obsessed with FIACs lately if you haven’t noticed. This chubby little guy was pulled out of a FIAC vending machine and I think the late shift workers are planning to put him out of his misery later…not in a good way either…


50 cents and a pebble !

( ask @Thatmotherfluffer about that joke. )


I have noticed as FIAC content is my favorite. :heart:

A foal that grown in a can reminds me of the poor purple FIAC named Dummy from
Tiny Lives


Kick it into the ocean like a car battery


The can is probably worth more than the foal at this price.


I’m amazed he didn’t starve or drown in his own excrement.


You’re not wrong, it is unrealistic, but for my part I’m willing to overlook that so I can enjoy the delightful idea of a fluffy getting slowly crushed as it gets too big for its can. Imagine the claustrophobia!


I’m old enough that my mind goes to Bonsai Kittens.


Oooh, good callback. I’d forgotten that.

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Wow. He must have been stealing food from other foals. Or got steroids.

There’s just something fascinating about the idea.

But both Hugbox and Abuse endings feel like a letdown. I kinda just prefer the idea of relocating them to a bigger container without remiving the catheters and keeping a bunch of them next to each other on a shelf their whole lives in the living room. Just watching you watch movies, clean, have company, masturbate, sleep, eat, and so on. Open the containers up so you can hear them complain and close them again when you want silence. Foalhood, adulthood, old age. Maybe let them watch FluffTV.

Its like pillowing, but with hope.


Interesting thing is if it keeps growing it’s organs will be smooshed together causing a very painful and suffocating death.

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I’d just smash the jar on the ground. Let the force plus all the broken glass do its work, and if it survives, exposure will do the rest.


Whoa, what a fantastic idea. That’s some next level abuse…(sees nametag)…ah, horrorbox! Your self categorization is well chosen. Kudos!

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But why though, he’s even a good color…

So bullet brought a cotton candy in a can something tells me it’s a fluffy

Well it’s not as if fluffies are realistic anyway.

I wasn’t being sarcastic, I really do like the idea.

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I was just pointing out that fluffies are not realistic.
Just that they have to follow their own internal logic, otherwise literally anything could be a fluffy.

And a fluffy could be stuck in a can and be introduced to many many many hurties, with just enough room for them to breath and not quite get crushed .

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The unfortunately worthless life of a male fluffy.