Matilda's Punishment (By:Kersploosh)

She should have been happy. The birth of her children usually would be the single happiest moment in a fluffy mare’s life, but that wasn’t the case for Matilda. Her owner was a cruel evil person who showed no love to the poor mare. Ever since she told him she was pregnant, nothing went good for her. She would be locked in the hallway broom closet instead of her saferoom. Her food, while nutritious, tasted stale and rotten. The meanie daddeh had been feeding her punishment kibble. All she wanted was hugs and love. Was that really so much to ask.

As she licked her four chirpy foals clean and fed them, the door slammed open. Keith was staring down at her with malice in his eyes. He scooped the foals up and left her to her own cry. The rope around her neck prevented her from even being able to beat on the door. After five excruciating minutes of crushing loneliness, Keith came back and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck after removing the rope. He brought her to the basement where she saw her children sitting in an old aquarium with a small fluffy sized crucifix sat nearby. Using some string, he tied her to crucifix.

“Daddeh, can Matiwda hab weggies back? Nee’ dem tu gib babbehs huggies.” His answer was the sound of a cordless drill’s motor revving. The mare’s eyes went wide with terror as the first screw was placed against one of her front legs. “P-p-pwe- sssssSSSSSCCCCRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEeEe!” The drill whirled to life and drove the screw through her front left leg with ease. Before she could catch her breath, the second one was put in. Then the third. Then the fourth. When it was done he propped the mother up so she could see the nearby table.

He pulled a foal out of the aquarium and plopped it down on the table in front of her. The foal was an orange pegasus like her. Before she could say anything, he taped her mouth shut. Then she watched in horror as her daddeh grabbed a sorry stick and began to beat the foal in front of her. These were light taps. Every blow was pure agony to the foal, which caused it to chirp frantically. Keith stopped beating the foal and pulled out a straight razor.

Matilda nearly tore herself free in a panic as the blade found its way to the foal’s belly. Keith disemboweled the foal, and left it to bleed out slowly while Matilda Watched. Every labored breath the foal took brought it closer and closer to death. Then she saw it, the heart stopped beating. Tears filled her eyes as her daddeh grabbed the foal’s corpse and chucked it at her face. A cruel grin filled his face. She barely had time to register things as the second foal was plopped down on the table.

This time it was a brown earthie like the stallion that gave her special huggies. Just like the last time, the foal was beaten mercilessly. This time it was a long ten minutes of non-stop pain. The foal clearly had broken limbs afterwards and tears streamed from the poor thing’s closed eyes. Keith then placed the foal in a metal can and added a little bit of a foul smelling liquid. Matilda didn’t catch on to what was happening before the match was lit and dropped into the can. The screams of the immolated foal permeated the basement.

Matilda’s muffled begging was almost as loud. She wanted to know why her daddeh would do this. These were only little babbehs that never did anything to him. All she did was get pregnant. Was that really a reason to torture her newborns in front of her. She didn’t even know what she did wrong. Then she saw the third foal. It was an orange earthie. Without a word, Keith cut tape around her muzzle and held the foal up to her face.

“Even a dumb cunt like you deserves a last meal. Open wide!” Before she could ask what he meant, Keith shoved the foal into her mouth and began to massage her throat. With extreme difficulty, she managed to swallow the foal. She could feel it squirming around in her belly along with muffled pained chirps. Then it was still and silent.

With tears in her eyes, she finally asked him, “Why ‘ou du this? Matiwda am gud fwuffy. Babbehs am gud babbehs! Nevah du anyting tu ‘ou.”

“DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Keith ripped her off of the cross and thew her to the floor. “YOU SELFISH BITCH!” He kicked her across the basement floor and into a stack of old boxes. “YOU AND YOUR SPAWN DESERVE EVERYTHING I DO TO YOU!” He started stomping and beating her. Visions of a month ago seeped into his mind. The mare being told she couldn’t keep her foals and that they had to go to their own homes when they grew up prompted her to try to run away. In her attempt to escape, she accidentally caused Keith’s eleven year old daughter to fall down the stairs. The mare didn’t even even seem to care as Keith saw her walking past the crying Emily.

Now Emily was bedridden at her grandparent’s house with her mother nursing a broken leg and arm. Their house was better suited for someone with limited mobility, so it would be less stressful for her to get around. This left Keith to deal with Matilda. Both he and his wife agreed that the fluffy would not be allowed to stay. Maybe one of her foals could replace her, but in no way would she be allowed to have a happy family.

He flashed back to the present. The mare was beaten and broken. “Huu huu, Matiwda sowwy. Jus’ wan widdwe mummah back.”

In literally a month, this was the first time she asked for Emily. “You should have thought about that before you hurt her.” He lifted her up by the scruff of her neck and looked her in the eyes. “That is why your children died, and why you will too.”

“Chirp cheep cheep!” The last foal cried. All of it’s siblings and mother had left it. While it couldn’t understand their cries of pain, it definitely understood the crushing loneliness it felt. Not even an hour old, and it was cold and alone. Keith dropped Matilda to the floor and picked up the foal from its container.

“P-p-pwease daddeh.” The bitch coughed. “Pwease wet babbeh gu.”

Keith looked at the black unicorn foal. It desperately hugged his hand with tears streaming down its face. He sighed and talked without looking at Matilda, “you know Matilda, if you had just listened and never tried to run away, you would have raised you children and got to see them grow up and leave to have families of their own. However, you decided you couldn’t accept that, so now,” Keith dropped the foal to the ground and crushed it with one quick stomp, “now you get to die knowing that none of your children will ever have known love or happiness.”

Tears filled her eyes as Keith stepped closer. Before she could utter another word, he stomped her skull in.


I hope Keith daughter is ok and have fast recover and Matilda shall never have children ever again for own selfish mistake that hurt Keith daughter.

If only Matilda listened, nothing bad would ever happened. It’s kinda cruel Matilda just ignore Keith daughter falling down the stairs and She is DAMN 7 YEARS OLD KID! that would easily traumatize her.




Woah, at first I didn’t understand why the cruel punishment, I thought that maybe she tried to run away to get pregnant and came back, but boy was i wrong, she deserves the worst. I love how you wrote the story, at least, how i felt, making us feel pity for the mare, only to reveal she was actually an evil bitch.

Amazing work!


Fuck Matilda, your one shitty mare arent ya?

Your daddy promised proper care and new owners for your brood but nooooo your dumb brain thinks running away would help and you dont care you hurt your daddy’s daughter.

The black unicorn is a waste too tsk! If the guy werent in anger mode.


Woah, that’s the reason why the guy was so hateful towards the fluffy. And in a typical fluffy way, the mare doesn’t understand what she did wrong.

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