maybe you shouldn't have run away from home (miyapop154)

shading is hard.
maybe i should give him some friends. or maybe i should give him usable joints.


or… alternatively…

you could throw a Weed-wacker at it while it’s powered on!

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Give 'im some ‘kickies’ and ‘punchies’…

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This is the same smarty who brag that he only eats skettis right?

Guess thats cursed of being a smarty, got that dumb itch to have a herd but dunno what to do.

Should have him cross path with a herd and get smacked by a more experience but grumpy smarty.

Maybe find a nice home run by a caring family with lots of well-cared-for fluffies so he can run and play and have friends and only once in a while one of the herd gets taken away to skettiland…

Usable joints that bend in the opposite direction. Really freak him out. He can only ever run away from the things he loves.

that’s the one, i have a couple of ideas for what to do with him, but i wanna have a little fun before i start to tighten the screws on him. figuratively of course…

this one actually made me laugh quite a bit lmao


Does this lil fucker have a name?

not exactly, was thinking spike but im gonna sit on that one for a bit, see if i think of something better

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cool man! cant wait to see more of the lil bugger

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If he stands up I’ll just tip him back over