Meanwhile, in the void ... (Artist: SqueakyFriend)

server's down

So while the server was down, I ended up thinking about and drawing Wawa several times, so I made this joke just because Wawa isn’t as real a fluffy as he wants others to believe, and I thought it funny that he was the only one to stay around. Since I don’t have a reddit and aren’t interested in making one, I figured I’d just hang in the void until the server got fixed.

server's down 2

Since I didn’t keep up with Reddit, @Oculusfluffy served as my informant for any new developments. So when I got the news that FC would be gone forever, well …

WOULD it be in bad taste? It’s kinda accidental grave-dancing, isn’t it? So in the end I didn’t post it.

Thankfully, now FC is back, so…

server's down 3

It’s nice to see you all again!


Welcome back.
I plan to repost that fan art i did of your characters.


Ayy the Squeaky one returns


This is super relatable
Had P3 do something for FC while it was on a break before the first crash.
It became way too inappropriate to post by happenstance.

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It’s nice, indeed, lovely comic as always

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Yay, more Squeakyfriend!

Definitely keep at least one eye on that “Wawa” fluffy, he’s sus, very sus.


It’s good to see people here again. And welcome back to you as well.

As I’ve said before, not inappropriate. It was funny! And laughing at the bullshit that comes our way is better than taking it with a solemn face.


It was funny, a month after ‘returning’ the fluffy site goes down. Thought I was gonna lose the fluffs all over again.

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I know it can be funny
Just didn’t want anyone thinking I was making light of things

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If I learned anything from fluffies it’s that the little bastards and the fandom is resilliant
It lurched to and fro from site to site for a decade now.
Never count fluffies and the fandom out.