MicroFluff: Fluffy Processing: Chapter 2 [by: SilverOwl]

MicroFluff: Fluffy Processing: Chapter 2 [by SilverOwl]

Inside the processing facility, thousands of boxes containing fluffy orders zip by on conveyors, to thousands of processing technicians. Some are being shipped “as is” while some have customized options on the order form checked, along with special write in requests. Boxes are sorted and allocated to the thousands of processing technicians distributed over the processing wing of MicroFluff. Processing technicians are well trained in fluffy anatomy, procedures like pillowing, and are abusers at their cores. The interview process screens hugboxers or anyone who would cringe at disemboweling a fluffy. Most technicians are more annoyed at the intricacies of special orders, than they are horrified by fluffy mutilation. The average MicroFluff technician can brutally skin a fluffy alive, with a straight face, while thinking about lunch.

A box containing a light purple mare with a pink mane is sorted by the robotic conveyors, similar to the ones which sort luggage in airports. The box changes belts and is whisked off to processing lab 251

Sitting at a pair of fluffy processing benches which have incoming conveyors bringing process requests, and the outgoing conveyor leading to shipping, sit two technicians. Violet and Amber sat at their desks waiting for incoming fluffies. They typically had 5-10 minute breaks between process requests, and enjoyed their downtime. A box slides in and is split on the conveyor fork to Amber’s station. Amber looks at the incoming box as it approaches, and waits for it to arrive on her bench. Looking inside, she sees a purple mare with a pink mane which happily greets her. The fluffy chatter can’t be heard over Amber’s earphones, “Hewwo, fwuffy wub ou so muchie! Fwuffy wan babbehs noa!” Earphones were as part of the technician uniform as was their safety goggles for fluffy splatters or “sorry poopies”. Amber glances at the request and smirks.

Processing order: 184746 MicroFluff Facility 34
Customer: Craig McDermontt
Color: Primary color body: Purple Secondary color mane/tail: Pink
Quantity: 1
Size: small
Sex: Female
Tier: 9
Special Request:
Psychological abuse package 4
General hurties package 2
Invoice: $432.85

Amber glanced at her “cheat-sheet” with all of the package specifics.
Psychological abuse package 4: Includes a audio recording on a miniature player inside the fluffy’s packaging crate. Package fluffy in crate with a package of 50 roaches

Britney nods, “seems easy enough”, then glances back at the sheet.
General hurties package 2
Place 10 thumb tacs into the fluffy randomly before packaging. Expose crate tape on inside of packaging which will pull the fluffy’s fluff through transit.

Amber picks up the foal and counts out 10 tacs on her bench. The foal starts chattering away “Be nu mummah? Babbeh wub ou! Be dancie babbeh fo ou!”, as Amber pushes a tac through the foal’s leg mid dance. “SCCCCREEEEE WORSTEST HURTIES EBAAA!!! WEGGIE HURTIES!!!”, Amber chuckles not hearing this with her headphones, but watching the foal’s face contort in agony as she pushes another tac into the fluffy’s other leg. She places another two on either of the fluffy’s front “weggies”, which is followed by a few in the abdomen. She pushes the rest into the fluffy’s backside and one in the face. She exposed the stick tape on the four walls, ceiling, and roof of the fluffy crate, placed the fluffy inside, which was still bitching about “hurties”. She watched the foal try and wobble with its injuries around the box, just to discover it was stuck to the wall tape. With agonizing pain, from the tacs as it ripped fluff out of its skin with the tape, only to throw itself into another tape wall. She watches the display in amusement, and then flips on the recording inside the fluffy’s crate. In the robotic Steven Hawking voice the recording plays and repeats

Yoou. Fluffei. Are a retard.
I hat yyou
Yoou. Fluffei. Will never be a good fluffei
Yoou. Fluffei. Are a poop-pe fluffei

The fluffy listens to this demeaning soul crushing message the entire time in transit to the destination. It ensures the fluffy’s spirit has been broken and prevents smarty syndrome.

Amber finishes off the special request by opening up a brown paper bag and dumping in 50 German cockroaches, and quickly sealed the crate to avoid the roaches escaping. Inside the crate the foal sits in the crate, in the dark, with roaches crawling over her. Her skin and fluff hurt from the tape, and her body is covered in “shwarpie ouchies”. The foal sobbing, “Fwwwuuffyyy so sowwy fo wat done bad nu eba do it gain! Fwuffy wub ou…fwuffy am gud babbeh…fluffy am…gud…babbeh…babbeh am bad babbeh…” All the foal knew was it had a lot of “hurties” and it now knew it was a “bad babbeh”, thanks to the recording. The crate went down to the conveyor to shipping to get loaded on a truck. The fluffy quietly sobbing and occasionally screaming from a roach couldn’t be heard by Amber who waited for her next order.

A crate comes sliding into Violet’s workstation that makes her gasp. It’s an iridescent golden alicorn, with a mane and tail that sparkled in rainbow colors. Looking at it in amazement she thought, ‘this thing must have costed a fortune!’ She glances at the order form

Processing order: 184749 MicroFluff Facility 34
Customer: Evelyn Williams
Color: Primary Body Experimental Gold: Tail/Mane Crystalline rainbow
Quantity: 1
Size: small
Sex: Female
Tier: 10+
Special Request:
Package with care and expedited shipping for live animals via jet-drones.
Invoice: $94,327.64

Violet smiled, she got an easy one. She simply checked all the expedited and clearance for jet-drone shipping, and sent the fluffy in crate on its way. The fluffy was carefully placed into a small crate that was lined with cotton. The lid is carefully placed on the crate and optimal temperatures adjusted within the crate so the fluffy is comfortable. The drone was attached to the top which had a number of helicopter like blades which turned in smooth synchrony gently maneuvering the crate. The fluffy’s crate was picked up, and flown out of the cargo bay doors on route to the coordinates of the customer. Expedited shipping used drones that flew about 25,000 feet up, but about 10,000 feet below most commercial airlines. The drones traveled at approximately 300mph. The fluffy now at maximum cruising speed and altitude is jarred awake when it is flipped upside-down within its crate, “Ouchies!” Looking around a few seconds the fluffy realizes it is flying, “Yay!!! babbeh am wingie fwy babbeh” as the foal flutters its useless alicorn wings, thinking it is flying. The foal had no idea, but the crate was in free-fall. The jet-drones are fantastically safe for high-end fluffy transport, but have a significant amount of user error. The MicroFluff refueling tech was negligent and forgot to check the fuel levels on this drone before sending it out. The fluffy was in a downward trajectory accelerating at this point to hundreds of miles per hour. The crate landed on the pavement of a Wendy’s parking lot. Some teenagers saw the crate hit, and went over to open it. Looking inside they just smelled the innards of the fluffy which now had the consistency and look of strawberry jam. This loss would be covered by the insurance and refunded to the customer.

A crate comes sliding into Amber’s station with a pink unicorn mare, with a mint green mane and tail. She is immediately greeted by its ridiculous prattle, “Giv fwuffy housie an wub an sketties? Be gud dancie babbeh fo ou!” as the stupid thing starts flailing its hooves in the air. Amber glances at the order form.

Processing order: 184749 MicroFluff Facility 34
Customer: Patrick Bateman
Color: Primary Body Pink: Secondary mane/tail mint green
Quantity: 1
Size: large
Sex: Female
Tier: 8
Special Request:
Toy Package 2
Invoice: $355.12

Glancing at her cheat sheet again, "Toy Package 2: Doll maker: Turn the fluffy into a fluffy doll version of itself using MicroFluff taxidermy protocols.

Violet picked up the large fluffy and placed it on her workbench, and rolled up her sleeves. She positioned what looked like a long flexiblemetal hose with the first 10 inches of it looking rather inflexible. She pushes the first 10 inches into the fluffy’s rectum, which is greeted with “NU WORSTEST HURTIES IN POOPIE PWACE!!” The fluffy tech pushes a button and the fluffy stiffens up and lets out a high pitched sustained wheeze as it is electrocuted anally. The eyes of the fluffy bug out during this stage of processing, which makes the next part easy. Amber turns off the power, and the fluffy goes limp. She takes what looks like an ice cream scoop out and pops the already bulging eyes out. The empty sockets are filled with some epoxy and doll eyes put in their place. The abdomen is sliced to remove the innards, and the fluffy packed with stuffing, and sewn up. Amber watched the crate move down the conveyor and waited for the next crate. The fluffy doll corpse is then loaded into a soft crate and delivered to the customer. In recent years fluffy dolls have been a Pokemon style collection of different color foals, and even collector styles wanting ‘horror fluffs’.

Amber looks back at Violet, “Want to get some coffee?”. Violet warmly looks back, “please”. The two of them are sitting in the break room cafe sipping on a couple of lattes trying to forget about work for a half hour. About 5 minutes into their chats about their boyfriends, this large muscular blonde man sits down with a large cooler. Amber rolls her eyes, “Its that fucking psychopath that thinks hes a fucking tyrannosaurus or lion”. Violet laughs, “Oh yeah, I hear he pretends to be all these predator animals as he slaughters fluffies. It’s sort of funny to watch”. Watching him, smugly as they sip their coffees, ‘Rocky’ as he called himself, opened the cooler with a roar. It was like watching a little kid play some pretend game talking to himself and being a ‘tiger’ or ‘dinosaur’. He reaches into the cooler with a “ROAARRR!!!” and grabs a fluffy the size of a large guinea pig and throws it into the air with his pretend paw hand. The fluffy begins its downward journey into Rocky’s waiting open mouth Crunch! GRRRR as he shakes the fluffy in his teeth. Then bites down into the fluffy’s internal organs as the fluffy “SCCCREEEEEESS WORSTEST HURTIES!!! NUUUUUU MUNSTAH NU HURTIES!!!” Blood and fluffy shit goes splattering and spraying in a 4 foot radius. The women just continued to watch him as he dropped that fluffy and picked up two foals one in each fist. With a loud “ROARRR!!” he announces, “Fear me, Theseus, for I AM THE MIGHTY MINOTAUR!” The foals start to beg for their lives,

“Pwease munstah nu num babbeh. Am gud babbeh an fo wuv an huggies”
“Nu munstah fwuffy hab worstest scardies!!” as a squirt of scardie poopies shot from the foal on the ground. Rocky leans down and bites the head off of one them and chews it loudly making obnoxious snarling sounds. The remaining foal still begging for its life starts to scree as he nibbles the foals legs off, “Nuuuu!!! WEGGIES!!! Babbeh nee weggies fo dancie and pway!!!” He crunches into the now pillow fluff and the foal “Screes” sharply and dies. The women finish off the last 5 minutes of their coffee break watching him crunch down foals pretending to be a sarlacc, looking up and dangling them with his pretend tenticle hands over his open waiting mouth. Going back to their stations they work through a few simple orders or neuters and ship as is, which are always a favorite.

A crate comes sliding into Amber’s station, and she looks into it. She is immediately greeted by 20 bright orange foals. All of them chattered about “milkies” and “pway”, as Amber glanced at the order form.

Processing order: 184751 MicroFluff Facility 34
Customer: Joe’s Target Shooting Range
Color: Primary Body Bright Orange: Tail/Mane Orange
Quantity: 20
Size: small
Sex: No preference
Tier: 3
Special Request:
Ship as is.
Invoice: $57.94

Amber sends the bright orange foals down to shipping, as they all chatter about “new housie an sketties”. That was an easy order, she thought.

The next crate slides into Violet’s station, its a white unicorn with purple spots. Its one of the line-bred “dancie-huggie-babbehs” which were artificially selected for loving to “dancie an gib huggies”. It immediately starts chattering about ‘gibbing the bestest huggies fwuffy and makie da bestest dancies!’. Violet glances at the form.

Processing order: 184755 MicroFluff Facility 34
Customer: Lauren Bushmaster
Color: Primary Huggie-Dancie-Line (Default: White with purple spots)
Quantity: 1
Size: medium
Sex: Male
Tier: 9
Special Request:
Remove left forelimb and right hind limb.
Psychological abuse package 1
Invoice: $5,587.17

She laughed reading it and thought. ‘that’s good abuse there…taking a fluffy designed to dance and hug and then preventing it from doing either. Nice.’ She picked the fluffy up and got out her device to remove single “leggies”. It looked like a large cigar cutter, but spring loaded and much larger. The fluffy was babbling on about “being bestest dancie babbeh fo ou”, when Violet allowed the fluffy to step into the ring of her cutter, she moved it up the fluffy’s leg, and positions it on the fluffy’s thigh. The fluffy starts inquiring “wha duin nice wady? wha duin to fwuffy?” Violet looks at it coldly and says, “Taking your leggie forever”, and SLICE. With a wet slap the fluffy’s leg is cleanly cut off. Violet does the same for the arm, leaving the fluffy in tears. The fluffy mutters on about “neba gonna dancie or huggie eba again” as it cries pathetically. Violet looks at her abuse codebook for ‘Psychological abuse package 1’,

Psychological abuse package 1: Include micro LCD for fluffy to watch in transit with fluffies running and dancing.

Violet secures the fluffy in the packing crate, facing its small LCD screen. The fluffy sobs about the “Tee-bee being a meanie!!” as Violet closes the lid on the crate and sends the fluffy down to shipping.

Another crate slides into Amber’s station, as she is immediately greeted by a fat white and pink unicorn mare. A few feet away another crate slides into Violet’s station. The two process fluffies for the rest of the afternoon without anything eventful. They mostly shipped out spayed or neutered fluffies, with some amputations. Perhaps tomorrow will bring a memorable weird request, they both thought, as they headed home for the day.


This is the best series, this I declare.

Rocky though… lmao

I am flattered my friend. If Wolfram Sparks is out there, you always inspired me.



Inclined to agree with the above comment. The series is absolutely amazing, it’s just a tad rough around the edges. Keep up the good work!

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