Milk & Cookies Page. 1 made by (frost Amor)

“Spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down~” Matthew stopped in his tracks as heard little hoofs digging at the fenced dirt trying to get in.

“fwuffie smeww pwetty nummies fo’ speshuw fwend”

“gibe fwowews nummies dummeh nao bestes’ mummah nee’ it”

As Matthew glared at the spot where the dirt was flying up from the starts a devilish plan bloomed from his inhumane mind.

Matthew walked away and slid the glass door into the fancy kitchen as he had cookies and blueberry pie and a pitcher of lemonade because those were the best things to enjoy.

As a fluffy came out of a little opening in the kitchen island made the hole opened into a hollow wildlife fluffy habitat.

“uncwe matt can mitten hab sweat nummies fo’ babbeh pwease”

As Matthew grabs four cookies and drops them on the clean floor as sild gently

As mittens get slowly closer and he bends right in her face “don’t just because I’m being kind to you I’m nice to your colt you, I don’t care if died so don’t make you go in THE DARKROOM”

As mittens heard those words all fluffy would shit them in fear but not her as she fought tooth and nail to keep her own life in process but most of her babies died in the process as she cried knowing all of them were dead until she heard chirping coming from the shit pile as she digging though hoping she could save only to realize it was the baby she hated because it had the same colors as the stallion that gave her bad special Huggies, but she knew this was a sign from Skettie God as she held the baby crying out that she was a bad mother and that she hopes one day that uncle and Her baby could forgive as she became no worse than a stallion.

From then on she fed her baby and tried to sing the songs her mother sang to her when she was a little filly but her uncle still sees her as a monster, sadly she knows no matter how much she tries to be better he won’t see past her past.

As the colt step out Matthew’s face changed from a dark and gloomy expression to light and cheerful one as he push that stupid bitch out of the way he picked the curly baby blue fur coat colt as the colt said “uncwe matt am hab tummy owwies can fwuffy hab some nummies pwease”

As Matthew turned his to face mitten face “your mother will feed if she won’t let me know”

The colt smiled unknowingly what his uncle meant by that said “otay, Fwuffie wiiw”

As Matthew walked away from mittens and the little colt who held his mother’s lifeline with a few words sat there waving bye as his mother looked into the abyss knowing this just might be her last day.

Matthew grabbed the tray of cookies and a kitten-sized bowl filled with warmish milk and heard the voices filled with life.

They saw Matthew walk up to him as Matthew smiled with a joy that he could reopen the DARK ROOMS.

At the End Of page.1 of milk & cookies made by (frost Amor)

Will the new fluffy escape from the wicked man or they fall into the endless darkness

But what will happen to the colt mother on the next page will find out next time.

I tell you what you think of this first page of a hopefully long series