Milk Time (Carniviousduck)

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Another perfect Carniviousduck post. I absolutely love your art. It’s the perfect style. I unironically have saved most of your work on my phone for casual viewing at my leisure.


The litterpal, the fluffy in the huu-huu box, but most strikingly the huggiefriend.
Pillowed, blinded, having its mouth sewn shut and stuck in what seems a filled diaper. The hugging fluffy is completely oblivious to its suffering since it gets to do huggies.

I love it.


I have a feeling the litterpals gonna get Chocolate milkies…


Hey, who tf shat outside the litterbox!

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Love how it’s the mane six! But rarity is in a… Microwave?!

That poor huggie toy… You should name it coraline on account of its button eyes!:grin::+1:


I think this picture is the only use of a “buggy friend” I’ve ever seen. Bummer it didn’t catch on. It’s super creepy and I would like to see more.

It is creepy. Also noticed it looks shaved. Given the size and weight of it I half wonder what the supposed point is.

I know that actual point is the weird cruelty of it.

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Yeah, getting fluffies to hug other fluffies doesn’t seem like a hard sell. You wouldn’t really need to modify them like that.

But maybe there are factors we haven’t thought of.

I’m thinking it’s something to do with runts, ferals, unsold stock, or as punishment. The fluffy doing the hugging won’t necessarily care or think about the huggy friend’s actual state of being.

It’s an awful duality between callous cruelty and unthinking affection.


That would be a fitting fate for a smarty who was aggressive with other fluffies.

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It would be. I don’t know if Carniviousduck does “justified” stuff like that though. It’s disproportionate either way but whether it matters or not doesn’t quite matter :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that what you’d like for me to draw next ?

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some fluffy dumb logic: why would you need a fluffy as a doll they arent easy to make any living organism isnt easy to make unless breeding but still why not use a regular doll and also why shave it and stitch its mouth and button its eyes like a doll if youre using all this it would be easier to get a doll also this requires maintanance which is a hassle and its fur was red thats a nice fur color tbh why turn that into a doll

the rarity fluffy did but they got locked up see the poop footprints leading to the time out box

Whoah, making a huggie toy out of a living fluffy should be explored more.