Milkbag by ShititsMe

Based on Navi the milkbag in the laura’s story by moesius

This kind of milkbag its made for the abusers market without any sympathy or mercy for the fluffy therefore they are maked to be enterly a milkbag and to reach this state thy undergo an intrusive surgey to degrade the fluffy to a merely object.

  • The fluffy its pillowed (better if they use a pre-pillowed fluffy)
  • They cut the tail
  • The eyes are removed and the eyelid its fixed
  • They remove the teet, cut the vocal chords and close down the mouth
  • The utherus its removed, the exterior its closed and the urethra its bypassed to the anus
  • The anus its capped to allow the owner dispose feces and urine in the sewer.

This kind of milkbag only way of surviving its the nutritional complex that serve aswell to inyect lactation hormones and “superfeed” them to increase the amount and quality of the milk.

Normally they look more like a plush due to the stillness but they can move the upper stumps, ears and head indicating they are alive and comunicate to the owners and other adult fluffies via heavy breathings.

When this milkbag ends they useness, the owner can throw them into the bio-waste container and its strongly recommended to avoid eating their meat due the hormonal treatment.

If you have any note or questions ill be glad to answer and read your comments :3


I hate when people open my trash can :v … But glad to see you again Navi :smiley:


Calling your gallery a trashcan is a crime


Omg its Navi 0.0, lemme correct the name…buuuuut ill say one man trash is another man treasure?? :stuck_out_tongue:
And I agree with Mr_Owl, your gallery its a delicacy :3


I am not joking. You are under arrest


no, I mean xD the owner put Navi in the trash can, litterally


Oh. Me stoopid I guess


No I’m still glad that you apreciate my serie this much xD


Can I grind her to make meatballs for my fluffy sketties once she stops working?

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of course!! even before that only wait to the babbehs stop drinking milk uwu

Interesting way of making a milkbag.

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