Milking (Artist: Carpdime) (Fb id: 23809)

23809 - abuse artist_carpdime bottle crying feeding foals milked miwkies mummah psychological_abuse rejection safe sorry_poopies stupidity tears useless


Variation of a concept from FluffyFella.

So young, yet so sociopathic.


Ooh I like this, complete separation from the parental unit with no loss of profitable foals.

Because god knows how much a Fluffy can hold a grudge


this is just ridiculous lol.

“babbeh wub mummah, mo dan anyfing”

“here’s some milk, foal.”

“babbeh haychu mummah, mo dan numming poopies!”

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Kill the foals. Grind them into food. Force feed the remains to mom.

Nah, grind up the mom and force feed her to the foals. They have 3 days. If they don’t finish they get stompies