mini-fluff not micro-fluff

So as I’ve been working on miniatures for my Pathfinder game I used some of my green-stuff to sculpt some glasses and a cape for two of my miniatures. I made sure to have a little extra to see if I should try and make a lil fluffy miniature for the druid that picked it up for some reason.

I’ve been experimenting with flocking the mini, but results have been mixed, so here is my lil sculpt


Oh fun! They’d make neat object markers for wargames, too.


Is that a 25mm/1 ich base? Need anyway

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I use 25mm for all my standard figures, the clear bases in this pic. Since this is an experiment AND a tiny creature I used the next size down for the fluffy.


25mm is nice. I like my Privateer Press 30mm bases, but frankly I dunno if I can the difference just looking.

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