MinoTard by Fluff_Yu


“Your friends at the Factory would like to remind you that Human-Fluffy Hybreds of any sort are a myth propagated by religious zealots, conspiracy nuts, and anti-fluffy groups like UN-OWEN. The fluffy genome was painstakingly handcrafted by Hasbio scientists and released by PETA before it was ready. Hasbio would have never countenanced something so depraved, and neither will their successors at the Factory. Anyone claiming otherwise has probably observed a Jotan in the wild while either drunk or high. Centaurs, Satyrs, and Minotaurs exist only in legends, and there they shall stay.” -Factory Public Bulletin

“And if you believe that one, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.” - Bill Foalfucher, former Hasbio CFO

My first attempt at photoshop painting in over a decade.


Diogenes’ man


This made me metaphorically spit out water.

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I have my own theories about how they managed to get fluffies to talk without technically using human DNA.

I did something like this once, but it was a lot more horrifying.

Actually, I did it twice.


The first one makes their debut in “Winner Takes All” Part 2. The second one makes their debut in “The Inn Between Worlds”, and goes on to become a prominent character in my stories.

As a heads up, there’s spoilers for some of my other stories in there, especially in “Winner Takes All”. My headcanon is very continuity-heavy. I wouldn’t jump in at those stories unless you don’t care about the spoilers.

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But there’s only one reliable place to get Neanderthal DNA…

A Neanderthal’s remains?

No, modern human DNA. Neanderthal DNA is in the modern human genome.

Did you hear how high and squeaky the voice in that sample was? You wont get that in modern humans.

What does that have to do with DNA?

the dna that makes it’s voicebox different isn’t in modern humans, clearly. so technically they didn’t use human dna, just our closest genetic relatives ever. That’s my theory anyway.

“Clearly” you don’t know how DNA works. Not all traits in a genome are displayed. You don’t have to be albino to carry the recessive albino gene.

And i’m saying they used dna from neanderthal samples as a Legal exploit/loophole.