More adopts! (Swiftbitches)

I made more adopts, this time with a seafluffy and a fluffalo!


Love how you make two tone colors so lovely.

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That fluffalo is so fucking cute dude

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Wizard needs a GF, may i adopt Vanessa? If not i understand brudda

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Aww, that is adorable so you may

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Can adopt Shark bait?

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I dont know why, but I was very disappointed when i saw one of cherri’s hooves matched another and they weren’t four separate co1ors.

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Huh? They are four separate colors?

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Yeah, sure!

If they are I cant te11 the two 1ight b1ues apart and assumed they were same co1or. xD

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Weird compliment: But the way Vanessa’s tail is draped over her hip instead of covering her ass is a detail I’m way too attached to.

Idk why, but I adore that touch.


Nobody took Cheri yet.
Hmmm, suddenly i got ideas of giving Rambo an out of the ordinary special friend.

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I love the way you do make sea fluffies.
They look both chubby and awkward but also perfect for swimming.

Also, Vanessa has very big ears, they almost look squishy.

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Is Cheri still available? :3

There’s a light blue and a green one

Yes :slight_smile:

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Well i was kinda hinting that I may want her but Star wants her instead.

Well I’m sorta dense sometimes so you gotta come out and say it. I will be doing more adopts for reddit

Oh well in that case.
I was thinking of hooking Cheri up with Rambo if i get to adopt her.

If not i look forward to what Star has planned for her.

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