Munstah in the Dark by (that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of Not for sale by(that1hugboxer)

You are Joey Portnoy .

You are woken up in the middle of the night by Stevie frantically tapping on your chest.

“W…whats (yawn) wrong Stevie?”

Stevie looks at you petrified.

“Scawy munstah, Scawy Munstah !”

You sit up and look around the room . Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary…. Though You don’t remember leaving the light in your closet on .

You slowly get out of bed and make
Your way to the closet. As you approach the sound of footsteps is heard ,they sound….squishy.

You turn around and see a foal staring at you from under the bed something feels very very off . Aside from the fact that you only own one fluffy , the foal under the bed is crying with its eyes wide open the closest source of light is the closet itself so you open it to illuminate the room.

A strange shadow cast itself upon the room.

As you turn to see the source , you nearly have a heart attack.

Stretched across your closet are four pieces of string connected to the pelt of a foal, the strange shadow was the light shining through the pelt’s hollow face.

You turn around and see the foal in the light now. It’s Missing something very important .


Yeah, I think it’s time Joey went home for a visit. She’s going to need her dad’s therapist skills after this.

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Or the perfect Segway for introducing the dad . While showing just how scary Jill can be if you hurt people she cares about.

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Plot development

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I wonder if fluffies are allowed in plane cabins? Especially gassy ones.

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I mean if need be . I’m sure the Bakir family would watch Stevie for a week or two. He’d get to meet Seppe.

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I apologize for pretty much taking over your character recently. I truly enjoyed writing about Joey and her family.

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All good. :slight_smile: I don’t have much fanfic time ATM, so I’m glad they’re getting played with. Speaking of, I need to battle my computer tonight and get that novel finished.

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Unfortunately being an adult comes first. But hopefully my stories help break up the monotony.

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Dare I ask what the “punchline” of this is supposed to be? It reads like a reference to something, but I have no idea what.