My first attempts at drawing fluffies

My first four attempts at drawing fluffies. The artist that made the tutorials I used are in the pics. I think my favorite one is the CarpDiem one :slight_smile:


It’s Carpdime ahckthually.
They look pretty good I think.
Certainly for first attempts, Personally i like the fluffsplosion inspired one best.
I;'m sure you will do fine and develop your own fluffies soon enough,

( I based my fluffies off Marcusmaximus and Fwidde )

How many chromosomes do fluffies have?

However many that is, Titanfluff has more than that.

I guess cause I’m used to seeing it as Carpe Diem (not in relation to the person), that’s how I spell it.

I gathered all the tutorials of the artists that I figured I could reasonably draw, and I’ll eventually make my way through them all

Seize the fluffy !

You’ll be fine.
Even if you are currently copying other artists work the fact that we can tell which artist’s tutorial you tried means you can draw pretty well.
And I bet you wil draw some pretty damn good fluffies of your own.