My firstest fluffy [BrainStemScoliosis]

It was Monday afternoon, hours ago I had left my last class of the day leaving me with the rest of daylight to spend with old friends from high school. After meeting in the park a few blocks from my former place of learning we spent the next hour or so catching up and taking bowls in our old smoke spot.

Students from the school had gone there for years some even claimed for decades, regardless while out of the way and hidden from plain view, the lack grass in that particular clearing told of the dozens of students who would come there.

After rougly an hour I left my friends and started my trek through the narrow park paths back to the road. I must’ve really been baked for after a few minutes I found myself seemingly lost.

“Well all road lead to rome” I said to myself before continuing in the same direction I may have taken a wrong turn but the park was small and any path would surely bring me to a road I recognized.

"mummah? wha am paff?"

A high pitched voice spoke from one of the bushes around me, followed suddenly by the rustling of branches and a muffled


Despite being in a rather inebriated state my brain was still able to put two and two together. What I had just heard was a fluffy, a foal most certainly, despite my damaged hearing from years of bagpipes I could roughly differentiate adults from infants.

I had never owned a fluffy before, never even got close to one, fluffies had been introduced around two years ago, well before the pandemic started. While at first they were incredibly expensive designer pet rarely seen, after only a handful of months of increasing demand and abandoned ferals they became a common sight in most of the US.

Ever since they came out they had fascinated me, at first it was simply the impossibility of mankind creating an independent living being. While very limited in their overall abilities and skills, fluffies were enthralling to me not because if what they could do but what they could become.

As soon as the hype dyed down around half a year after the initial release and ferals began to line the streets numerous forums and websites dedicated to fluffies emerged. For the most part they focused on education of future and present fluffy owners: how to clean them without your sink being overloaded with shit, recognizing early symptoms of the many illnesses fluffies could succumb to, discipline, breeding.

I spent so much time remembering fondly my last years of high school that I completely forgot not only that I was lost in a park but that there was a fluffy right nearby, and from what I could gather. A mare and her foal.

Another rustle broke my thought stream, in just a few feet away a yellow mare with a pink mane slowly peeked her head out from the dull green bushes.

”Babehs steh hewe mummah gu see if hoomin wea…”

Just as she was about to finish her sentence the mare turned her head away from further inside the bushes where her babehs presumably were hidden, we instantly made eye contact and her faced dropped from warm and comforting to absolutely terrified. Her fur began to stand up and her eyes went wide as I could both hear and see her trembling begining cause the bush to shake

”Eep! Mummah!”

”Huhu su scawies…huhu”

The voice from before and another came from besides the mare, clearly hearing their mother stop mid-sentence and sensing something was wrong by the bush shaking the foal were presumably expressing their distress. One was crying it seemed, that was another detail that made fluffies so fascinating to him. No other being apart from the human cried in times of danger.


The yellow mare’s flight instinct took over and she instinctively tried to turn and run. However this was no easy feat with the stiff branches poking at her every side as she tried to turn around. Perhaps out of pity or simply a poor decision I instinctively began shushing the mare and lowering myself.

”CHIRP! Mummah! CHIRP”

”Nuuuhuhu! Mummah! Mummaah! huhu”

“Shh shh its okay, im not gonna hurt you.”

The mare slowly opening her formerly closed eyes stopped struggling in the bushes and once again we locked eyes. Her face drooped a little and she looked at me pityfully.

“Hoomin nu hawte fwuffy?”

she asked softly as if my answer was dependent on her tone.

I slowly reached out a hand to pet her mane not making contact just slowly approaching it towards her.

“No silly I don’t hate fluffies…do you want some pets?”

Unsure at first she stretched her neck out towards my hand and began rubbing against it, making those cooing noises I heard so much about. After a few seconds I pulled my head back which was met with a disappointed whine from the mare and the signature puppy eyes.

“You look like you’re a bit stuck dear would you like some help getting out of there?”

Her eyes lit up like candles and she excitedly started nodding. I slowly reached around the branches best I could and took her up into my shoulder which she immediately began nuzzling

“Su wawm…su softsies…am bestest nu-fluff evah”

The yellow mare commented on the soft lining of my wool hoodie. I spent another few second with her in my arms before getting down to business. I was decided to adopt my first fluffy and from what I had read it was almost certain this one was already so attached to me that she would probably already see me as her daddeh

Sure enough the next words that came out of her snout reffered to me as such. Clearly the bonding process had succeeded and with next to no effort on my part. Way easier than getting a cat to like you…

“Nice mistah be nyu daddeh to mummah an babehs?”

Rather politely for a fluffy she even stopped nuzzling me and held herself in front of my face pushing her front hooves on my shoulder.

“Of course il be your new daddy, but where are your foals?”

As soon as I mentioned the foals the yellow mare began to panic again, while I knew they were still in the bush as I could hear their faint sobbing and occasional chirp. The mare however had completely forgotten about her foals and was now struggling with all her might to get out of my arms.


The mare began fighting even more violently to break free her voice becoming more and more hurried and panicked.


Knowing calming her down would be near impossible and not wanting to risk my new fluffy breaking its legs from wiggling free of my arms, I set her down near the bush from whence she came.

“You know, I can help you find your babies humans are really good at finding things”

My words fell of deaf ears as the mare leapt back into the bush commenting on how the branches poked and prickled.

As I waited nearly in the exact same bootprints I had left when first hearing the fluffy. I wondered what surprised I would be greeted with once the mare returned

Hi friends just a quick note for you guys I, want to make this story a bit more interactive and fun for the reader so im letting you guys do the work!

Will the mummah come back with her babies? Or perhaps she couldn’t stop herself from bragging about a new daddy and now has someone else in tail?
Do keep in mind this will be mainly hugbox, I will be writing another series parallel to this one featuring the same self insert but as an abuser.


What if she comes back with a ton of babies of varying ages that are all brown or alicorns or malformed runts because she keeps taking in all the foals other mares reject.


Well hope she found her babies sounded like two babies hope they are ok.


I doubt runts could be so quick at running away…


We don’t know the babies actually ran away, just that the mummah briefly told them to.


Hmm why not? Let her find her babies but make it dramatic like saving a baby from a deep hole. The protagonist can reach them from a pit. All that jazz.

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