(Name's) The Abusers Soft Spot For Their Poopie Babbeh Part 5 (EPICNESSQUEEN)

(Name’s) The Abusers Soft Spot For Their Poopie Babbeh Part 5 (EPICNESSQUEEN)

Zazzeh is Gender Neutral parent and is (Name)
Bitch is the Smarty Daddeh that was sex changed
Moose is the poopie babbeh

(Name’s POV)

I smirked as Bitch had just finished feeding the four poopie babbehs. They were full and happy. Bitch glares at me, and I laugh. Bitch thinks she is hot shit. I will love breaking the smarty out of bitch.

“Be good bitch. I have to go check on Moose.” I tell her and flick her swollen eye.

She screes and thrashes in the binds. I smirked. Moose is the poopie babbeh. I had named him Moose. Moose seems to be doing better now. That is a good sign. I am keeping Moose, and he is now awake and alert.

“Mummah!” Moose cries out. “Where Mummah!?”

“Hey, little buddy, it is okay,” I say to Moose. “Remember me? I am Zazzeh. I am going to be your new Zazzeh.”

“Zazzeh?” Moose asks. “Like a daddeh?”

“Yes, but call me Zazzeh,” I tell Moose. “You will be a good fluffy and call me Zazzeh, right?”

Moose nods his head. “Yes, Zazzeh.”

“Good, fluffy,” I say. “Now, I know you did not have a lot of Milkies. Would you like some?”

“YES, Milkies pwease zazzeh!” Moose cheered, and I smirked.

“Let me get your former daddeh then,” I tell Moose, and Moose flinches. “Do not worry Moose. I used magic to turn your daddeh into a bitch mare. You never have to worry about her again.”

“Kay.” Moose agrees, and I go grab Bitch by her mane. She screes, and I throw her on the table.

“Hey bitch! You remember Moose?” I ask Bitch.

Bitch glares at moose. “Poopie babbeh!” She cries out, and I slap her.

“Shut up, bitch! You be a good bitch or I will get the sorry stick. Now you are going to fee moose ALL Your milkies.” I order bitch.

“Nu!” Bitch says to me. “Smarty wull nut gib milkies tu poopie babbeh! Poopie babbeh onwly nums poopies.”

I smirked and grabbed the sorry stick and started to beat Bitch with it. Bitch screes and cries out. I then strap bitch down, gagging her.

“It is okay moose, Bitch cannot hurt you,” I tell moose, who is scared. “You drink as many milkies as you like.”

Moose nods his head and walks over to Bitch. Bitch is in too much pain to pull away. Moose latches onto Bitch’s nipple, which is still in extreme pain, and starts to suckle.

I smirk. Moose already has teeth, so Moose is doing a number on Bitch’s teets. Fucking serves Bitch right for calling Moose a poopie babbeh. I Cannot wait until they come home tomorrow. Bitch will see her former special friend and become the new breeding toy for her babbehs. Heh. Moose, of course, will be treated great and get his revenge.

(This was a slow one, but it had to be to set up the fun. Next one will have Bitch (the smarty daddeh) get some heart hurties and have his babbehs fuck him up >:3)

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I don’t know if I should be offended by how inoffensive this is.