"Nature's Call" Part 4 by NobodyAtAll

Part 3

It’s utter bedlam around Faucheuse Tower. The Forces of Nature are going to war with the ChaotiX and their allies. The entire area has been evacuated.

The police are blocking off every street leading into the warzone. The military is preparing to deploy.

Everyone learned something from the Invasion.

Ben and Surge attempt to electrocute one of the monster fluffies, but it fails.

“We! Will! Heed! Nature’s Call!”

The monster fluffy attempts to stomp them into paste.


A flamethrower roars and sets the monster fluffy aflame.

Ben turns to their savior.

“Vic! Thanks for the save!”

“No problem! Have you seen Cal? I was supposed to blip him out!”

“I think I saw him flying overhead!”

“He’s still in the city?!? That thing is looking for him!”

Floris, having escaped from Valerie’s tendrils, moves as fast as it can.

The superspeed Floris is tapping into via Miles is helping with that. Somewhat. Floris is too big and bulky to take full advantage of it. For now.

Floris sees Calvin flying over the rooftops, launching fireballs at the Forces of Nature.

Floris starts tailing Calvin, ducking into an alleyway.

On the way, Floris encounters a couple of stray fluffies.

A few minutes later, two more monster fluffies walk out of the alleyway and join the fight.

Before Floris can move on, someone steps out of the shadows.

“You shouldn’ta did that.”

Floris turns to Annette.

“The weak should fear the strong. You apes have forgotten that. That’s why you created those ridiculous abominations. Because you stupid apes think that the weak deserve to exist.

“An’ ‘ow strong are you, really? An’ 'ow strong is yer boss? 'Coz you 'ad to go and eat that poor boy afore she could do alla this.

“He couldn’t stop me.”

“The boy wuz tryin’ to save Korkea.”

“See what happens when you apes care about each other? He could have just saved himself.

“Y’know, yer just as selfish as yer boss. I always 'ated that ol’ bitch.”

Don’t you dare speak of the Goddess of Nature in that manner!

Annette starts laughing.

“Goddess? Goddess? Really? That’s wot she calls 'erself now? That’s rich.”

Floris towers over Annette, glaring down at her.

Annette doesn’t look afraid in the slightest.

“What. Are. You. Talking. About.”

Annette looks up with a smug smile on her face.

“Oh, you’se diddin know? 'Cause I knows. I knows wot yer boss really is. She’s a–”


Floris prepares to strike, but Annette is faster.

Dysp! Vosla!


Floris roars as its mass is set aflame.

It doesn’t notice the two white spheres of energy fired by two individuals up on a nearby rooftop.


Floris roars again as several parts of its mass are vaporised by the blasts, and the plant elemental collapses to the ground.

“What the fuck?!?

An young Japanese man in an orange and blue battle suit drops down, along with an orange and blue earthie.

“Madam, are you alright? My name’s Akira. This is Wukong. We’re with the School.”

“Wot school? I can’t be ‘avin’ with schools. No proper place to learn, if’n you arsk me.

As Floris gets back up and starts regenerating, Akira blasts it again, not even looking at it.


“Aurgh! Damn it!”

“It’s a school for people with powers. And fluffies. Like the two of us. We can fire energy blasts, we’re both super strong and fast, and we can fly. You mentioned Cal? He’s the guy in charge there. And he’s in charge of the ChaotiX.”

“Wot chaotics?”

Wukong fires the next blast with a hoof.


“Stay down, dummeh!”

“Look, I’ll explain later. Victor told me we need to find Cal, before この野郎 does.”

“Language, young man. No, I’s don’t speak Japanese, but I’s gots a Ring of Allspeak on. Always comes in 'andy when yer in forn parts.”

Annette holds up her hand, displaying the silver ring.

“I thought you were married.”

Annette gives Akira a sly look.

“Who says I’s ain’t married?”

“Guys! Little help here!”

The three turn to Floris.

Miles is trying to fight his way out of the plant elemental.

Akira grabs onto Miles’ hand, before being grabbed himself, by a monster fluffy.

Two more grab Wukong and Annette, and hold them up, ignoring their struggling.

Floris regenerates, reabsorbing Miles.

“That was a close one. You three got here just in time. Oh well, time to kill some apes.”

“Get away from my wife.”

Deston Faucheuse hovers above the alley.

Floris looks up.

“Oh? This old witch is your mate, wizard? I’m surprised.”

“We’ve been separated for a while, but we never really divorced. The fire never really died.

Annette Faucheuse looks embarrassed.

“Well, we’s both had other things goin’ on, Des. Oh, by the way. Vosla.


Annette incinerates the monster fluffy currently holding her.

As Floris stares at the display, Akira and Wukong break free and escape the monster fluffies holding them.


Annette flies up, hovering next to her husband.

“Let’s show these little pricks jus’ wot the strongest wizard and witch on the planet can do.”

Floris flees.

“Ah, ain’t that a shame. Vosla.


Annette incinerates the other two monster fluffies.

Then she turns to Deston.

“Lissen, Des. There somethin’ you’se gotta know about the so-called Goddess of Nature.

I fly above the city streets, flinging fireballs at the fluffy monsters.

What the hell are these things? They look like what you’d get if Slayer raped a tree.

That actually happened once.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot something big and green flying at me.


I dodge Floris just in time.

It can fly??? Oh, wait. Miles can fly, and Floris is just piggybacking off of him.

I’m really getting sick of people trying to leech off our powers.

At least my old “friends” who tried to leech off my money were more subtle about it.

Well, not counting Gilda, my gold digger bitch of an ex-girlfriend.

Floris turns around in mid-air.

I can tell that even with Miles boosting the bastard’s speed, its bulk is slowing it down.

Floris stares me down.

“I’m getting real tired of this shit.”

I stare it down.

You and me both.

As Floris prepares to charge at me, I put my hands together and hold them at my side.

A ball of energy appears in them.

Ever since I copied Akira’s powers, I’ve been looking forward to this. I’ve been hoping I’d get the chance.

I could say the obvious thing, but Victor says calling out your attacks is fucking stupid.

If I use just enough power, I can vaporise the cunt and leave Miles unharmed.

Just as Floris charges at me, I push my hands forward and let it rip.


I fire a massive beam of white energy out of my hands, right at Floris. Narrowly missing Faucheuse Tower, or any other buildings, thankfully.

Floris just powers through it.

Ah, crap.


Floris punches me, and I’m sent flying down to the ground.


I slowly get back up.

“Oh… Right. The bastard has Miles’ durability, too. Completely forgot to take that into account.”

Floris lands in the street.

“And that’s the last mistake you’ll ever make, Korkea.”

As Floris starts walking towards me, I smile.

“Hey. Hey, ugly. Haven’t you noticed something?”

“I’m not in the mood for your games, Korkea.”

“No, really. Don’t you hear that?”

“I don’t hear anything except your stupid monkey mouth opening and closing.”

Exactly. The fighting’s stopped. Looks like your little friends have all been dealt with. And one more thing.”


“Turn around.”

“Nice try. I’m not falling for that.

“No, really. Turn. Around.

“Cal, the moron ain’t gonna fall for it.”

When Victor speaks up, Floris finally turns around.

And sees the goddamn army that gathered behind it.

The ChaotiX, the wizards, the Cabal. Two angels, up above, flank Deston and an old woman I don’t know, and, next to them, Dave, Robert and Slayer in demon form. Down below, at the front of the crowd, there’s another old woman, shorter and, um, rounder than the other one. She looks vaguely familiar. She’s waving at me as if nothing unusual is going on. Like she just spotted me on the other side of the street.

Both old women are dressed in black, and wearing pointy hats. Oh, they must be witches. Neat.

“Coo-ee, Cal!”

I feel like I met her a really long time ago, but I just can’t remember when.

There are also several police officers and soldiers, all pointing their guns at Floris.

I call to them.

“Don’t shoot, boys! Miles is inside the bastard!”

Floris turns to me.

"Yes. He is. And now, he’s been inside me for long enough that I can finally harness his full power."

Floris starts glowing bright green. Everyone is knocked back from the sheer force.


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