Never Mess With A Depressed Man’s Fluffies (Part 5) [By Ihave2grapes]

(Sorry for wonky posts, will post parts 2, 3, and 4 later.)

Noah pulled into the driveway of the Airbnb. The rain was still heavy, and thunder was continuous, but the two foals managed to fall asleep during the long ride. Elijah gently picked up the foals. Them, being so small, he was able to put them in his pockets, to protect them from the freezing rain. Kicking open the door, the two men hopped out of the car, Elijah quickly heading inside with the foals, while Noah grabbed the groceries from the back seat. Elijah grabbed his keys and unlocked the house door. They both entered, enjoying the warmth of the house, as opposed to the rain that felt like being hit with dozens of pebbles. Noah set his bags down on the kitchen counter, then looked at Elijah, patting one of the bags. “Go let the fluffies know that the new foals are going to need some milk from one of them, then bring them back out so we can name them, after that we can… discuss what’s in here.” Elijah nodded, heading to the safe room and opening the door. He was gretted by a series of “Hewo daddeh’s fwend!”, “Hush, hush… fwuffy am twyna sweep…”, and “skettis am gunna hewp tummeh babbehs gwow big an stwong!” Elijah put his fingers to his lips, and the fluffies knew to be quiet. He knelt down, reaching into his pocket and grabbing the two, still sleeping, foals. Some of the fluffies gasped, the others wagged their tails at the sight of two new babies. Elijah begins to whisper “Hey, guys… dinner is being prepared right now, but I want to let you all know that these two are going to be apart of the family now. They’re going to need milkies from one of the soon-mummahs.” The pregnant mares immediately approached the foals, and Prism spoke “Su… Dey can be wike pwactice babbehs!” Elijah smiled “Exactly! Now we’re going to be right back, with names for these two, and your guys’ dinner.” Getting up, Elijah left the safe room, making sure to shut the door behind him. He could already smell the tomato sauce, and apparently, so could the foals. The filly stirred, raising her snout to sniff the air. The colt could immediately recognize the smell, and his tail wagged “Fwuffy smeww skettis!!” The two foals were both excited. Elijah set them down on the counter, while Noah left the pot of pasta to boil, and the sauce to simmer. “Now, how about we give you two some names?”

You’re Lumi, and you’re super excited! Your daddy’s friend just brought home two brand new babies! How awesome! All of the soon-mummah’s in the safe room are talking about the foals, as well as their soon babies. Thunder doesn’t look like she’s paying too much attention, though. Suddenly, a wave of sleepiness ran through you. You yawn and stretch, your leggies shaking. You decide to head over to your bed and take a nap before dinner. Don’t want to end up falling asleep while eating! Circling the bed 3 times, the soft cotton underneath your hooves, you lie down on your back, outstretched. Licking your lips and shutting your eyes, you can feel the consciousness leaving your body, when-
What was that?! You’re shaken from your awaiting slumber. Grumbling, you pry your eyes open and look for the fluffy who made that noise. Everyone in the room was darting around, terrified. BANG! there it is again! You run to the litter box to make good scardie poopsies. “Evewywun, cawm down! Wadish wiww investigate. If daddehs cum, teww dem wat ou aww heawd.” Radish, the bravest of the group, made an announcement that calmed everyone’s fears. Radish was so brave! You trot over to your special friend, Ivy, to comfort her. Stress won’t be beneficial for the soon babies! You watch Radish from afar. He’s walking against the wall, ears pressed against it. You don’t know how he can stand it when these noises are so loud! Suddenly, he winces at the sound of another bang. He hits the wall, and it sounds hollow. “Noisies am comin fwom hewe! Wadish fink it am da biggie meanie munstah fwuffy.” Ivy shuddered “Ivy nu wike dis… wat if it cums and gives us owwies?!” She shrieked, darting to the litter box to relieve herself. You stand guard of the box and puff out your cheeks and chest “Nu wowwy! Wumi wiww pwotect ou! Wumi pwotect aww of ou!” That certainly brightened the mood. Some fluffies laughed in relief and were glad somefluffy would keep them safe when daddy and his friend were away, others laughed at his braveness, and Susie and Radish laughed at the thought of a prissy, skinny alicorn folding such a muscular beast. Radish was about to walk away, when he noticed a small, poorly painted over doggy door. He sniffed the door, knowing it wasn’t just a poor paint job on a wall. He pawed at the door, and it’s painted edges cracked, allowing the door to be pushed open. He crawled through, as other fluffies curiously approached.

You’re Tangerine, and you’re enraged! First, you’re harassed by your tiny, puny counterparts, then you’re embarrassed in front of your family when they shove your head in a pot, and now you’re tied to a fucking litter box in a human’s home! What the hell?! You’ve been using your lower body strength to lift and slam the box into the ground, in hopes of breaking it and being free. How dare these humans steal me away, and expect me to NOT destroy their home? Nonsense! You slam, and slam, and slam, slam, slam, slam, slam! But to no avail, the box is practically indestructible! You grunt in frustration, lifting your tail in hopes of spraying their wall in shit at the very least. But then you realize you haven’t eaten anything in days, and nothing but a sad fart comes out. You sigh heavily, your body falling limp when the straining of your body tires you out. Your eyes begin to sting. What if you never get out of here? What if these humans never feed me, and I go forever sleepies from starvation? Your vision begins to blur. Wait! NO! You shake your head, sniffling. You’re a tough fluffy! You wouldn’t be caught DEAD crying! Never ever! You begin the façade of slamming down the litter box again. Grunting with each shoot of pain and dizziness that comes with the box making contact with the floor. You would’ve continued your desperate attempt to break free, if you weren’t interrupted by a quiet crack. You cock your head to your right, hackles raised and eyes wide. You almost thought it was just a random noise, but then a red, one eyed puny counterpart pushed through a small door in the wall. It’s green mane half covering it’s face. The first thing you noticed was it’s size. A toughie. No struggle for you, but they always put up a big fight. The next thing you noticed were it’s wings and horn. It was a very, very sharp horn. You growled, baring your teeth. The red fluffy glared. “Dat ou makin aww of dat noise?!” It huffed, obviously annoyed with your attempts to be free. You grinned “Yeah, it am! What am ou gunna do ‘bout it?! Ou am weak an smaww! Tangewine couwd easiwy cwush ou!” It approached, lowering its horn “Dun make Wadish use dis. Ou am distuwbing da soon-mummahs an babbehs.” Oh, so there’s multiple? No matter, you could take them all. You could easily give every single one of them forever sleepies. You weren’t scared of this “Radish” or his dumb little friends! And to prove your point, you raised the box with all of your strength, and let it come crashing down. You could hear several fluffies screech. Great. Radish growled and kicked back the door he came through. He charged at you, horn aimed for your side. You tried to use your core strength to move, since your limbs were restrained, but it was no use. You felt the point horn make contact with your delicate skin, puncturing it. There was a stinging pain as you sucked in air through your teeth. He was smart enough to aim for such a vulnerable area, but wasn’t smart enough to realize that his sloppy attempt to retract before he got bitten caused his horn to slice through one of the restraints, freeing your right back leg. You smiled, as the alicorn realized what it had done. You rise up, struggling to balance on your one hoof. The alicorn spreads it’s wings, horn lowered to attack. You bounce forward, charging him, your mouth agape. Radish stumbled backwards, still aiming his only weapon at you. He backs into an armoire, causing the contents on top to rattle. One falls, and before you can notice, it clonks you on the head, shattering against your thick skull. It hurt. Your free hoof slams onto a shard, and it begins to bleed. These pieces are sharp! Wait a minute… You use this to your advantage and grab a shard, cutting free your dominant hoof. Now you can stomp! Little Radish’s brave face soon develops into a look of fear. You make a plan. Behind Radish is a large table, the table to the left of your former litter box position. It’s got a cage on it. You could knock it down and trap Radish if you plan it right. You snort. Charging the alicorn once again, it runs to its right. You swerve, intentionally slamming your full body weight into the table. It wobbles, but it doesn’t fall. You grunt, continuing to chase Radish in circles, each time, ramming into the table. Finally, after the 4th lap, the cage falls. Unfortunately, it doesn’t trap the fluffy, but, it does give you the opportunity to eat for the first time in weeks. The cage landed on the base of his tail, and is his desperate pained attempts to get it off, it only got tangled, slowing down his speed. You lick your lips, deciding to make him know how you feel having some of your limbs restricted. Clamping your jaw onto his left front leg. You sink your teeth into the thick fur. You tug on the mouthful of fluff, and Radish bites his lip, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. You continue to strip with poor alicorn of his fluff, until his bare arm is exposed. Salivating, you wrap your jaw around the exposed leg, tugging, hard. You hear a snap and the fluffy screams. Loud. It’s shoulder was dislocated. Great. You tug harder, seeing the blood begin to seep through fresh tears. The fluffy sobs, begging for it’s daddy. You hear the older fluffies panicking and screaming as well. Better eat quick. Before the leg is even detached from Radish’s body, you begin to chew, tasting the coppery sensation you’ve missed oh so dearly. It’s voice goes hoarse, and it only wheezes, begging for you to stop. You grin licking your lips, you bring your muzzle just inches away from his ear “Not su toughie now, awe ou, dummeh Wadish?” You laugh as you watch it’s eyes close, as it loses consciousness. Right as you’re about to swallow the delectable fluffy meat, the main door to the room bursts open, revealing some unknown man, and the man who tied you to the box. You stare daggers at them, as one of them grabs something from behind the armoire.

Noah stared at the sight in front him. How could this have happened? How did it break free? How did Radish get here?! Noah panics, thinking to himself “You should’ve waited till the end of the trip to get one of these things! Fuck! We should’ve thrown it into the truck!” Sweat trickles down Noah’s forehead, as he notices his best friend reaching for something behind an armoire. “What are you doing?!” Noah whispers, hoping the angry gigafluff didn’t hear him. “The host mentioned that if there was any trouble, to grab for a tranquilizer for smaller animals, and an AK-47 for bigger animals and humans. I’m gon’ tranquilize this thing and transport it to my truck.” It was an… okay plan. Noah stepped back, making sure to keep an eye on the beast. It was staring menacingly back at him, every crunch and snap of the leg bone echoing though the quiet room. Making sure all eyes were on him, Noah slowly walked to the left side of the room. Tangerine’s eyes followed. Wanting to make sure the fluffy couldn’t see Elijah aim from its peripherals, Noah tried to get behind the fluffy, but it was almost directly under the table. Overestimating his old knee strength, Noah tried to hoist himself by his right leg onto the table, but slipped and almost fell backwards. The fluffy laughed at him. Or as much as a fluffy with a mouthful of meat and a heavy lisp can laugh. Noah sneered “You bitch…” he muttered. Tangerine heard him loud and clear. He growled “Nu cawe wa dummeh hooman caww ‘Thangewine!” It blew a bloody, chunky raspberry. Good, it was too focused on Noah’s remark to notice Elijah aiming the tranquilizer at its back. Noah continued “You sure, bud? You seem preeetty angry… You sure me calling you a bitch didn’t hurt your bitchy little feelings?” This only enraged the fluffy more, and it dropped Radish’s arm, baring its teeth. What was left of Radish’s arm was… a wreck. It was only his hoof, a little bit of arm meat, and bare bones. The arm meat was mushy, covered in teeth marks, and the muscles were wriggling. Mangled nerves and veins were splayed. His hoof was completely soaked in, now dried, blood. The bone was like a display fossil in a museum. Practically no evidence of any meat being there. Noah glanced up at Elijah, giving him the nod of approval. Elijah held up the tranquilizer, his hands shaking. He knew that it wouldn’t take effect immediately, and he needed to brace himself for the damage. Finger on the trigger, he pulled. The red dart hit the fluffy right on the back, just barely missing its spine. Tangerine shrieked, trying to turn to see what hit him. He bucked his free leg, twisting his neck to get the dart out. He looked around to see who dared to assault him. His eyes turned to meet Elijah’s. Tangerine saw red. Tangerine knew an incredibly… sensitive… area for humans. Tangerine charged.


“Sir, do you want to explain to me how this happened again?” Nurse Lucy asked, clipboard and pen in hand, staring at Elijah. He scratched his head and looked out the window, completely embarrassed. It was 9:37 P.M., and he was surrounded by doctors and in a fuck load of pain. “I’ve been telling you tha’ truth, ma’am! There was one of them big ass German shepherd sized fluffies in our Airbnb garage! It got out of control and had to tranquilize it, but it didn’t set in as fast as it would a normal fluffy, an’ it bit me on the balls!” Lucy raised an eyebrow, and sighed, shaking her head and writing something down on her clipboard. One of the doctors, Dr. Melinda, approached with a surgical suture, a needle, and a syringe. “Well sir, you’re very lucky that the fluffy didn’t have any serious diseases. All you’ll need is a bit of disinfectant, because of the bacteria in the fluffy’s mouth, and approximately 12 stitches on your scrotum.” Dr. Melinda applied her latex gloves, and inspecting her syringe, to make sure there were no air bubbles. Elijah froze. Nurse Lucy eyed him. “Is there something wrong? Do you have any allergies? Any previous bad reactions to disinfectants?” Elijah shook his head, eyes staring at the syringe. “N-n-naw, it’s not that… I-I-I’m just… I’m deathly t-terrified of needles… is there any way I could be… y’know, put under anesthesia?” Lucy sighed “There should be no need for anesthesia, as the numbing spray we will use should be strong enough, and all you’d need to do is shut your eyes and think of something that makes you happy… but, if you really want to be put under anesthesia, you’d have to make an extra payment for the resources.” The thought of extra money spent was a turn off. Elijah groaned in protest. One of the doctors who had experience with younger kids and needles dug through their pocket, then pulled out a big, blue lollipop. “If you can stay calm, I’ll give you this lollipop, okay?” Elijah’s jaw dropped. This was the biggest blue raspberry sucker he’d ever seen! He nodded, and he had to accept the fact that he would be conscious and feel the pain if he wanted that sweet, chunk of heaven. Squeezing his eyes shut and preparing for the worst, he spoke “…Alright, just get this over and done with…”

“See, that wasn’t so bad! Now here, take this. Try not to walk with your legs too close together. If you’re having any other issues, please call or return to the office as soon as possible.” Nurse Lucy glanced at Elijah “And next time, if you ever encounter one of those things, call Animal Control.” Elijah took the lollipop and thanked the doctors. He filled out a few forms, and left the building. Standing outside, waiting for Noah to pull up, Elijah inspected his surroundings, shoving his snack into his pocket. A few feet to his left, was a poster. He approached it, expecting it to be a lost pet poster. It wasn’t.

“Found a pregnant fluffy on the streets? Found a sick fluffy on the streets? Found a fluffy in general? Are your local vet offices closed? Come on down to Dr. Meriona’s office! We are a specialized fluffy vet office. We can:

  • Identify any fluffy exclusive diseases, disorders, or deformations your fluffy may have.
  • Identify the breed of a fluffy, its life span expectancy, its special needs, and things to look out for as it gets older.
  • Take in any Ingens Crinitus you find, though it will be put down.
  • Identify the amount of babies your pregnant mare may have.
  • Identify the colours the babies may have.
  • Estimate the price your fluffy could sell for.
    For more information, call (xxx)-xxx-xxxx, or text ‘FLUFFYHELP’ now. Our local Virginia offices:
    Oxhound Road, 29381 VA
    Mainluina Avenue, 23484 VA
    Gremzeri Terrace, 20583 VA
    Lucindo Plaza, 27381 VA”
    Elijah thought back to Thunder, her double alicorn baby, and all of the other pregnant mares. Pulling out his phone, he noted down the phone number and addresses of the offices. After a few moments of inspecting the poster, making sure this wasn’t some sleazy business and that it was USDA accredited, he noticed Noah’s truck pulling up next to him. He pocketed his phone after snapping a quick picture of the poster, and got into the car, making sure to voice his ball complaints.

“Hey, check out this poster I found while I was waiting for you.” Elijah said to Noah, as they pulled into the Olive Garden order pick up line. The sauce and noodles at home were way too cold to be served to the fluffies. Elijah took his phone out and showed Noah the image. “Y’think we could take the fluffies to the office one of these next few days? Finding out how many they’ll have and what colors they could be would be helpful for selling them, as well as knowing what disorders they may inherit.” Elijah said, as they moved forward in the line. “Hmm… it does sound like a good idea. Maybe we could go on Sunday, since I’ve got a few plans for tomorrow.” Noah replied, rolling down his window to greet one of the workers. “Alrighty then! I’ll spend some time looking for their offices in our own state, so we can use em in the future, too.” Noah grabbed the 6 bags of food from the worker, and pulled off. Five of the bags were filled with the alicorns’ dinner, and the sixth had a lasagna and breadsticks for Noah and Elijah to share. They drove off, heading home, as it began to rain lightly.

8:45 A.M., Saturday morning

You’re Oak, and you’re the most comfortable, yet uncomfortable you’ve been in your entire life. Just yesterday, a toughie saved you and your herd from a meanie smarty and his special friend! You got a bath, got rid of the stinky poopsies that was on your muzzle, and you go sketties! But, that exact same day, the same fluffy who saved you and your friends from the herd got biggest owwies from the big meanie fluffy you brought. You feel so bad! Nobody has blamed you for Radish getting hurt, but you feel like you’re to blame. You’re currently the only fluffy awake, sandwiched between your friends, Red Velvet and Susie. Ever since you woke up, you’ve been thinking about what happened last night. Once you heard your new daddy’s friend yell a naughty word, you and several others couldn’t help but investigate. You all wished you didn’t. Before you all was Radish, presumably forever sleepies. His front leggy was gone, and there was boo boo juice everywhere! You saw the big meanie fluffy hanging from daddy’s friend as he screamed. New daddy was giving the fluffy owwies with a big metal thingy. You ran back to the safe room to hide away from everything. For the rest of the night, you spent hours crying, thinking about how things would have turned out if you and your herd never came here. All of the fluffies came to comfort you, but you couldn’t be helped. The rest of the night was spent gazing out the window while others slept, watching the rain and lightning until you couldn’t stand being awake any longer. Since everything happened, no fluffy has seen Radish, but he, the big fluffy, and new daddy’s friend were taken away. New daddy brought everyone sketties, but when Banana Pudding and Peppermint Patty asked where the 3 were, new daddy didn’t tell them. Now you’re here, trying to sneak past Susie and Red Velvet without waking them up. Successfully escaping, you glance back at them, watching them squirm to fill the now empty gap. You head back over to the window. It’s still raining. You sigh, sitting yourself down and watching the rain pour. You don’t know how much time passed, but by the time you looked back at the fluffies, they were all awake, chatting amongst themselves. Hopping down from the window sill, you head to the litter box to make good poopsies. Just as you hop out of the litter box, you can hear footsteps outside of the room. Lots of the fluffies, including a new friend you made, Peachy Pie, collected at the door. You’re confused, and you ask the nearest fluffy, Brownie, what was going on. “Oh, daddeh am bwingin fwuffies bweakfast! It tasties wike sketties, su nu wowwies!” Brownie was reassuring, and you calmed down. Soon enough, the door opened, and your new daddy came in with several bowls. “Good morning, guys. When you’ve all gotten your breakfast, I’ll discuss a few things about last night.” You all watched as daddy prepared the food. Big, red berries, oats, and brown stuff. Eventually, everyone had their food and were gathered around new daddy. He clapped his hands. “Alright, guys. So, I’m sure you’re all still pretty shaken up by what you all saw and heard last night, but I promise you, everything,… well… almost everything, is okay now. Basically, I’m sure most of you still remember the night I adopted you all, and how I mentioned revenge to the other fluffies. I’m going to use that big, mean fluffy for my revenge, to get back at someone who gave me the biggest heart hurties I felt in a while. It was kept there until I could bring it to my friend’s big truck, to keep it away from you. The damage done to Radish’s leg was too much, and unfortunately, he will be losing his leg.” The others gasped. “He will need some of you to help him balance on three legs until he can get used to it. He should be back from getting his boo boos healed a little later. My friend was also given owwies by the monster, but he’s here in the house will us, he’s just resting. Now, about the new foals. They spent the night with me, to let you all recover from what you saw. I’ll be bringing them in, in a few minutes so they can drink some milk.” A lot of the soon mommas were glad to know the foals were safe, others were glad to know Radish and daddy’s friend were safe… ish. “… Anyways, how about some good news?”

Elijah lay on the couch, a blanket covering his half naked, still healing lower half. Maribel was loafing on his chest, sleeping. Noah sat next to his friend, petting Thunder and Mint. The other fluffies were playing or napping. The two men were watching the news. They were interviewing scientists who were examining the new giant fluffies. Apparently, they’ve been around for a while, and came from an equally aggressive breed called the “Ferox equus” that was killed off after the whole world pitched in to murdering them. Hell, people got paid to shoot them. They used to be famous for their snake-like method of hunting. They had teeth that contained a deadly venom, which would enter their prey from the puncture wound and attack the peripheral nervous system, causing total paralysis within minutes. People used to keep them as pets and train them like pit bulls for fluffy fights. Noah gazed outside. The rain was finally starting to clear up, but he was still thinking of things to do if the rain lasted till the end of the day. “According to the weather app, there’s a small chance the rain may last for the rest of the day. If it ends before then, we’ll head to this little food festival and we can try out some foods we’ve wanted to try for years. It’s a pet friendly place, and most of the food is okay for fluffies to try, too. Lasts from 2:45 to 5:15, so we could probably go see that new Morbius movie.” Elijah was on board with the sunny day plan, as his balls weren’t hurting nearly as bad as they were before. He finally decided to pull out his giant blue raspberry lollipop and snack on it. Noah eyed him “Where the hell’d you get that thing?” Elijah grinned “The doctors gave it to me. They tried to give me a needle in the sack, but I ended up panicking so bad that I had to be promised this thing to keep me calm. Saved in till now.” Noah shook his head and face palmed “You’re such a 7 year old, y’know?” “Hey, you try getting a needle in your bitten and swollen balls, and then we can talk!” They both shared a laugh, and Maribel stirred, clearly disturbed by the noise. Noah finished his plan. “Anyways, if the rain doesn’t stop, we can order tickets to the festival online, which can get us a spot in the faster lines. We can also buy tickets to the movie online. Since the the theatre we would go to is closed on Sundays, we could go to Cane’s theatre, which is close to a forest. We could probably find some more alicorns. I won’t take a ton, hell, I probably won’t get any at all. I’ll just skim through and see if I can find any rare strays. If you don’t feel like it, you can take the truck and I’ll get an Uber back here. We just can’t risk leaving any money makers!” Noah made sure to be quiet with that last part. Elijah gave him an unamused look. Noah pouted “Hey, this money isn’t gonna come back on its own, we’ve gotta actually try, and whether that means finding stray, pregnant alicorns, then so be it!” Elijah sighed. “Alright, alright, fine.” Noah’s phone lit up and began to ring. It was from the veterinarian office. Noah got up and left the room to answer.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Herolfanso. I’m calling to inform you about Radish and how his surgery went. Everything went splendidly, so he should heal up fairly quickly. He’s finally waking up from anesthesia, and so far, he’s had no complaints of any pain from the full amputation. You just need to come to the location you dropped him off at, fill out some paperwork, and he’ll be free to go home.”
“Excellent! I can be there most likely by…” Noah checked his watch
“9:30 A.M… Is that a good time?”
“Perfect. Just make sure to sign in with your name and phone number when you enter the building.”
“Alright, thank you, and good bye.”
Noah came back into the room, grabbing his keys and facing the group.
“You guys up for a drive to go pick up Radish?”

You’re Radish, and you’re stuck in a cage. You’ve been asleep for a long time, but you still feel really tired. When you woke up, you thought what happened with that mean fluffy was all a bad dream. You wish it was. You glance over at where your hoof used to be. Nothing but a furless stump. You sigh, your head resting on a soft pillow. You wish you never did what you did. It was toughie instinct, though. Protect the herd from bad things. Instead, you ended up losing your leggy and getting your daddy’s friend hurt. You toss and turn in your cage. All you hear is noise, more annoying than the big fluffy. Every few seconds, a human would come look at you, scribble something on their wooden board, then walk away. You wanted to go home and sleep. You saw two pairs of human feet walk by with a small, red roller. There was a fluffy mamma and her foals in there. You watched as they passed. One of the foals was hanging off of the edge of the roller. You kept a close eye on it. The foal was interested in a fallen shred of paper. It struggled to reach for it with its stubby hooves. Suddenly, the baby reached its reaching limit, and its tiny legs slid off of the edge. The baby face planted into the floor, and began peeping in anguish. Unfortunately, its cries were drowned out by other noises from other pets. The mother didn’t even bat an eye when it hit the ground. None of them did! You couldn’t just leave it there, it was just a baby! You thought of some of the soon mammas who were scared of what it would be life to care for a very young foal. You pondered on a thought. The 2 foals daddy brought home could be for mammas who used to help new mammas birth and care for their new babies in their old herd. This baby could be for mammas who were completely new to this. You approached the bars of your cage. Nobody else was around. Good. You pressed your nose against the cold bars. You shuddered. You began to shove your nose into the gap against the bars. It hurt. Really badly. You continued. You could feel your muzzle slowly but painfully sliding through. The baby kept peeping. It hadn’t noticed you yet. Finally, your muzzle slammed between the gap. You were inches away from the baby. Trying your hardest to stretch your jaw to scruff the baby, you pushed through the pain of the bars digging into the nooks between your muzzle and eyes. You got a glance of it’s mouth. Tiny sharp teeth! You knew what this was… maybe it could help your daddy with his revenge thingy! If it went home with its neglectful mother, it could give the others owwies. Just make sure nobody notices you….
There was a bang. Oh no! Some of the worker humans was coming. This motivated you to widen your jaw and grab whatever you could. At this point, the baby had quieted down, but not entirely. The humans were checking rooms, looking for some “Auralite”. Finally, your teeth grazed the fur on the back of the baby’s neck. Latching down and dragging it closer, the baby began to chirp louder. You panicked. Fully latching onto the baby’s scruff, you desperately tried to pull your muzzle back into your cage. The humans came running back. They were approaching rapidly. Pulling with all of your might, you finally got the baby in. Obviously frightened by the one eyed, three legged monster in front of it, it only peeped louder. Hoping to shut it up, you grabbed a blanket and covered the baby with it, beginning to sing the mamma song, admittedly, very badly. This seemed to soothe the baby, and it began to coo. Laying your head on the blanket, even more tired from your successful baby heist, you tried to pretend to not know what was going on. One of the humans knelt down in front of your cage. He reached his gloved finger in and scratched your back. You glanced at him over your shoulder. “Hey there, buddy… have you seen a little baby fluffy around here?” He spoke softly, a look of restrained worry on his face. You swallowed hard, shaking your head and praying that the baby wouldn’t make a noise. “Nu, nice mistah, nu see any babbehs. Wet mistah knu if Wadish du find wun…” You tried to use your most convincing worried voice. The man looked up at something, shook his head and sighed. “Thanks, bud.” He said, and the humans left. You sighed heavily. Once you heard the door shut, you lifted the blanket to reveal the little baby. It’s eyes were light purple, and it was barely covered in white peachy fuzz fur. It peeped at you. It wasn’t old enough to speak yet. You sighed. You would need to look after this baby until your daddy came.

“Alllllright, and that’s the last of the paperwork!” Noah exclaimed, setting the fully filled out clipboard on the counter. The receptionist took the paperwork and handed it to another doctor to inspect the information. “Thank you, Mr. Herolfanso! I’ll bring Radish here now. Fair warning, he might fall asleep at any moment, he’s been very tired for the past few hours.” Crumble yawned, and stood on his hind legs to reach the counter “Cwumbwe am weawwy tiwed, too. We can takies a nap when we gu homsies!” The receptionist chuckled, and patted his head before getting up and heading to another room. Noah sat down in one of the waiting chairs, and the group of fluffies who came to greet their friend laid on the floor. “It looks like the rain has finally started to clear up now, so once we pick up Radish, we’ll head back home, get the others, and we’ll head to a place where you guys can try some of the best food in the world! This is a treat for you guys being such great and obedient fluffies for these past few days. I’m still thinking of what we’ll do tomorrow, but we may take all of the soon mammas to the doctor’s office. They’ll need to do some research to make sure they and their babies won’t get hurt when it’s time for them to give birth. Afterwards, we’ll visit a beach since it’ll be hot tomorrow.” Noah had his plans all ready, and the fluffies cheered at the thought of trying different types of spaghetti. A few moments later, the receptionist, a doctor with a baggie, and Radish emerged from the room behind the door. Radish seemed… nervous, around the staff members, but loosened up when he saw his friends. The tired, red fluffy was greeted by many, many hugs, but told people to be careful with the mane on the back of his neck. The doctor handed Noah the baggie. “This bag contains a small bottle of fluffy-safe Ibuprofen. If Radish ever feels any pain where his stump is, make sure the area isn’t hot or leaking any liquids before giving him half of one of these pills with his food. Any more than half in a six hour time period and he could be at risk of suffering from seizures. If the area is hot around the stitches, leaking, or the stitches have popped somehow, bring him back immediately.” The doctor tried to maintain a serious tone and facial expression, but the fluffies crowding at his legs and squeaking at him wasn’t helping. Noah nodded. “Is it okay if the other fluffies help him get around by standing by his sides? Only until he can balance on his own.” He asked, making sure this wouldn’t cause harm. “As long as they aren’t pressing against him to the point he’s being squished, helping him get around should be fine. If you need any more info, don’t hesitate to call us.” Well that was pretty simple. Noah nodded and thanked the doctor and receptionist. As he headed for the door, Banana Pudding and Susie stood by Radish’s side, as he limped behind the main group. Stepping out into the world, the group made their way to the car. Radish kept insisting to sit in front with Noah and Ruby, another pregnant fluffy. Settling into the car, Radish sat in the front seat, and Ruby laid in the emptied glove compartment. Noah glanced over at Radish about 5 minutes into the drive “Uhh… you okay? Why’d you want to sit up here with Ruby?” Radish squirmed, and fluffed his wings uncomfortably. He turned his head and began… chewing on his mane. Noah cocked an eyebrow. Radish eventually grabbed something from his mane, and revealed it. It was a small, white, sleeping baby unicorn. Ruby was shocked. Noah was shocked, and wanted an explanation. He was at a red light, so he stared at the baby. “… Wadish fown it in da hospitaw pwace….” Noah was so full of various emotions, that he only started driving when someone behind him laid on their horn. “You… You stole the baby…?” He mumbled “Wisten! Wisten! Babbeh feww fwom wowwy fing an da mummah nebah noticed! Babbeh be bettew hewe wif soon mummahs.”
“But, you still stole the baby! We could be getting a call at any minute if they find out!” Noah was panicking.
“Nu wun ebah saw! Nu wun knu ‘scept ou an Wuby! ‘Sides, babbeh am nu jus howny fwuffy… wemembew ouw wevenge on da meanie?”
“…Where are you taking this?”
Radish grabbed the baby, who woke up from Noah’s flabbergasted shouting. Standing on the cup holder, he placed the baby in Noah’s hand, who had pulled over at this point. “Open da moufie.” Noah complied, and he gently pried open the baby’s mouth, who began to chirp in protest. Four, sharp little canines were beginning to grow. A Ferox equus. “This… these things went extinct years ago because of how dangerous they were… These things are related to the monster that took your leg last night!” Noah was panicking at this point. Radish nodded. “Wadish mummah an daddeh towd Wadish bout dem. Dey gwow fasties. Ou can wet da babbeh gib meanie hoomans biggest owwies, and a soon mummahs can hab pwactice newbown.” Clearly Radish wasn’t aware of what the big fluffy was there for. Buuut… with this new addition came a new plan on how to abuse Mike and Nelly with incompetent midget horses. Cupping the baby in his hands, Noah set it in Ruby’s fluff, who had been trying to get out of the glove compartment to get to the baby. “As long as you help out the other fluffies with taking care of it, we’ll keep it, and it’ll be apart of our plan. We’ll give it a name and introduce it to the others when we get home. Thank you” Radish cracked a smile and looked over at Ruby, who was already fawning over the soon-to-be violent baby. They continued the drive back.

“I hope Nellys had experience with sleep paralysis…” Noah muttered, grinning to himself, as he turned the corner, the Airbnb fading into view.