New fluffy abuse products now live in the market! by: FluffyStalker

Tired of your fluffies dying whenever you “play” too much with them? Well, in that case we have the best products for your fluffy entertainment needs!

•First product: the forever worst hurties stick [punishment series]

this packet of extra sorry sticks will guarantee a steady flow of pain for your fluffy without forever sleepies.

Warning: handle this product with thick gloves to ensure human user safety.

How to handle: take a sorry stick from the package and pop the safety cap, DO NOT touch this end under any circumstances, it contains microscopic hollow silica needles with a dosis of the neurotoxin from the plant Dendrocnide moroides (a.k.a. suicide plant) this side is for the fluffy.

How to apply: once the safety cap is popped, take the fluffy and move the fluff aside to ensure contact with skin, then take the sorry stick and poke the skin very carefully, at this point the needles should be on the fluffy’s skin and must be broken on the part inside, letting the toxin go, now just wait for it to make effect.

Usage tips: apply on areas that can be reached by the fluffy’s hooves to let it scratch, this will ensure that the needles will break more and be nearly impossible to extract (in case of smarty apply on no-no stick or special place to ensure worsening of effects if they give or receive special hugs or if they enf babbehs) take in count that this product’s effect covers an area around the application spot.

Dosis: foals and small babies can handle up to one stick without risk of dying, adult fluffies up to three.

•Second product: special lumb impaler [sin series] [lust]

this product will help you, abuser, to do two good things at the same time: enjoy yourself and help to control fluffy population, this trap has mare form to attract horny males, it will not kill the fluffy right away, only injure and neuter him, it will most likely die of infection, but you’ll get to see it squirm in pain for a long time, or take it home and play more with our other products.

Usage: put the trap in an area heavily populated with stallions and wait, once he’s at it, the penetration will trigger the impaling mechanism.

Usage tips: spray some pheromones on the trap to have more chances of tricking a stallions into giving it special huggies.

•Third product: flower of temptation [Sin series] [arrogance]

These genetically engineered plants have been designed to exploit the smarty arrogance and the common fluffy naiveness, this plant was engineered to produce tempting fruits on the lower branches of the plant that are at the right height for fluffies to reach, this plant produces fruits and leaves as hot as a carolina reaper while at the top it produces pretty flowers with a sweet strong smell with a reach up to 10 meters, these plants produce beautiful flowers to fit perfectly as another plant on your yard, the fruits that get bitten by fluffies quickly dry and fall off to produce new fresh fruit to continue it’s duty, it is not poisonous but you might find suffering herds of bastard lowlife fluffies laying on your yard, just kick them away and squeeze any pregnant mare.

These products were brought to you by Netraris corps.

Any abuse drawer feel free to use this ideas, just tag me in the comments to see your beautiful work.


Huh. These are tempting.