New Hasbio TV program (InfraredTurbine)

Don’t miss the new show on Hasbio tv !

Since many ppl seemed to like the lobotomy thing other day, I sketched this one too xD

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me any time!



I’m already anticipating the next ones.

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Oh it’s not a new series xD
just a funny ad I had the idea
but I might draw something about this later too


1ate night tv b1ock?

Cause a11 good f1uffies shou1d be in bed/as1eep by a certain point so everything past then is punishment or for humans.

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Excellent. :heart:

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If I were a trial lawyer I would salivate at this.

What will keep anyone from trying this on a human?

The only thing preventing total lawfare would be if Charles Foster Offdensen was the Hasbio counsel.

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What are you talking about? I only see adults playing with toys.


Cornholio’s Law states that the more awesome an activity is, the less time it will take for some oxygen-thief to completely fuck the rest of us over by causing it to be associated with their stupid behavior in the dull, droning minds of unelected bureaucrats who have amassed unreasonable power over lives which are not ther own.

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Yeah, can you imagine if lobotomy was practiced on humans? For decades? And was widely accepted in mainstream medicine and culture?



Derpo arigato, mistew loboto?

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