Next projects. (Mexi)

A few things I want to ask/talk about concerning my next few pieces.

Would anyone be interested in a Jellenheimer model? I have an idea for a project but if they aren’t that interesting to people then I won’t prioritize it too highly.

Future Riol parts
For now, Riol’s story will be put on hold, he will be back, I have thought of a few more parts (at least 4) but the next part requires me to make something (You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see them).

I want to do a full, proper animated video showing the creation of the fluffies at Hasbio labs, which may take a bit of time and would most likely require help from my friends. This will be a little difficult to do not only because of the state of the world (my country is pretty ok but we’re still told to be cautious about social distancing) but also because I would have to explain fluffies to them.

Not sure how to finish this, so here’s a picture of two fluffies having special huggies.


Bro do it if you can. The infamous fluffy processing for experimentation video was lowkey very low budget but still great. If you need fluffy voices maybe ask gayroommate if she can help you. I’d rather see the video more myself than Jellenheimers but it’s your call either way look forward to it.


I don’t know why but the faces on those fluffies made me chuckle.


I can only say how jelly I am of your models. I fought trying to make one for a while and it was so-so but I just couldn’t get any improvement and shelved it after a while.


[Peek] someone say jellen?


Oh god, explaining fluffies to others is terrifying. I hope everything goes well if you decide to do it.


I’d probably have to just say, “Watch this” and put on The Click’s video.
I’ll definitely leave out some of the more intense parts of the community.


If i was any good at art I would help but alas i am not


Personally I would love to see a jellwnheimer from you. Also a full blown animation from you would be amazing.


Honestly, if she’d be willing to help lil ol’ me then that would be really cool.
I’ll probably plan it out it a little bit more before I ask anything.


Animation with your models is gonna be interesting performance-wise. I don’t think your models are really optimized for that, judging by their topology and the sheer amount of hair simulation Is your computer good enough not to drop frames when posing the models?

How long does an image of a fluffy take you to render? If it’s not below at least a minute, it’s gonna be a pain to animate to be honest - and I’m saying this from experience as a Blender animator


Oh yeah, it’ll be a giant pain.
Especially since there will be more than one in most shots.