No, you don’t understand fluffies, so stop trying to act like you do.

It angers me beyond belief whenever I see someone on some cursed image subreddit like r/Noahgettheboat or the other 632 subreddits that are the exact same shit, post a fluffy comic or image. And then you have the people in the comics who had half of their brain taken out, and think to themselves: “HmM, tHiS tOtALlY rEpReSeNtS tHe EnTiRe CoMmUnItY.”, and they have another half of their brain taken and have the nerve to say: “ThIs MeAnS tHeY aRe AnImAl AbUsErS. bAn ThE sUbReDdIt, ShUt DoWn ThE fLuFfYcOmMuNiTy SiTe.”

  1. The Fluffy community hosts a multitude of content, not just for abuse, they host hugbox, sadbox, moronbox, weirdbox, horrorbox, and much more. So, no, just because you saw a post of a fluffy being decapitated, it doesn’t mean that the entire community is composed of sociopathic losers.

  2. You don’t know anything about the lore either, fluffies were created by Hasbio as a way of profiteering off the success of My Little Pony, however, because a bunch of PETA activists raided it, I don’t want to play devils advocate, but they don’t have souls in a majority of peoples headcanons, just programmed to act like they have one. (I think that they simply have artificial souls, still souls regardless.) So they essentially are toys, not actual animals.

  3. They are literally made to be as unlikable as possible, they piss and shit everywhere, males (and sometimes even females) rape their fellow fluffies, and sometimes rape foals. Hellgremlins and smarties (which are most of the time, the target abused fluffies) are the biggest pieces of shit ever, they exhibit each of the seven deadly sins, Lust for their constant need for pleasure, Gluttony for their eating habits of eating sketties and refusing kibble and even eating their own foals at points, Envy for their constant need for attention and “wuv”, Sloth for their laziness, not providing anything, expecting their herd mates and their human masters to bring them everything and do everything for them. Greed, for their constant need for nummies, enfie babbehs/litter pals, claiming lands for himself. Wrath obviously goes without saying, and Pride for their incessant need to prove themselves, and being generally narcissistic.

  4. Even if you take everything I said out of the above, they are still a danger to nature and society, considering their immunity to a lot of pathogens, but can still carry them. If they spread, they can destroy tons of communities of actual animals, they breed very fast, so it is very hard to keep them maintained, the foals grow up quickly, usually only taking a month to grow into a full fledged mare/stallion, only to breed even more, and it isn’t 1 or 2 babies per birth, it’s like 4-6 babies, which can multiply, so say for 6 months, a mare and a stallion gave birth to six babies, when they grow up, they can have another six babies per birth cycle. Per month, it would keep exponentially growing from just 6, to 36, to 216, 1,296, to 7,776, totaling up at 46,656 at just 6 months, and that’s not even considering that they may give birth MORE THAN ONCE. (Correct me if my math is wrong pls).

So, no, you don’t understand fluffies, so stop trying to act like you do.

I’m sorry, I saw a couple of posts, and I just had to vent

Edit: Jesus fuck, I didn’t expect for 50 replies in the comments, also, sorry for the hitting my dog joke, it was uncalled for :frowning:


you do know this is not reddit right


Please don’t hit your dog


Shouldn’t you put this on Reddit, where the people you are mad at are?

Kinda preaching to the choir is all.


You had me until you got to 3. miss me with that Hellgremlin shit.


Dude, take an honest look at this and r/fluffycommunity and tell me they don’t have reason to be weirded out. Hell, all they have to do is point out that the old booru was so toxic it had to be nuked.


I went through three dogs just reading your comment


no the booru was not so toxic it had to be nuked it died becuse the owner was tiered of the influx of snowflakes screaming it’s to toxic reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


This thread is about to catch on fire isn’t it


Yep, duck and cover.


sarcasm? I don’t know what to make of the ree thing at the end.


Either way, if that’s the actual reason then I rescind that part of my argument.


the sound of someone screaming in impotant rage that the world dose not work they way they think it should


We should prepare the bomb shelters


Also the “artificial soul” idea without much elaboration sounds… reddity.


the hell is “Artificial soul”?


No idea but it goes with some lines I found on reddit
"“killing the fluffy god and sending their souls to the apocalypse.”
“Smiled germanically”
“more direct ties to royalty Kaiser Wilhelm”


Well they’re genetically engineered, isn’t like people craft the bodies then assemble them together to make a fluffy, “artificial soul” really couldn’t be used on them, humans made the blueprints but it’s still conceived through natural means (birth)


Yeah I mean that’d be interesting as fuck if fluffies were biotech Golems but if it’s just a way to distinguish them from normal animals as a justification then it’s a bullshit answer.


Maybe like true sentience?