Notes about my head cannon for fluffies mostly for self use

First up fluffies aren’t dumb they just suck at focusing on more then one thing at a time so for example if there where two balls going towards them even very slowly they could only react to 1 this is likely due to hasibo doing a bit of work back in production to make fluffies endearing

Second fluffies don’t have the best eyesight due to the fact stated above that they can only focus on 1 thing at once

Third fluffies with disabilities are more likely to survive such as blindness meaning they use their nose a lot more and thus can smell predators easier being deaf meaning not talking as much and being mute meaning they don’t talk at all


My head cannon:

If the balls are the exact same distance from the fluffy, they probably couldn’t decide which one to react to.

Damn you, Buridan.