Página 01 de cómics - familia micro flufflys (art: metalgore)




Aw, they are so polite. Micros can even be satisfied with an ant colony style enclosure. How did they manage to survive in the wild?

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Shifting realities gravity to assert dominance eh?

Nah. More a public service. I like digital apps but I’ve forgotten which way was up a time or three myself.

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Could you please tag your picture properly for the spanish/fluffspanol text?

It gets around blocked tags and it’s really annoying to see.

I’m not sure what you mean. How do I do that?

There are tags such as “Espanol” or “Fluffynol” that you can tag your pictures with similar to “adoption” “gud babbehs” etc.

People like me have other languages filtered out because I don’t enjoy having to translate something. For these tags and filters to work, artists and writers need to tag their stuff properly and lately I’ve been seeing a lot of these posts slip past my filters due to not properly being tagged.

Ah. It’s not my picture/post. I only downloaded the original post and reposted the rotated version here in the comments. The original was done by @Metalgore

Super rare to see micros outdoors. Wonder how they survived

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Oh. My bad. I thought it was you, due to your fixed version.

Then my earlier statement applies to Metalgore.

Might be a mild environment around. That said, fluffies consistently defy the odds although its usually to their detriment in the long run. If there’s a area with 100,00 people they’ll find the 5 mega abusers almost without fail :stuck_out_tongue:


@Metalgore - could you add the #español tag to this?

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Esto tiene continuación