Paprika origins ( Gal-With-Pastels)

Abit of lore Involving paprika’s mother, her bestest babbeh sister and her sister and brother who care about her.


I love that the mare has Karen hair (and the compassionate siblings is a very nice spin)


Love how the poopie babbeh looks. Super adorable.
Don’t forget your name after the title.

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Thank you, i’ll be posting a doodle soon of paprika’s adoption , but since i don’t know what to do with the good siblings, they probably will get adopted to Good homes

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oof thanks!

no worries

Welp, gotta love how the two other foals ain’t putting in with that bestest/poopie crap.


I so want to dropkick that bitch mare…

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At least two siblings cared for the poopie bro

The mare and that bestesh needs to go :triumph:

Thats a good idea and have the mare and bestesh suffer a bad owner or never adopted.

I hope the two nice siblings can help the little one get milk without alerting Mummah or Bestest.

That Bestesh has the most hateable face I’ve seen in a long time