Party foul. (By hackerkyle)

Hello everyone. Second story for you all. A bit long. But a fair warning. There are themes of divorce in this story. Sorry if this upsets anyone. But enjoy!

The house was quiet as a woman happily began to decorate with streamers and balloons around the dining room. A handmade sign reading ‘Happy 8th birthday Sarah!’ Hung against the wall as the woman smiled happily as she finished the dining room.

"Tomorrow has to be perfect. "The mother said to herself as she then checked the time.

Her face turned to a scowl of anger as she pulled out her phone and selected a contract labeled ‘worthless husband’.

“I swear David, you better pick up.” The woman spat out.

David’s phone vibrated in his pocket as he signed already knowing who was calling. As he pulled his phone out. The name ‘Karen’ was on the screen as he clicked to answer the call.

“Yes Karen, I know what time it is.” David said with an agitated tone.

“Oh really? Then mind telling me where you are?! You were supposed to be back by now with Sarah’s cake!” Karen replied.

“I got the cake. I’m on my way back now. There was an accident on the highway. Just-” David said but was interrupted.

“Look, I want out of this marriage just as much as you. But the divorce papers get signed AFTER tomorrow! So for now do what I say.” Karen said with a clearly restrained fury.

“I’ll be home in five minutes… just finish decorating.” David said calmly to avoid his wife yelling his ear off.

Karen hung up the phone as David tossed his phone into the passenger seat. He doesn’t know what he ever saw in that beast of a woman. Worst yet she turned his daughter into a little terror like her. David was on more than one occasion been called into school because of his brat of a child’s action. Like the time she cut off the hair of a classmate because she was jealous of her hair. Karen apologized for the incident but once home she told Sarah next time to threaten the kid to not snitch.

David tried his best to set his daughter right. But when she told him ‘mommy said I don’t have to listen to you.’ He knew his child was firmly in the grasp of that woman. David almost had to beg his wife for a divorce, she finally agreed. So long as Karen had sole custody and David provided child support. David hated to completely give up on his child but hoped that maybe as she got older she’d one day ask for help and he would gladly take her in. But till then he gave in.

As if his wife and child were enough of a handful… he also had to deal with Princess. The fat pink and blond mane unicorn fluffy got Sarah two years ago. That little shit factory was somehow more entitled and full of it’s own ego then his wife.

The little abomination has purposefully done things to spite him. Like the time she shat in his suitcase when he left for a business trip. He didn’t find out till he was at the hotel. There was also the sketties incident. He refused to give the shit rat any spaghetti. The fluffy proceeded to knock over the flat screen off the tv stand. She said 'Dummeh daddeh gib Pwincess sketties nao ow gib owwies tu ‘ou!’.

Sarah had begged her parents for a fluffy. David objected because he knew she was too young and irresponsible for a pet. Karen got her one the next day. It took all of two weeks before Sarah stopped playing or taking care of Princess. And thus the job of caring for it fell to him as Karen refused. David would try to take the fluffy to a shelter but Sarah would cry and suddenly pretend Princess was her best friend. David couldn’t stand to make himself seem like the bad guy so he’d cave in. He was also pretty sure Karen enjoyed watching him clean the shit and piss covered safe room everyday after a day at work.

As David pulled up to the house he mentally prepared himself for what he was to face. He got out of the car and carefully grabbed the white box holding the birthday cake from the back and headed for the door. But as he got close he heard the loud unmistakable sound.


He quickly opened the door and saw chaos. The walls and floors were covered in shit and piss. Karen was laying on the floor clearly having slipped in the filth as Princess ran around with what looked to be a doll’s dress stuck over her head. Sarah watched in amusement as the fat pink mare ran around faster than she probably has her entire life. David quickly set the cake down on a table near the door as he carefully stepped around the shit and pee to grab the fluffy.

“SCREEEE! NU GIB BAD UPSIES!!! SCREEEE!!!” Princess whales as she keeps shitting.

David was careful to not get shit on his shirt as he quickly yanked off the doll’s dress on the fluffies head as being able to see again calmed the fluffy.

“What happened?” David said with a chuckle as he looked at Karen.

She slowly stood up looking a mix of furious and disgusted.

“I wanted to play dress up daddy. But then Princess ran away and went poopy everywhere!” Said little Sarah with a smile.

“Just. Clean. This. Up.” Demands Karen as she heads to the bathroom.

David signed and put Princess back in her safe room, it too was a mess but he’d get to that in a minute. He grabbed some cleaner a bucket and mop and some wash clothes as he got to work cleaning the house. Fortunately none of the decorations for the party got ruined otherwise he’s sure he wouldn’t get an ounce of sleep tonight.

Once he finished he went to the bedroom where Karen sat in a robe still seeming angry from her shit bath.

“I bet you found that really funny huh?” Karen said not even looking at David.

“You bet your ass I did.” Retorted David

“Well, laugh all you like. Cause that little shit machine is yours after tomorrow.” Karen smirked triumphantly.

“What do you mean? Sarah won’t let me take her.” Questioned David.

"Oh she doesn’t care anymore. I told her I’d let her get whatever she wanted from the store if she let daddy take Princess. " answers Karen.

David was about to say he’ll just drop Princess out into an alley or at a shelter. But Karen continued.

"Oh and before you say you’ll just throw her out. I promised her daddy would take good care of her and let her talk to Princess on the phone everyday… so, have fun with that. " Karen said with a devilish grin.

David was livid. His face turned red as he held in her fury. He was about to let the anger flow when suddenly their bedroom door flew open. And Sarah stood there.

“Mommy, daddy I want a pinata at my party.” Sarah stated.

“Of course sweety. Anything for my baby. Daddy will get one right now.” Answered Karen.

Sarah gave a little cheer before hugging her mother and running back to her room.

“Where do you expect me to find a pinata at this time of night?!” David quietly said.

“Don’t know or care. But better make it happen.” Karen said as she began to blow dry her hair.

David stood up not able to take it anymore as he was about to leave the room Karen shut off her blow dryer for one moment.

“Oh and I’m sure you forgot to clean the safe room. Hop to it.” She said and chuckled as she turned back on her blow dryer.

David stormed to the safe room. Again feeling his anger at its boiling point as he can’t believe what just happened. Being forced to care for a spoiled worthless fluffy so he doesn’t appear as the bad guy to his daughter. On top of that now he has to find a pinata when everywhere he can think of getting one is closed. He now has to finish cleaning more shit too. For now he finds solace; he can just get the pinata in the morning.

He once again gathered his supplies to clean and opened the safe room door. Inside were many toys for both Sarah and Princess. Along with a very full litter box. Princess laid in a pile of shit covered blankets cooing to herself as she looked comfortable.

David stepped in and quickly began to clean as he slowly made his way to the mare. Once he got to her he lifted her fat ass up and set her off the blankets.

“SCREEE!!” she cried in shock from being moved and shat again.

“Dummeh daddy!! nu move Pwincess off nesties am soon mummah!” Princess huffed as she puffed out her cheeks and stomped her hoof.

“What? Since when did you have sex?!” Said a startled David.

“Dummy daddy. Princess meet speshuw fwend in backyawd.” Snorted Princess smugly.

So some feral stallion broke into the backyard. Princess then proceeded to turn her ass to David and let out a fresh load of the seemingly endless river of crap from her ass all over his lap.

“Gib bad poopies dummeh daddeh fo’ wuinin’ nesties.” Princess said with a similar look of triumph Karen had.

David felt a snap. Taking care of one of these horrible beasts was too much… The idea of a whole litter of them pushed him over the edge. He stood up and roughly grabbed Princess by the scruff of the of her neck and yanked her up hard.

“Nuuuu! Huu huu, nu gib bad upsies! Put
Pwincess down dummeh!” Princess cried at the pain she felt from being held by the scruff.

“Oh you’re going down alright.” David said with a calm fury.

He had an idea. He’d finally let his anger go in a creative way. He shook Princess hard by the scruff as he carried her to the garage. He turned on the light as he dropped Princess down the work bench and quickly used some duct tape to pin her down and tape her mouth shut. She peed herself.

“Finally out is shit?” Asked David as he walked away.

He searched for a few things around the garage. He grabbed bits of wood, some heavy duty glue, paints and brushes, some rubber gloves, and newspaper.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Be right back.” He said to the pathetically struggling fluffy.

He went into the house and soon returned with three large bags of spare candy that Karen got to stuff party bags for the kids. He put the gloves on and opened the bags of candy as he ripped the tape off Princess harshly. Fluffy fur ripped out painfully as Princess began to sob and let out a muffled screech. David then flipped the mare over so her shit encrusted ass faced him. With one hand he held her steady as the other grabbed a handful of candy.

Princess squirmed feebly as David then quickly shoved his fist with the candy into her ass. Princess squirm intensified as her stubby legs kicked in a panic. David then pulls his hand out leaving the candy inside.

“One handful down… a lot more to go.” David said with a smirk.

After finally getting the three bags of candy down into the ass of Princess she was even more bloated than before as she clearly was trying to shit it back out. David stopped that by slathering her ass closed with the glue and holding it in place for a moment.

Step one was done. Now for the step two of his project. As he used various pieces of wood and tape to make a sort of frame to keep Princess still in a standing position. Then he put a metal hook in the back to be hung from. He then got to work covering her entirely in more glue and strips of old newspapers. The still sobbing Mare looked pleading at David to stop, so he glued her eyes shut and put large googly eyes on her eyelids.

Princess quietly sobbed. He then glued paper all over her as David was nearly finished. He grabbed the many paints and brushes and got to work. He was tired as hell from the hours of work this was taking. But he couldn’t help but smile at what would come of this. As he finished he smiled proudly at his work and decided to call it a night as he went to sleep on the couch.

The next day. The house was full of many children and parents alike. One table in the backyard was full of many boxes and bags of gifts for Sarah as she ran about playing tag. Of course she would throw a small tantrum if she got tagged but the excitement in the air even made her calm down almost instantly. Karen was happily chatting with other parents as she then looked around and saw David sitting away from the rest of the guests. She excused herself and stormed over to him.

“Would it kill you to entertain people?!” She said in a hushed angry tone.

“These are all your friends. I’m sure they think I’m a piece of shit. So why bother?” David said back as he sipped his beer.

“Fine. Be that way. Where’s the pinata? We have to do that before the cake and gifts.” Karen asked while tapping her foot impatiently.

“It’s in the garage. I’ll go get it and hang it up.” David answered and stood up.

He smirked once out of sight of everyone as he went to the garage. On the workbench still stood his work. He picked it up and heard Princess just barely from under her prison.

“Huu huuu… Pwease daddeh am soon mummah, fwuffy gud fwuffy.” She sobbed tears, unable to escape her seal closed eyes.

“No you were never good.” David said back as he grabbed some rope and a baseball bat.

David went to the backyard and upon seeing the colorful pinata all the kids ran to David excitedly. He smiled at them all and kindly asked them all to please make space as he walked by and went to the tree in the backyard. He tied one end of the rope in the hook in the back of the pinata as he then threw the other end over a thick branch of the tree and yanked hard. The pinata flew up quickly as David swore he almost heard Princess screech again at the sharp movement. David then tied the other end off on the fence to hold the pinata in place.

“Okay everyone it’s pinata time!” Karen called out with her fake cheerful voice.

The kids began to form a line as Sarah was first. David went up to her and handed her the bat.

"Give it all you got sweetie."he told her and patted her head.

Sarah walked up and swung hard for the pinata, a miss. The parents all cheered for her and said for her to try again. She reared back and swung again twice as hard. A hit. A hard one as the pinata swung a bit in the air. If not for the loud applause people might have heard the cracking of bones and painful cry that princess gave even under all the layers of glue and paper. But even with that hit, the pinata was still in one piece. As Sarah swung again she missed. David smirked as he knew Princess’s punishment was far from over.

The bat moved down the line of eager kids. As one by one they all had their chances to bust open the now misshapen pinata. David didn’t expect the glue to hold in all the blood that surely must’ve been leaking from the very hurt fluffy. But he counted it as a blessing. He knew Princess wasn’t dead yet as he had to go over and lower the Pinata for the shorter kids and could just hear her pain filled cries when he was close.

David saw the next kid coming up and knew this was it. The next kid was an older cousin of Sarah’s. He grabbed the bat determined to finally let all that candy fly. David stood back against the fence keeping his eyes on the scene about to unfold. But his attention was suddenly yanked away as he heard a little voice speak up.

“Dummeh hooman whewe smawty speshuw fwend? gib speshuw fwend nao!”

David looked down and saw a dirty white earthie stallion at his feet. This must be the feral that broke in before. The smarty feral cheeks were puffed out in an attempt to look intimidating. It just made David smile more as he picked up the dirty shitrat by the tail.

“SCREEEE!! Wet smawty go dummeh hooman!!” Yelled the feral.

“Shut up. I’m just showing you where your ‘speshuw fwend’ is.” David said and held the fluffy out.

Everyone watched as the older child raised the bat and took aim. With a mighty swing he gave it his all as with one final hit the pinata burst open as everyone cheered and kids rushed in to grab at the threats. Everyone was unaware for a moment that it wasn’t just candy to fall. It was a mix of bits of flesh, bone, organs, and unborn fluffy foals that rained down with the candy.

The stallion in David’s hands looked stunned as he seemed to realize what happened. David dropped him as he screamed out in pain as he broke his front leg from the short fall. David turned away from the party and as he went inside he began to hear a mother scream as no doubt she was the first to realize something was wrong. David’s mood just continued to get better as he went to the front door where two bags of his things waited for him. He grabbed them and stepped outside. As he went to his car he picked up more panicked screaming and cries of parents and children alike from the backyard. He tossed his bags in and got in the driver seat. He drove off as he for the first time in a long time felt happy, and free.


Pinata Fluffy? Interesting but I like it, love the icing of the Smarty coming back, dumbass could’ve been fine if he just buggered off like every other Smarty.

Long-term this will probably fuck with the kid, but short-term she needed to be taken down a couple pegs before she turned into a human Smarty.


Great story. It’s was pretty intense. And not for divorce reasons.


Well I was working on a sadbox story but was struggling with finishing it. This idea just came to me and I had to write it.


I had the idea to also have the main character be an older brother who was fed up with taking care of the fluffy. But a friend of mine said I should do a dad instead.


This story. Is possibly one of the best, most dark, lovely, fucked up things I have read here.

AND I LOVE IT. Great job!

:clap: :clap: :clap:


I aim to please. :v:


This was a fun story, I love this! Using Princess as a piñata is fucking hilarious! :joy:


Best part of the whole thing, can’t even charge him for any form of animal abuse. All he did was break a toy.


I’m surprised if no one else thought of it before. I mean, tiny horse and all.


Dang fat fingers…
Sorry, didn’t mean to flag.


The only problem with torturing fluffies is eventually you can’t hurt them anymore.
I love this story.


There’s always more fluffies.


Call me sexist but if I have a wife like that you best beleive im going chris breezy on that ass, and I don’t mean a few taps I mean the bitch is disfigured and in intensive care. Im living just reading the first few paragraphs


Well glad I made her that bad. I was actually worried no one would sympathize with David and just make him to be a deadbeat who didn’t want his kid. So I may have laid it on heavy with Karen to make it seem like David deserved some kind of justice.


Wow what a bitch, hah Princess got what was coming and yes I really don’t get him being OK with his treatment. I’m definitely against domestic violence but this is not like a drunk dad beating his wife for nothing if he had just bitch slapped Karen ones maybe that would have shut her up

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Well he went out with a bang that I’m sure Karen and everyone will never forget. And who knows maybe this little vent of anger helps David start a new pinata business.


Oh fuck yes abuse piñatas


Yeah was thinking maybe keeping the character for future stuff I may want to write. I do want to develop my own cannon for my stories and this is a fine place to start with.


Adding Princess Fatbitch to the list of fluffies I’d like to beat with a sledgehammer.