Peepee Time! by:Foxhoarder


And then her babies will not like her because she smells terrible



Same energy in their minds certainly. ~salutes~


That’s a good fluffy mummah


Can we get a hugbox follow up? Not very often is a parent fluffy this protective


One question: Malicious or Drunk?




the babies: nope nope nope, ur not my mom anymore.


In my head cannon, Fluffies vary in personality just as much as humans do… But while their original programming is to sell Hasbio products, they can, in times of great stress or trauma, override their initial programming…

This is one of those scenarios, I beleive…

An original fluffy won’t usually protected a Hasbio product, as destroying it would mean the owner has to buy a new one… Which is why they’re programmed for destruction and not caring for it (IE, poop on floor, Mummah has to buy litter pal now etc)

However, street fluffs constantly need to rewrite their original programming, because if the product is destroyed (babies or yourself die) then no more new sales…

Which is why they rewrite programming when pwetty babies no moa, need pwotect poopie bwabbehs.

So the idea of them protecting isn’t too far fetched (I’m addressing YOU abuseboxers)…

Segwaying to this… Is she more or less a good Mummah or a good product…

Is she protecting bwabbehs because she is capable of love, and loves them… Or does she think she loves them because she’s programmed to protect the product at all costs… (No one will adopt or buy products for a peepee smelling bad bwabbeh)

It should be obvious that it’s pure motherly love, as fluffies love and empathy are what makes them so satisfying to abuse in the first place. The only reasons a fluffy wouldn’t try to protect it’s loved ones are 1)too afraid, 2) too helpless, or 3) it’s a hellgremlin and doesn’t belong in the classic fluffy canon in the first place.

Speaking of litterpals, they were funny as a weirdboxy one-off joke about a horrible product, but don’t make sense even in the hellgremlin lore. Who would love fluffies enough to own one as a pet, yet also be callous enough about them to have one endlessly crying and suffering in their home? Who would even want a pet that wants to shit on its peer’s faces in the first place?

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Awesome!.. I always try to see where the artist is coming from in these… Do they believe fluffies are capable of love or do they believe it’s a programmed response…

I believe that they are capable of all that humans are… Love, empathy, compassion… But on the flip side, anger, hate, malice, sociopathy…

I suspected a while ago, that some part of them is genetically human… Allowing them the ability to talk and love…

The lore being that they are a mix of plant (for the fluff hues), bird (for the wings), and pony (for more obvious reasons)… That is, at least, what I picked up on from the many fanarts…

But I love to see what others think of this…

I’d say they’re about 30% human DNA… And can be just as capable to human short comings as they are human emotions…

is it too much to ask for both?

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Pee pee poo poo check

Next you kick her out of the way and piss on them anyway if you need to shit take one on them and the mama using the babies as toilet paper

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Punishment: Pee on the fluffy, if the babies gonna die is it a little detail.

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