Pillow Fluffies are the Happiest Fluffies (Maldoror)



That’s like dividing by zero in this land.


I am allergic to math and had to be rushed to the hospital after reading your statement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t imagine having the time or money to keep a pillowfluff happy. Wow. I suppose my main question is if you’re going to have a pillowfluff but don’t want to utterly destroy the poor thing mentally, when do you amputate? Before its eyes open and its moving around?

I’d say its situational.
Its companions for example may remind it constantly of its handicap, or help take care of it.

But mental support would matter more than timing.

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here is some more math then
the equation for fluffy happiness is FH = L * (h1 + h2) * P, where FH is fluffy happiness, L is the amount of love and care you give it, h1 is the hugs it receives, h2 is the hugs it gives, and P is the ability to play. in the case of a pillow, P is almost 0 and h2 is 0. So in my opinion, a good cared fluffy with legs is way happier when the good cared fluffy without legs


How do I report meanie smarty owl to the mods? Oh, wait…

Makes sense. And I agree. Usually see pillowing done as punishment, so the idea of pillowing a fluffy and hoping for a loving pet/companion seems off to me.

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I like them in industrial purposes, particularly milkbags, the idea of turning a fluffy into a natural resource because they are a plauge makes a great world building element to me

there’s also abusers and the fact that fluffys can fuck up their limbs, although some people have fluffies as more modular and possible to reattach legs an shit.

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Doing it before they know what running and walking would be like should be the best time, just like neutering a fluffy before it identifies itself as a mare or stallion.

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Controversial, but I like it

Come to think of it, I’m surprised the labs dedicated to engineer fluffies didn’t catch up with the “meta” and started producing Yukuri-like limbless fluffies.

Welp, one more idea for the pending ideas pile.

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