Pillows dont talk part 1 (by WhatsDatNoise)

Hey guys, it’s my first time writing a story. Since my English is not my main language, please tell me what could be done better and what are my errors, so I can improve on them. Thanks.

It is a cold day. Ofcourse, the winter is at it’s pick. I hate winter. Not only is it cold, but most fluffys die or hide in order to find a warm place. I can’t say I’m so sad for “poor cute animals.” But it’s rather sad that I can’t just easily find and abuse them. I have anger issue and kinda mentaly insane…? No no no, I’m not a fucking redheaded moron that can’t properly live in society but, rather, a cruel human that loves to deliver pain. The fluffys are excellent stress relievers.

I was on my way home from therapy today. My doctor finally decided to give me some pills to take. I don’t know what about them, but I feel much, I dont know, better…? I’m not angry or upset, but I feel relaxed. I can’t even remember the name of the pills, but do I even care? Whatever…

I walk through the valley, I can hear something. It’s sound like a… Fluffy! Oh yes! What a lucky day! My old one died 4 days ago. He thought I could look after him, feed him, and give him higgies! I took him to the bathtub, and, eventually I raised the water too high, and he drowned.

As I get closer to the source of the noise, I notice a big fluffy crying. It’s a big blue colored one. He was dirty and looked scared. The moment I get closer, he notices me and starts whispering.

“Pwease mistah, hewp, fwuffy’s speshuw fwend am not mobing!”.

“Hm, sure, show me what’s wrong.”


He quickly ran behind garbage cans. I looked there and saw a body laying.

“fwuffy’s speshuw fwend am gib owwies tu, fwuffy whi’e huwtin’ wawa an’ huggies not hewping!”

She was covered in shit, so I carefully lifted her to see what was wrong.

“Nu pwease, nu touch speshuw fwend! nu gib upsies speshuw fwend ow fwuffy gib owwies tu 'ou!”

“Calm down big guy, I just want to see what’s wrong with it!”


She had foam in her mouth. Her eyes looked in different directions, so it was clearly a derpy syndrome. She wasn’t breathing.

“I’m sorry big guy, but your friend is dead.”

That imidiatly put my blue shitter in tears. And I’m not saying “shiter” just to call him names, he literally bursts into tears and shit himself.

“Nuuuu! why speshuw fwend fowebah sweepies. Speshuw fwend wouwd become mummah! huu huuu”

Holly fuck, she died while being pregnant! But this means I have better chances of getting him attached to me! I squatted and gave him a little rub on his head.

“Come on, buddy, calm down. I can be your new daddy. You must be cold and hungry. I can bring you home, and you can be my pillow!”

He took the bait and forgot about his cunt

“Fwuffie hab new daddeh? yay! new daddeh wiww gib fwuffy skitties an’ huggies an’ wub! fwuffy nee’ many huggies fo’ fwuffy’s heawt gib owwies t”
Ah, home, sweet home. My new pillow already liked it so much that he shit himself again. Eh, whatever, will clean it up later. I bring him to the kitchen table. He’s looking around and seems very excited.

“wawm pwace am su big! fwuffy wub fwuffys new wawm pwace!”

But immediately i hear His stomatch growling. Look like he’s hungry.

“can daddeh gib fwuffy some skitties pwease…?”

“Sure bud, but first you have to take a bath. You look so dirty, and pillows aren’t supposed to be dirty!”

" dummeh daddeh, fwuffie am nu piwwow, fwuffie am fwuffy! an scawy wawa am scawy! wawa gib owwies tu!"

“Oh, come on big guy, be brave! It’s a warm good water!”

I turned the valve, and water started pouring into the sink. I took my blue pillow and placed it in the sink. At first he shitted himself. Again. screaming and begging me to save him, but in five minutes he finally realized that water wasn’t going to hurt him. I filled the sink just enough so you can properly stand and wash himself

“hehe, wawa nu scawy, fwuffie bwabe an’ wub wawa, gib bestes’ huggies”

While he was busy, I started to make dinner. I wanted to eat and feed my pillow with some spaggeties. This will be the last time he would eat them.
We sat at the table to eat our noddles. Guees what? This big motherfucker ate more than me! Whatever… It’s his last “sketties” so I guess he can eat them until he pops. I just hope he’ll not make another shitpale.

“Fwuffy wub skitties! fwuffy wub new daddeh!”

“Yeah, I love you too, my new favorite pillow”

“stypid daddeh, am nu piwwow, hee hee”

As we finished eating, I grabbed it and placed it on another table. I took my knife, rope, and an old bottle plug. I had a lot of work to do.

“Am we gon’ pway daddeh?”

“Yes! Now, lay on your stomach.”

And again, fluffys show their stypidity. I tied his hoof so you could not move. He was having some difficulties moving, but hey, what was he going to do? Give “wowsest huwties?” Yeah, no. In just a minute, you will not be able to walk.

“uh uh, nu wike dis game daddeh, weggies hab owies. Weggies don’t mobe”

"Don’t worry big guy. “Soon enough, you will not even feel them.”


The moment I chopped off his first legs, he started to scream in terror. He shitted and pissed himself.

“nuuuuu! nu gib fwuffy owwies! weggies hab owies! pwease daddeh noo!”


And another one. And another one. And the last one. Done. Wow, so much blood. And shit. He was screaming his lungs out, but minutes later he finally stopped. I put a bandage on his legs and let him rest a bit.

“nuuuuuuu! poopie pwace hab owies! nuuuu! nu! munsta daddeh!”

Yep. You guessed it. I put a bottle plug into his ass. That was he can’t shit on his own and can’t shit all over my apartments. Now, I have to explain the rules to him.

“Nuuuu why daddeh huwtmy poopie pwace an’ take fwuffy’s weggies! 'ou munsta daddeh! pwea-”


“Listen here. I’m in a good mood today, so I will give you a chance. First rule: pillows don’t talk!”

“Nuuuu, fwuffy nu piwwow, fwuffy gib 'ou sowwy poopies!”

He looked like he tried to shit again, but the plug wouldn’t allow it. I slapped him again.

“I said pillows don’t talk! You can only nod! If I hear you talking, I’ll beat your ass with a very, very strong and bad sorry stick. Understand”

He noded

“Second, you will shit once a day and eat twice a day. Understand?”

He nodded again, but I think he did not even understand what I said. These fuckers don’t know what time it is.


I washed him again, let him dry out, and took him to my room. He’ll be a couch pillow today…



His life is worth just being a pillow.

With a tag like anal abuse I thought this story would give a new meaning to ‘bite the pillow’. xD

Also, I’d never actually heard the term ‘bottle plug’ before and pictured a bottle being used as a butt plug. ~chuckle~

Im very curious how that would/wouldn’t work. ie - Would shit enter the bottle and the air displace itself into the fluffies body forcing shit air back through their system since they cant fart? Or would the air pressure from the bottle keep anything from exiting?