Pinkie Epilogue (by Nundevwizer)

“Mowning, Daddeh!” Gaius said as he sat at the side of Tyler’s bed. Tyler simply squirmed in protest and went back to sleep. Gaius has had to do this every morning since Tyler has yet to set an alarm on his phone.

“Daddeh! You gon be wait foa cwass!”

Tyler shifted his head under the pillow trying to ignore the light blue to earth green fluffy near his bed. Gaius decided on the nuclear option.

“Mummah! Daddeh nu wake upsies!”

Footsteps echoed through the hall outside Tyler’s room. The door opened and Nancy, wearing a red button-up shirt in shorts walked in.

“I’ll take it from here, sweetheart.” She patted him on the head, and then she climbed on top of Tyler.

“Oh, baby!” She said seductively as she leaned closer to his head as it lay under the pillow.

“You better wake up!” She smiled as she snuck her hand under the pillow and gently pinched his cheek.

“You don’t want to miss class, do you?”

He groaned loudly as he moved the pillow aside.

“You don’t ever give up, do you?” He said.

“Nope.” She replied. “Now get that sexy butt of yours out of bed. Breakfast is sitting on the table.”

Tyler lifted the sheets and swung his legs out of bed. Gaius stood there watching as Tyler got up. Nancy started walking out when she took a double-take and walked up beside him.

“I’ll be waiting!” She kissed him on the cheek and then left the room. Tyler smiled as he fished around his drawers for a shirt and pants. Gaius still stood there watching and Tyler felt the little fluffy stare at him. He slowly turns his head to look at the earth-colored fluffy.

“You can go now, Gaius. I’ll see you in the kitchen.” He said as he put his shirt on. Gaius then ran out of the room to the kitchen where Nancy had a bowl of kibble waiting for him.

A few moments later, Tyler and Nancy were eating breakfast at the table while Gaius ate his kibble. It had been a year since Pinkie’s demise. Tyler and Nancy had been dating for 8 months by this point and they, like most of their housemates, moved out of Tyler’s Uncle’s house after the semester was over. Denise graduated and had gone on to a job in sports management. Brandon transferred to a dorm and hadn’t spoken to Tyler since. Doug was still living in the house, but with other vets as after the incident with Pinkie, and an incident where a bunch of frat boys nearly trashed the house the semester after Tyler and Nancy moved out, Mr. Anders only allowed military vets who were in school to stay at his home.

Tyler had moved on to more advanced computer science classes, which Gaius has been by his side the whole time listening and learning. He was even in an at-home internship that let him earn credit towards his degree while working for a programming firm. Nancy was still in her study to become a physical therapist, but she also took up a minor in computer science to have a little something to talk with Tyler about whenever he got stressed from school.

Gaius finished his kibble and looked up at the table near the doorway. It was the urn holding Charlie’s ashes with a picture of the little brown fluffy beside it. Gaius cried for 4 straight days after Charlie’s death, and he witnessed his mother’s explosive death with his own eyes, watching her scarf down spaghetti like it was no tomorrow before her demise. He has refused to eat spaghetti again ever since.

As for his remaining siblings, Aqua was given over to a shelter where he could hopefully find a new family since he took no part in Charlie’s murder. Gaius’s two spoiled siblings didn’t get off so easy, however.

Outside in the garbage can, Luke sat between some bags of stinking garbage.

“Huhu! Wan weggies! Wan sissy! Wan mummah! Huhu! Nu wike nu smeww pwetty pwace! Huhu!”

For his role in Charlie’s death, Nancy chopped off his legs in the same manner as his mother and broke off his horn. Then Tyler ripped off his junk and dunked his crotch in boiling water, leaving some nasty burns.

“Hab wowsest hewties! Huhuhuuuu!”

Then as a final insult, Luke was thrown into the garbage where he would await his fate. He had been laying on his back in the garbage for two days. And today was garbage day.

“Huhu! Su hungwy! Wan skettis! Wan housie! Huhu! Wan mummah!”

As Luke lay crying from hunger and pain, a garbage truck slowly drove up the street as two men grabbed every can on the sidewalk and chucked their contents into the truck.

“…yeah. There’s no way she’s going to win. Even the boys in blue hate her guts.”

“We’ll see about that. She’s still got support from the college kids.”

“Like hell, it even matters. They’ll just rig the whole thing in her favor.”

“Are you still on about that?! He won! Get over it, already!”

“There’s no way a decrepit old man could win that easily! Seriously! I just don’t believe he won legitimately!”

“Alright, that’s enough! We got a job to do!”

One of the men walks up to Luke’s trash can.

“Only 325 more cans after this one.”

As he grabbed the handles on the side of the can, he heard some soft ‘hu’ing.

“Huhu…. Huhu…”

“What the?”

The truck came to a stop and the other man riding on the side called out.

“What are you doing?! Get that shit in the back already!”

“I hear something crying.”

The other man jumped down.


“Yeah. Listen.”

They listen for a second as Luke kept crying.

“Yeah, I hear it. where is it coming from, though?”

They peer into the can and see a red legless fluffy with a broken horn and a scalded crotch.

“It’s one of them fluffies.”

Luke opened his eyes, he stopped crying when he saw the two men standing above him.

“Nyu daddeh? Pwease wet babbeh out! Wan huggies an wawm housie an skettis an…”

“Damn shitrat already demanding shit. Fuck I hate these things.”

The man from the truck sighed.

“So much for a quick shift. I’m calling it in.”

“What for?!”

The man from the truck looked up as he was reaching for the radio on the left side of his chest.

“It’s the law, George! Any time we find a discarded fluffy in the garbage, we have to report it so the humane society can come pick it up!”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to waste an hour of our time over that shitrat, are ya?!”

Listen, George! I don’t like the law either, but it’s been on the books ever since they passed that Fluffy Rights Act here two years ago!”

George huffed. “Damn, politicians.”

The man from the truck was almost pulling his hair in frustration.

“Will you stop bringing up politics, for fucks sake, George?!!”

“Whatever. Besides what’s the point calling the society over here for? Look at it!” George pointed at Luke’s many wounds.”

No legs and his balls have been cooked off! And it’s emaciated! It’ll die before they get here anyway. Let’s just put it out of its misery.”

“They’ll fine us if we just kill it!”

George leaned into the truck guy’s ear.

“Hey, Todd. Do you remember when those little fucks ruined your backyard?”

Todd, the truck guy, nodded. “Yeah.”

“And do you remember it was before the game where the Bears beat the Packers 45-12?”

Todd nodded for a second before reconsidering the thought.

“Wait I remember us going up against the Dolphins that day.”

George shook his head. “No no, we were definitely playing the Giants then. It was a home game. The dolphins were the game after that one.”

As they chatted about the Bears, they lifted the can.

“Am nyu daddehs takin babbeh tu nyu housie?”

Luke felt the trash around him move as the can tilted.

“Daddehs? Whewe am babbeh guin’?”

They didn’t answer as they kept talking.

“…that touchdown at 3 minutes before half-time. There’s no way we should’ve lost!”

“Alright then, George. What made you think they were going to win?”

“Bill said on the radio that we would win 72-3! But we ended up losing 23-30!”

“You really need to stop listening to that heart-attack-ridden fatass.”

They dumped the can into the back of the truck.


Luke ended up buried under a pile of garbage, but with enough space not to get crushed. That wouldn’t be the case for long, though, as George hit a big red button that started up the truck’s compactor.

“Don’t you dare talk about Bill like that! The man’s a saint!”

“The man’s been dead since ’18! He had a heart attack!.. a fatal one!” Todd moved the now empty can back to the curb.

“They’ve been playing reruns of his show on the radio purely for fan service, George!”

As the two men continued talking, Luke tried to wiggle his way out of the garbage.

“Huhu! Where nyu daddehs gu? Pwease nu weave bestest babbeh! huhu!”

Then the garbage around him started to squeeze in around him.

“Wah?! Pwease nu smeww pwetty twashies! Nu gib bestest babbeh foweba sweepies!”

It got so tight that he couldn’t move, and then couldn’t breathe as the garbage surrounding him squeezed tightly.

“Be…babbeh” gasp “…nu…” gasp “…bweathe!” gasp “SCREEEEEEeeeeeeee……”

The compacted trash crushed all the air out of his lungs. He only lasted a few more seconds after that, buried alive under all the heaping garbage, no one would remember him as George and Todd climbed back on the truck and carried on with their day collecting the trash around the southern suburbs of Chicago.

Back in the apartment with Tyler and Nancy, Gaius watched as Tyler worked and Nancy rested her head on top of Tyler’s, her arms on his chest from behind. Gaius smiled as he watched his mummah and daddeh do their thing when all of a sudden…


His stomach started growling.

“Tyme foa poopies…” he said mutely, and he dashed for the litterbox. It wasn’t an ordinary litterbox as it was a plastic box tall enough to hold a fluffy inside of it. it basically was a sorry box, but Gaius, being the good fluffy he was, never was inside of it. Another reason he was never inside was someone else was being punished within its walls.

Gaius ran up the ramp and turned around, presenting his buttocks to the box and its prisoner, Princess.

“Huhu…” Princess suffered the worst fate between herself and Luke. For her part in Charlie’s death and all the abuse she heaped on him from before, Tyler and Nancy both lobbed off her legs and put her in the box. Gaius got to have his revenge for his brother’s death, by shitting on Princess whenever he had a bowel movement… which was multiple times a day. Princess would be forced to subsist on a diet of literal shit, and she would spend all her days in that box. She was basically a liter-pal.


Gaius grunted as he forced his bowels to empty. Shit rained down on Princess, who cried as she wished her mother would save her.

“Huhu! Why mummah nu sabe bestest babbeh?! Am bestest babbeh! Nu poopie babbeh! EEEEEEEE!!”

Gaius sighed with relief as he squeezed out the last turd to fall on Princess. He turned around to get one last look at her before leaving.

“Huhu!! Why munstah bwudda gib bestest babbeh wowsest poopies? Bestest babbeh du nuting wong!”

Gaius was instantly furious over how Princess could overlook her own guilt involving Charlie’s death. Initially, he wanted to shit on her more, but his bowels were thoroughly emptied, so that would have to wait until later.

“Yu an meanie mummah gib bestest bwudda Chawie foweba sweepies! Yu du ebwyting wong! Chawie neba du nuting tu yu! Chawie was bestest bwudda in da whowe wowd! An yu take him away fwom mi! Eye’ww neba fowgib yu foa dat!”

Gaius then started to cry as he remembered Charlie. It had been a year since his death, but it still hurt to think about him. Princess however continued to proclaim her innocence.

“Why gib poopie babbeh namsie? Poopie babbehs nu desewb namsies, only poopies an foweba sweepies.”

At that point, Gaius had enough. He angled his leg and urinated on her.

“EEEEEE!!! Nu peepee wawas! Wawas bad foa bestest babbeh! EEEEEEP! Mummah! MUMMAHHHHHH!! NUUUUUUHUUUUHUUUUHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!”

Gaius walked away, having finished his business. A tear still dripped from his eye as he remembered Charlie and how he would give everything to have him back. But at least he would get revenge his brother. About a week later, Princess would die of starvation and infection from sitting in a pool of Gaius’s poop.

As a final send-off, they put her out still in the box she died in. Gaius was allowed the opportunity to bury her literally in shit so he wouldn’t have to see her face as they set the box out for the garbage men. Gaius would feel piece as the garbage men took the box away in their truck and he could get on with his life as he waved at them while Nancy held him up to her chest.

“Bye poopie sissy! Hope yu buwn in sowwy wand!

Tyler laughed as he scratched Gaius’s head. “You did good Gaius. You did good.”

Nancy looked at Tyler lovingly. “And you did good too, baby.” She kissed his cheek. It never failed to make Tyler blush, even though they had been together for months by this point.

“Come on. Let’s go inside.” The three of them went back into the apartment, soon after forgetting that horrible chapter in their lives.

Tyler and Nancy would graduate from college a couple years later, and Gaius would be rented out as a breeding stallion where he would father countless liters. In one of them, he was able to keep one of the foals, a brown one, that he decided to name after his brother in his memory.

Charlie Jr.



Shame Princess never got the satisfaction of learning her lesson, but at least she died the way she lived. As a piece of shit.

Gaius preserving Charlie’s memory through his brown son is perfect, hope the little guy is told about his namesake and carries it on.


Great finale! Wow the rest finally grad and Tyler and Nancy became couple :flushed:

:clap: Love the punishment for the shitty foal Luke get the trash literally, and those arguin trashmen :joy:

And fuckin princess literal litter pal :smiling_imp:

Gaius luv for his brother never forgotten and have his own son name after him :heart_eyes:

Glad aqua was sent to the shelter hope he gota good family and never got the bitch mare attitude.


I’m a little confused on the timeline and the punishments of the bad fluffies. Has Luke and Princess been being held out for over 8 months or were their deaths soon after Pinkie’s death? With Luke, it sounded soon after but it also seemed in the structure of the story that Luke was in the trashcan in this stories morning. Likewise for Princess, were they able to sustain life for over 8 months on feces?


This was certainly a good conclusion. Surprising how Princess was never broken at that point but well deserved XD
Nice work, i’ll keep checking for more of your work :slight_smile:


Good riddance. Princess was rotten to the core. Never could see her misdeeds.


Princess was too narcissistic to ever admit she had to learn a lesson, so this punishment mostly kept the trauma fresh for Gaius. I’d have cut her tongue out the first time I heard them arguing after she was shat on.


Sweet justice!

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I wanted princess and the other one to suffer more you could of made them slaves for gaius instead but this works too


Technically since Fluffy Ponies have the most inefficient Digestive system, their shit is much more nutrient rich than that of any other poop. This is why Poopie Babbeh can live for a short while on Eating Fluffy poop (although the bacterial infection would kill it first) also why Fluffy poop is considered a very good fertilizer.