Pinkie Part 5: Nyu Fwiend (by Nundevwizer)

Pinkie sat on Nancy’s lap with bandages wrapped around her head.

“Huhuuu! Stiww hab head hewties! Huuu!”

Nancy gently petted Pinkie on the back of her head to avoid her injury. Pinkie had crashed into one of the kitchen cabinets and got a cut on her head. They took her to the vet at the nearby FluffyMart to get her checked out. There was no brain damage to be found, which as Tyler remarked; could’ve fooled him. So, all Pinkie got was a small cut on her head that can easily heal within a couple of weeks.

Nancy sat on the couch beside Doug and his dogs as everyone else sat in different parts of the room as a bald muscular man paced the room. His name was Neil Agrippa Anders, the landlord who owned the house.

“I’ve been very generous with the five of you.”

Doug closed his eyes and then squeezed them shut to avoid the sight of a pissed-off retired bodybuilder. Nancy looked down toward pinkie, partly in shame and partly to avoid looking Mr. Anders in the eye as he went on his tangent. Tyler, Brandon, and Denise sat on the couch opposite Nancy and Doug, staring straight at their angry landlord.

“I let the five of you do as you pleased as long as you kept the place clean and paid your rent on time.” He paced around a couple more times to let his words and the disappointment implied behind them sink in.

“I let you, Doug, keep your dogs here.” Anders looked at the two dogs as they sat obediently, waiting for the next command from their owner.

“I let you, Denise, set up the Wi-Fi in here.” Anders turned toward Denise who stood with his arms behind his back and give a look of stern calmness that hinted at no trace of guilt in him.

“And most importantly…” Anders turned to face Tyler. “…I let you, Tyler, stay here after all those years of ringing doorbells, breaking mailboxes, and torturing rodents.”

Anders slowly approached Tyler. “I let you stay here because your mother hoped college would straighten you out.”

Tyler quickly became tense as Anders got closer. “I let you stay here hoping you’ve changed for the better. But now…”

He stopped dead right in front of Tyler, who could feel himself sweating bullets as this stone block of a man peered into his soul from only a few mere inches away. Anders had a chiseled face, a strong jaw, and a piercing chin that almost jutted out like a pair of small battering rams. While bald, Anders had a pair of thick black eyebrows that narrowed towards the bridge of his nose, he also had a thin but nonetheless impressive fu Manchu that dropped straight down until it reached past his lower lip. The rest of him might as well have been cut from a block of marble, thick strong muscles from years of competitive weightlifting, and a heavily structured high-protein diet. Even his modest white button shirt and brown pants couldn’t hide the hulk of a man that resided within.

“…you seemed to have fallen back into your old habits.” Anders’ eyebrows arched, nearly making Tyler shit himself. He had only seen Anders this angry once before years ago when someone had spray-painted peace signs all over his prized ’59 Corvette. Anders had served during the Gulf War and the first several years of the War in Afghanistan as a member of the Marine Corp. like Doug. Retiring in 2006, Anders went on his career as a bodybuilder, retiring from that after only 15 years.

“I come back to see you’ve been torturing rodents again. Those little midget pony-looking things specifically.”

Tyler took a step back. “They’re called fluffies, Uncle-”

“I don’t care what they’re called! They’re vermin that piss and shit everywhere! They’re worse than brain-damaged dogs! But regardless, you shouldn’t be torturing rodents off the street. You have no idea what kind of diseases or parasites they might be carrying!”

Anders straightened himself up and walked over toward Doug and Nancy. Nancy looked up with Pinkie curled into a ball on her lap. Anders bent down and looked at Pinkie. Feeling his stare, Pinkie lifted her head and looked back at him.

“H-hewwo mista… am nyu fwiend foa bestest pwincess?”

In his mind, Anders could tell this little ball of pink fluff was nothing but trouble, despite the cute and innocent aura she presented. He took his hand and gently petted her head for a couple seconds; she cooed to his touch. After withdrawing his hand, he stood back up to address the room.

“I am going to make myself perfectly clear… I will allow you to keep that… fluffy… for now. If you can prove that it won’t make a mess of my house again, it can stay. But if there is one more problem with that fuzzball, either you throw it out, or I will throw all of you out with it.”

He turns and cast his gaze toward Tyler.

“Have I made myself clear?”

Tyler gulped and everyone nodded. Nancy wrapped her arms protectively around Pinkie as Anders stood there with his hands on his hips.

“Good.” Anders looked at his wristwatch. “I better get going. I’ll see you in a month.” Anders opened the front door and stepped outside, closing the door behind him.

Everyone else sat still in the living room, waiting until they could hear his car pull out of the driveway before getting up from their seats, and even then, they waited until they were sure he was gone. It took only 30 seconds for Anders to leave, but it took 20 minutes for everyone to be content that he was far enough away for them to relax.

“OK…” Denise said. “Let’s try and not fuck things up again. We don’t need the headache of finding a new place to live right now.” He got off the couch and was headed for the hallway that separated the living room from the kitchen but stopped in the archway and looked at Nancy.

“Nancy.” She looked up at him as Pinkie sat in her embrace.

“Make sure Pinkie behaves herself. I’d rather not have to throw her out or leave her in Tyler’s care since you love her so much.”

Nancy nodded. “I’ll do my best.”

Denise then continued on to where he was going and disappeared from view of the living room. Doug and Brandon were next to leave, leaving Tyler alone with Nancy and Pinkie. Nancy sat there stroking Pinkie with her left hand as Pinkie cooed to her touch. Tyler kept looking at Pinkie for a second, Pinkie had caused them quite a bit of trouble since everyone found out she was here. Now everyone was on thin ice with Anders, particularly Tyler since Anders was Tyler’s uncle.

As he looked at Pinkie, he saw the terrible destructive capability of a spoiled fluffy. Pinkie may not have reached the final stage of smartyness yet, but it was coming, and it would come soon. He then realized he had an assignment to finish for class and left Nancy alone with Pinkie.

Nancy scratched behind Pinkie’s ear as she rolled around in Nancy’s arms.

coo… coo… “Wub scwatchies! Wub mummah!”

Despite all that she had seen, Nancy still believed that Pinkie was an innocent little critter that simply didn’t know any better. She would be in for a big surprise once Pinkie desired the one thing all female fluffies wanted once they hit puberty.

About a week after Anders made his warning, Nancy was outside playing with Pinkie as Doug manned the grill roasting some brats, and Tyler, Denise, and Brandon sat at the table on the patio. Nancy tossed an inflated ball toward Pinkie, who was sitting on her rump waiting to push the ball back.

“Teehee! Wub bawl! Wub mummah!”

Nancy chuckled. “Here comes the ball, darlin’!”

As Denise and Brandon chatted with each other, Tyler watched Nancy and Pinkie play. Pinkie only had two tantrums over the past week, but he knew it was only a matter of time before Pinkie would start acting up again and he needed to be prepared to drive home the message that bad behavior wouldn’t be tolerated since Nancy refused to punish Pinkie even when she committed the worst offenses. To make matters worse, the swatter wasn’t delivering the damage it needed to for Pinkie to actually start regretting her misdeeds, so he had to switch to using a wrought wire attached to a handle as a “Sorry stick”. The wire tended to leave cuts on Pinkie’s skin, which would bleed and cause more of a mess that Tyler would then have to clean up. And he would be delivering the punishments either with Doug or by himself by this point since Brandon stopped associating with Tyler over his nigh-barbaric methods of punishment. While he was not a hugboxer by any means, he was simply indifferent to fluffies and would usually just ignore Pinkie.

As Tyler continued to watch Pinkie and Nancy play, Doug called over his shoulder. “Get some plates! The brats are ready!”

Everyone went up and grabbed a plate and a hotdog bun before receiving a brat from Doug and then sitting down at the table to eat. Tyler sat at the end of one table biting away at a brat while Nancy sat at the opposite end with Pinkie sitting on her lap eating brat of her own that was chopped into pieces. Doug sat between the two while his dogs were eating not far from the table. Denise and Brandon sat on the other side of the table.

Pinkie made numming noises as she ate her chopped brat from a paper plate. Nancy was taking a bite of the potato salad she made for the occasion as she watched Pinkie eat. She thought the sounds Pinkie made were adorable and she petted Pinkie’s head. Pinkie stopped eating and cooed as Nancy’s hand brushed across her head. Nancy went to have a bite of her bratwurst when Pinkie looked up at her and said:

“Mummah! Can Pinkie hab babbehs?”

Everyone stopped eating right at that moment and the whole table got quiet. Everyone had a slightly worried look on their face. Nancy was particularly shocked. She looked down at Pinkie.

“What did you say, darlin’?”

Pinkie sat up. “Pinkie wan babbehs! Be bestest mummah!”

Tyler was afraid this moment would come. Doug, who had spent the past week learning about fluffies from Tyler, also was concerned. They both knew that Nancy would probably give in to Pinkie’s demands and soon, they would have a bunch of fluffies running around the house, and Anders forbade them from having any more pets.

Nancy sat there shocked for a moment as Pinkie sat on her lap, smiling at her.

“Pinkie wan be mummah!”

Nancy’s face scrunched up slightly and she shook her head.

“I’m sorry, darlin’. But Mr. Anders said we can’t have any more pets here.”

Pinkie’s happy face quickly turned to one of surprise and disappointment.

“Buh… babbehs mae ebwyting betta.”

Nancy just shook her head. “Maybe we can get you a hugging toy for you later.”

Pinkie wasn’t having it. She puffs her cheeks and starts complaining.

“Bestest Pwincess wan babbehs!”

“Pinkie! I can’t let you have any babies! We’ll get kicked out!”

Pinkie then started wailing.


Tyler wasted no time getting up from the bench and walked around to grab Pinkie.


“I’ll be right back.” Tyler takes Pinkie in the crook of his arm and brings her inside.

“Wet Bestest Pwincess down! Wan babbehs!”

Just seconds later, Pinkie was in the basement, strapped to the table and her butt corked as Tyler gave her a couple lashes with his improvised “Sorry-stick”.







He hits her a couple more times before taking her back upstairs and uncorking her before allowing her to empty her bowels in the litterbox.

“… huhuu… Pinkie sowwy…” sniff

Afterward, Tyler brought her back out to Nancy who held her in her arms like Pinkie was a little child. Nancy smiled for a second before sighing at the fact that there were three new light cuts on Pinkie’s back. At this point, she had resigned to the fact this abuse was now necessary to keep Pinkie’s behavior in check.

“Mummah… hab hewties… wan huggies… huhu…”

Nancy proceeded to hug Pinkie, careful not to touch the cuts as everyone else kept eating as these punishments Tyler was giving Pinkie was now a common occurrence. One time, even Denise discreetly thanked Tyler for it.

Later, as everyone was cleaning up, with Nancy, Tyler, and Brandon cleaning the table, and Doug and Denise cleaning the grill and putting the cover over it, Pinkie sat there still crying a little as she watched everyone cleaned up and put everything away. She was still angry over Nancy telling her she couldn’t have babies.

“Stupie mummah. Bestest Pwincess wan babbehs! An wiww hab babbehs, nu matta wha mummah tink!”

A couple of yards away by an oak tree, a blueish-green fluffy stepped around the trunk. He had been wandering the streets since he ran away from his mummah and daddeh. They were going to take away his special lumps, but he outsmarted them. He wanted good feels, and he was determined to get them. He sees Pinkie from across the yard.

“Oooh! Pwetty mawe!” He felt his no-no stick harden. His goal was within reach, but he couldn’t get good feels if she was so far away, he needed to close the gap, so he called out to her.

“Hey! Pwetty mawe!”

Pinkie turned around and saw the blue-green fluffy by the tree, partially hidden by the tall grass; the landscapers who typically tended the lawn were late this week. No one else heard it, but Tyler stopped to listen after he heard a voice, looking around, he didn’t see anything, not even the feral fluffy hiding by the tree since the tree’s shadow hid him from view. He shrugs and goes back to cleaning the table.

“Nyu fwiend?” Pinkie went off to investigate, everyone else was so busy cleaning up they didn’t notice Pinkie shuffling off over to the oak tree near the end of the yard. Soon she was up close with the fluffy and his face perks up… along with his schlong.

“Hewwo! Wan be speciaw fwiend?”

Pinkie then realized that this was her chance to have babbehs.

“If bestest pwincess hab babbehs witou mummah knuwin, den mummah nu can staph bestest pwincess fwom habben babbehs. Dat am smawt. Am bestest smawty!”

At that moment, Pinkie’s smarty syndrome had reached its peak. She now called herself a smarty. And Nancy would be in for a wild ride for the next couple weeks. For now, Pinkie was about to have her wish.

“Gib smawtie pwincess babbehs!”

The young stallion perked up even more. It was his lucky day.

“Yay! Am gon hab gud feews!”

Pinkie turned around and the fluffy proceeded to plow Pinkie’s special place. For the next few seconds, Pinkie and the feral stallion gave each other good feels.

“Enf! Enf! Enf! Gud feews!”

Pinkie didn’t care if the stallion felt good or not, she only cared that she was going to get her babbehs. The stallion sped up his humping.

“Gud… feews… enf… enf… gud feews!”

Soon, the pressure in his special lumps was becoming too much to bear and he sped up more.

“Gud feews! Gud feews! Gud feews!”

Then he reached his limit.

“ENF!” He unleashed his load inside of Pinkie’s special place. Pinkie could feel the warm wetness inside of her as his special lumps squeezed themselves empty. After a second of euphoria, he pulled his wet and slightly deflated no-no stick out of Pinkie.

“Ahh… gud feews!” The fluffy sat content. Pinkie subtly bounced back and forth in her triumph.

“Am be mummah-soon. Am soon-mummah!” Then Nancy called to her.

“Pinkie! Come darlin’! We’re going back inside!”

Pinkie then galloped into a run toward Nancy. The feral stallion went after her.

“Wai! Speciaw fwiend!”

Nancy then spotted Pinkie in the grass approaching her. “Oh! There you are darlin’!” She picked Pinkie up and then took her inside without even noticing the stallion. The stallion called out to her.

“Speciaw fwiend! Don weave fwuffy! Pwease!” A foot appeared out of nowhere in front of him, causing the stallion to collide with it. It was Tyler.

“Well, what do we have here?”

He reached down and pulled up the feral stallion by his neck.

“EEEE!! Nu bad upsies!!”

He brought the feral level to his face.

“What are you doing here, shitrat?”

The stallion was intimidated, but he answered Tyler’s question.

“Nu am shitwat! Am twying sabe speciaw fwiend!”

Tyler raised an eyebrow. “Special friend?” He then realized he meant Pinkie.

“Oh god…” He looked at the stallion, his fate was sealed. Without another word, Tyler grabbed the fluffy’s junk.

“Nu! Nu touch speciaw wumps! Nee foa gud feews!”

Without warning, he tightened his grip and ripped the feral’s dick and balls off.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!” The feral shit and pissed himself, Tyler managed to dodge both and angled the now castrated fluffy away from him like a ball.

“No more good feels for you.” He then pulled his leg back and punted the fluffy as hard as he could.


The stallion flew through the air and then started falling down, ending up in the oak tree. He crashed through a foot or two of foliage before getting tangled up in the branches and one thicker branch impaled him through his right hind leg, pinning him there.


As the fluffy continued crying in pain, Tyler simply grabbed the bottle of mustard that was left behind on the side table by the grill. Before he went into the house, he stopped and had a thought. Nancy has still been coddling Pinkie, despite her atrocious behavior. Maybe letting Pinkie have those babbehs would snap some sense into Nancy. Granted Uncle Neil would kick them all out if he discovered Pinkie was pregnant, but if things played out, the gamble will be worth it, and Nancy will finally get tired of Pinkie and not want her anymore. Tyler would get free reign to do as he pleased with the pink shit ball.

He smiled and walked inside, planning to enjoy whatever turmoil came next.


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