Playing Fluffgod-Amended part 2 (By: Blackbox6500)

Episode 2: faith

A month had passed since fluffies got dropped inside the backyard

they were getting used to their life, even if they didn’t had a caretaker like murray, they had all the rest of fluffy commodities, time to play with they friends, and even beign able to have babys, all a fluffy would want, ever, considering how simple their lifestile is

they were, still living inside small dirt burrows, but they made many more since the first time they got here, as they had to make other ones for their grown foals and others

the small fluffy community lived near the blackberry vines for food, and the small pond for water, they called the pond ‘‘wawa wake’’ (water lake)

there were a lot more fluffys, every mare may just had two litters since now, but there were almost triple the amount of fluffys than before, almost reaching the 40 fluffys, already a big herd, but more fluffies means more need of food, they were still one singular group, but only for convenience, they all work to get a meal every day by scavenging or gathering, and everyone has their own little dirt burrow to sleep by the night

most first generation foals were sexually mature at this point, and started to breed in between other colors, it would be just a matter of time before the next gen with mixed colors appeared

they did know about murray, their parents told them about him, but they never saw him itself, he was more of a myth than anything else

some new black berry sprouts started to appear near the fluffy latrine (a surprising advancements all things considered, better than taking dumps everywhere, even if it’s just an open pit) probably leftover seeds from what they ate, fertilized with their dung

the major problem they had now was just the shortage of berrys for every fluffy, it was hard to gather them from their spiky stems, and while they also ate dandelions, they didn’t really like it that as much

besides that, there was no problem at all, they all had a pacific co-existance with their friends and families… but that is soon to change

murray was watching TV at the moment, he had a sweater on, it was a windy day, and it’s getting chilly outside

‘‘and in today’s weather forecast: there will be have a long rain during this night, stay indoors as thunder can occur!’’ said the weather man

hm… rain you say?

murray looked at the fluffys trough his window in the second floor

i wonder if they will even survive this… should i help them?

…nah, they will probably push trough by sheer numbers (he adds, while cracking a cold beer, and starting to chug)

as night comes near, the sky turns pure white, and then, starts to fade to dark gray

R:wook! sky wawas aw comin’! (said a red, first gen fluffy)

Y:dus aw sum’ big wawas! (added other yellow fluffy)

and then, the rain started to come down

everyone started to run towards their hidey holes, it was almost night anyways

R:wait, u saw speciaw fwend? (he asked to the same fluffy)

Y:nu, fwuffy nu’ see fwuffy’s special fwend, bu’ fwuffy see she gu get bwack nummies

R:but speshiaw fwend couw be in dangew! (he said)

Y:she wiw com back, don’ be siwwy fwuffy!

R:huuuh… otay (he added, as he got inside his hole, dragging some dandelions on his mouth with him)

meanwhile, in the blackberry vines, there was a blue mare trying to get out of the grasp of some thorns, she was all tangled, and while the cuts where not that bad, it was, indeed painful

B:huuuhuuu… nu wike! (she said, struggling to get out)

while she tried to get out, nearby, from the other side of the wall, a person was just passing by, kicking away what appears to be a can of expired chef boyardee™ spaghetti and meatballs

‘‘ugh, i should get to home soon, this rain is getting worse by the second, this can entertained me enough already, it must be all mushy inside’’

before doing anything else, he took the canned spaghetti, and threw it over murray’s backyard

‘‘bye-bye, can-can!’’ ha said, before hooding up and running from there

in the meantime, the fluffy broke free, but she was somewhat injured, and considerably disoriented, wobbling around

B:huh…fwfuffy nu few gud… (it said, as it staggered into the tall grass, away from his nesting site)

night was getting darker, and the fluffy was still missing

B:wew…wewe is nestie? (she said, starting to regain stability, trying to look around, it was almost pitch black)

meanwhile, at the nesting site, the red fluffy was becoming more and more preocuppied, his special friend was still missing

R:huhu…wewe speciaw fwend?

as the rain got louder and louder, the fluffy gathered enough courage, and got outside, he couldn’t see farther than a pair of meters, the sun was completely gone, and the clouds covered the moon

R:s-peciaw fwend? (he repeated, moving around the rain… walking with fear in the darkness, trying to make his voice be heard)

R:speciaw fwend! (he went deeper and deeper into the darkness)

just some meters from there, the scared blue mare shivered in fear, and from the cold of beign all wet

B:huuhuu…hewp…s-sum one hewp fwuffy! (she wailed in fear, as something started to aproach she)

R:speciaw fwend! (could be heard from whatever was moving)

B:hu-huh? (she stood in the spot, as the thing aproached, she finally saw that it was his mate!)

R:speciaw fwend! (the red fluffy ran towards she, and hugged her tightly, the blue mare hugged back)

B:huhu…hewp! fwuffy is tu scawed tu muv from hewe

R:nu-nu wowies speciul fwen! fwuffy ged u back with ou’ fwends! (he said, as he guided she outside of the tall grass…it appears he got as lost as she, ending far, far from the herd, as they found themselves now in the middle of nowhere)

R:huh…bu…but fwends shouw be hewe! (he said, not understanding what happened)

the blue mare looked around, it couldn’t see the herd, it was pitch black

B:aw fwuffies lost?

R:yus… (he added, in a sad tone)

B:wad-wad du fwuffy du nao? (she asked, shivering from the cold)

R:fwuffy nu 'now! (he said, cuddling against her lover, both were cold, wet, scared…hungry, everything was going terrible)

B:huhuuu…pwease sumone hewp fwuffys…

at that exact point, that specific point as she finished her sentence, a thunder struct the place, and then lighting, and one could see in complete ilumination for just a second

B:ah! (she empited her bowels , thanks to the sound of the thunder, it’s partner did the same)

R:s-scawy munstah! (he said, getting in his fours legs, looking around…the lighting already passed…but the light was still around…a red light)

B:huh? (both looked at the light source…a red light of fire over an old wood piece, just at the side of a can…a can with a face…a labeled face of a smiling daddy with white and red clothes, it gave a bit of comfort for the fluffys, plus a light, and what appears to be the smell of…skettys

the stallion got near the can, it appears that it captured the thunder, and part of it struckt the wet log, lighting it on fire…and also, cooked the spaghetty inside

R:hey! speshiaw fwend! there is nummys inside hewe!

both of them got inside the now open can, it appears it poped open after it got struckt by lighting

they started to eat the nummys… the can flap gave them coverage from the rain, and the fire gave them light and warmth

R:f-fank yo’… nummy daddy (said the fluffy to the smiling face of chef boyardee)

the night was calm after that as the rain stopped by morning…and during that time, both fluffys found their way back home

what they found was terrible… a third of the fluffys were dead… they got drowned during the night, most babies died as their bloated lifeless faces sat there, all the corpses were in a pile, the rest of fluffys were crying, mourning the dead, loud sobbing could be heard

dummeh… snif dummeh sky wawas…why giv fowebah swepies tu gud babehs?!

said a mourning fluffy

Y:mummah? mummah wake up! (said the yellow fluffy, shaking his mom, hoping for her to wake up, but she was too far gone)

R:wa’ happen why fwends sweepie? (said the red stallion confused)

Y:huuuhuuuu…sky wawas giv wowstest huwties tu fwuffys, giv’ meanie smashies to nesties an’ nummies, now fwuffys aw cowd, and hunwgy…

B:…we can hewp fwuffys! we foun’ a nyu daddeh! he can hewp fwuffys!

Y: snif c-can n-nyu daddeh hewp fwuffys?

R:daddy hav bestest nummies and warm nyu nestie!

-nummies?! (said a group of hungry and cold fluffies covered in mud, eyes sparking up)

R:yus! folow fwuffys nao an’ get nummys!

an exodus later, they got to their new home, a wet sand pile further away from the pond, with a burning log atop of it, and the big can of pasta at the side

Y:huh…smew wike gud nummies!

B:yus! gud daddy gib wots of nummys! he bestest daddeh!

all the fluffys ate, and after it, some others gave a look around

W: huhng… fluffy nu’ can hav sweepie time inside diwt nesty nu more, nu wan’ tu hav fowebah sweepies too (added a white flufy, wich looking at the wet mud, mixed with the grass straw that got plucked from yesterday’s rain stand still… and also, a look at the can and how it stayed firmly on the ground without breaking…his brains started to work, and he had something that not all fluffys can accomplish: an idea!)

W:huh… (gasp) waid! fwuffy hab’ idea!

some time later at mid day, he had made something from the mixed mud and grass… a mud hut, very small, smaller than the can of spaghetti, but big enough for microfluffs to get in for sleep and storage, the grass ceiling gave some protection from the elements, plus a little entrance to keep heat inside, and a straw floor, good enough for fluffys

W:wook! fwuffy make own housy!

something considerable about it, is the fact that the house looks kinda like the can, round in shape, it was long, and a frontal entrance,but it was more rectangular than cylindrical

B:oooh, smawt fwuffy! (she cheered, looking aroun the house)

R:wad did u find speciaw fwend? (he asked, getting near of it) ooh, pwetty!

W:yus! evewy fwuffy can hab own housie!

R:ooh! that gud idea! lets make evewyone get their own housie!

then they all started to build their small huts, while some other fluffys continuosly feeded the fire to mantain it running, now they have houses, fire and food, they are almost like a mini city… a mini civilization for mini fluffies

murray looked at them from his window…smiling as he took of the binoculars

they are almost at the starting point…WAIT, THEY GOT FIRE?! (he gasped, opening his eyes widely before looking again) and they got a can of spaghetty…too? from where?!

they got saved by a can thay they got from…who knows where…and somehow most of them survived the rain…even i didn’t expect that to happen

lets see how far do they go now… (murray took a little blackboard) they have control over fire, and building… they lack farming and crafting, and it appears they got a bit of a handling in both of them… but i don’t think they are able to discover writing to be honest, maybe their advances will get stopped before they reach the middle ages

they better stockpile food for winter, they have three autumn months left, so they better be quick

murray smiled

it’s just a matter of time before they devolve into barbarians anyways…but thats just part of the fun…of civilization

he started to laugh, as fluffys finished building their houses around the firepit and night began to set in again