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Nothing comes good to breeding mares, they all soon die in trauma as their foals gets taken again and again.


Knowing how rare B/W foals are and how often multiple quick litters lead to deaths for broodmares, would it make more sense to grab the stallion she was paired with and set them both up for long term breeding?


Pure Wolfram sadbox, love it


Yep. And his fluffies are perfect for sadbox, because they look so pathetic that you feel bad for them but not too bad, if you know what I mean.


That’s literally just your headcanon.

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The foals must flow

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Stressing the Mare, bad breeders.

If you’re going for the fancy colors it costs nothing to let her keep the lesser ones. Fluffies are basically free with the correct setup, so providing a nurse and a few Foals for one actually making you money is a sound investment.

The owner needs to put the fear of Reagan in them. A good round of sudden layoffs the week before Christmas ought to do it.


The only dumber than fluffies are humans.


I do not understand why people would be this stupid. Animal breeding programs are a thing, designer breeds are a thing. We do this in the real world, and in the real world you make good money by getting a few high quality parents and keeping them as happy and healthy as you can to keep them in the mood to breed as often as possible.

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You’re new to fluffies, aren’t you?

The point of fluffy abuse is to see small, fluffy, usually cute critters suffer, mentally and physically. Logic has nothing to do with it.

In fact, “fuck you, that’s why” was the earliest abuser motto.

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There are also puppy mills, and people killing their golden goose on a regular basis. Just because you breed animals doesn’t mean you’re a real breeder.

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I enjoy the Schadenfreude of watching terrible fluffies suffer, but I just don’t get enjoying out of watching people make their own lives worse and then make random fluffies suffer for it.

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I don’t understand it myself; I’d suggest you ask in an abuse thread, except that I really doubt you’d get a reasonable reaction. The fans of this sort of abuse don’t welcome any sort of meta discussion, they just want fluffies to suffer, even if it makes humans look like idiots.

There are three mindsets I’ve seen when it comes to fluffy breeding. The “Logical” mindset, the “Abuser” mindset, and the “Give Me Money Now!” mindset. This is the last one, sacrificing long term benefit for short term cash.

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It shifts the desire to see the Fluffy suffer onto the human.

Bratty breeder? Lethal mastitis.
Bratty breeder worker? Prostate cancer.

That’s my issue with so many Fluffy protagonists being arrogantly intelligent and wealthy. Right from the get go my investment is seeing if they get stabbed in the kidney by a homeless person while trawling alleys for Ferals.

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Nope, shut up, fuck off. Nock this bitch up again.

I can certainly appreciate THAT perspective, but based on comments (for what that’s worth) I’ve never gotten the impression that the abuse fans I’m thinking of share that perspective. Quite the contrary, these are the people who get absolutely outraged if a story shows an abuser getting harmed, even if it is the abuser’s fault.

I think for some people the fluffy abuse stories are a vicarious ways for them to be abusers, and so they identify with the abusers regardless of the details. More than one abuse fan has accused hugboxers who want to limit some forms of abuse of attacking them personally, erasing the distinction between the reader and the fictional abuser.

This only applies to a small but vocal part of the community; most abuse fans, I think, have a less, ah, personal attachment.

True. Like Misery.
I get reality escape, sometimes it feels like you only wake up because daydreams are more lucid than real dreams.

But folks who attack actors because they hate the character are a special kind of out to lunch.

That said, the draw to me is the human misery. Fluffies are the method and the metaphor. Fluffies only suck because mankind does, humanity can create chimeric organisms but is falling apart because the technology was lost because of short sightedness and corporate greed. You can reattach a Fluffy limb with a cheap bottle of medicine and get them little cyborg prosthetics, but if a shard of their bone gets stuck in your arm and goes septic your arm is gone forever. A guy skins Fluffies and gets a revenue filming it, which funds his hobby of skinning kids, then he gets caught ends ends up free in three years due to a mistrial and being the cousin of a sheriff. A kid snaps Foal necks when his boss yells at him and he keeps one legless premium one with a pencil up a hole that used to be where its scrotum was in one-way glass box disguised as a display on the counter so it can see all the uglier Fluffies sold until it dies three days after he quits, he celebrates as a party where he catches COVID 32 and dies along with his parents, all their possessions end up in a landfill and nobody thinks of the family again.

That’s the appeal of Fluffies. Depression porn and schadenfreude.