Pop Quiz: Why do Fluffies enjoy spaghetti?

Almost a decade ago, fluffies were brought into this world on 4chan’s /mlp/ board. They came packaged with a love for the Italian food, spaghetti. But why? Will post the answer in a day or two in the comments. If you do know the answer, please don’t ruin it for others :wink:

  • Spaghetti was a fun word to make fluffies say
  • As a messy food, spaghetti was a prime candidate for fluffy shenanigans
  • It’s a play on the expression “Drop Your Spaghetti” which means to act a fool/be embarassed
  • It was written in “Fall of Cleveland” at random
  • There was an Italian member of the community that was made fun of by anons in Fluffy Pony General by making fluffies eat spaghetti

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I’m totally guessing.


I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna ruin it!


None of the above, the original shared lore is that since the bastards were supposed to be completely dependent on humans, spaghetti was supposed to be a food they craved that HAD to be made by humans. From the Wiki

One of the more common thoughts is that spaghetti, being a cheap human-made food, would further establish human dominance over fluffies; a craving that could only be fulfilled by humans. Whatever the reason, it is certain that it cannot be erased from the fluffy’s mind, even with resetting

Granted it all depends on what you want to make you don’t HAVE to follow the cannon hell theres a contingent that seems to want to throw it out or at least make it less important. That being said I think people SHOULD read the old hive cannon at least to get a basic footing, it’s the first thing I did before posting

It’s old as hell and by no means perfect but it forms a decent base that most of the people here seem to follow pieces of.
Okay now cue the more veteran poster to tell me I’m incorrect


I tend not to trust anything thats written on the wiki because the wiki has been filled with posts by people trying to push a specific headcanons and was not really regulated. Its why the wiki ends up with entries like hunting friends and the like.

There is actually a meta reason why fluffies like spaghetti but if I were to say it would ruin the surprise…


The version I like is that the fluffies we’re going to be hard wired to crave a specific Hasbio brand food. They didn’t know what that was going to be yet, so they used spaghetti as a placeholder while they developed them. Then they were released early still craving spaghetti.


I’m just guessing
But in my head canon ( boom) “skettie” is just the fluffy word for favorite food.


Shiiiet, this dude here is speaking the ancient language.
I’m glad you posted this, thanks for the information


Dunno if it’s the right answer or not, but would you mind spoilering this? I mean, c’mon, “please don’t spoil the fun” is kind of easy to go along with as far as requests go.


The real answer is “who cares”.

Headcanon invalidates this whole exercise.


Untrue, there is a specific reason why the original fluffy creators picked spaghetti as the food of choice for fluffies. I fear that the question may have been taken as “in-lore”, when it is a meta question.


We can spoiler shit, how cuz that would really power up my shitposting abilities


Yeah man, I did a bunch of my own research, going on a bunch of different sites and archives before coming here then lurked for a good half a year before starting to post. “Lurk more” was one of the few good skills I got from 4chan that I didn’t have to leave at the door.


I’m speaking from the perspective that many new inductees don’t really care for what came before and go off on their wild, imaginative tangents. Much to McGee’s chagrin (?)

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I too am opting to wait until after the embargo to speak. :slight_smile:

I love all the old fluffy lore and try to cram as much as possible in to my own personal head canon.
But also try to give them personal spins and all that
And fit kitsune fluffies in to all that.


It’s what they feed at the orphanages

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Oh, I wish I could contact my buddies who on boour I lost contact with them but one of them was one of the founders of this first shiting fluffy. He was a good guy had fuck up mind tho But somehow made me have a crush on him. But that is a story for another time, but it’s good I have folders and folders of old fluffy lore from that founder dude. Ps. Fuck we face time once Goddamn he is like such a DILF :flushed:.

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