Poseidon part 2 (Cecona)

Who knows how long Poseidon was out in the sun, unconscious in that small dirty tank. The garbage truck was rolling it’s way down the street, the one garbage man stepping off the back in order to fling bag after bag of trash into the compactor part of the truck. He cared not that there were newborn foals chirping and peeping in distress within a sealed black garbage back, the mother inside already expired. It went in the back just like everything else. Dead fluffies seemed to be a common find in the trash.

“Wait! No, don’t do that!” A voice cried out from behind the truck. The man had already pressed the compact button when he turned to see a young woman sprinting up to them. She seemed to be in her early to mid twenties, blue hair with an aqua green streak and black roots. She had a tan, with some tan lines showing since she was wearing a bikini top and some shorts over her bikini bottoms. She was your typical tomboy, slim and muscular with a right hook you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of. A look of sad disgust crossed her face as she finally made it over to the truck, too late to save the foals from their fate. The garbage man just rolled his eyes and grumbled.

“Dammit, again with you bleeding hearts. Just make it quick and don’t you dare stall our route!” The man climbed back onto his spot on the back of the truck. The girl wanted to say something, but knew better and hurried ahead to begin searching.

She came across the small tank with what looked like a dead seafluffy after scoring the bags for anything alive. She knelt down and looked at what she thought was a corpse, bringing her hand down into the water to stroke the poor thing.

Ba-bum…. Ba-bum…

A heartbeat! The girl was shocked, this seafluffy was still alive! She quickly scooped him up into her arms, jumping when a horn was blasted at her. She turned and glared back at the garbage men, flipping them off before she hurried home.

Poseidon wouldn’t wake up for at least another day, but when he finally did he noticed a few things were different. The first thing was a weird beeping sound. It was rhythmic and steady, but it was kind of loud as it was right next to him. The second thing he’d notice was the smell, or lack thereof. The smell of dirty cigarette and feces water was gone, instead the place had a subtle smell to it, like something fresh and clean, but also sterile. Even the water he was in felt different. Slowly the seafluffy opened his eyes and blinked away his blurry vision

The room he was in was bright, and nothing like Carl’s place. Where was he? Did he finally die? He seemed to be sitting in a container of water, one meter by 1.5 meters with a slanted bottom so his head was in the shallow end. The depth of the container wasn’t that much, just enough to keep him mostly submerged. Next to the water were the machines making the beeping noises, and it seemed that there were tubes and things attached to him that lead to the machines. One of the tubes also led to a suspended clear bag full of liquid. His head hurt but he seemed… okay?

“Fwiend wakies! Mummah! Mummah!” A shrill excited cry came from the far side of the room where an open door was, it seemed he was not the only fluffy in the house. Not long after, the girl with blue and aqua green hair came into the room. Trotting behind her was an aqua fluffy, a type of fluffy that lived in and out of water. Unlike sea fluffies, aqua fluffies had legs rather than flippers, but were smooth skinned, and had finned tails and manes.

“Oh hey look at you! You made it! John totally owes me 20 bucks now.” The young woman approached the container of water and carefully held her hand out for Poseidon to sniff. The poor seafluffy was confused, and shrank back a bit as if expecting something bad to happen. Carl had never once tried to show him affection. When he did this, the woman moved away.

“It’s okay, you can take your time getting used to things here. My name is Mandy, and this is my fluffy, Aurora. Do you have a name?“ As her name was mentioned, the aqua fluff carefully climbed up onto a chair next to the container of water and into it along with Poseidon, smiling brightly at the fellow water dwelling fluffy. There he saw her in all her glory, and she was beautiful. Truth be told she was the only other fluffy he could remember meeting, but she was breathtaking. Her fins were a semi translucent coral color, and her main body was a light blue that faded into a warm sunny yellow. Poseidon was speechless for a moment, unable to take his eyes off Aurora. But after hearing the aqua fluff giggle he tried to sit up and puff his chest out.

“Fwuffy am Posaidon”

Poseidon learned that Mandy ran a fluffy rehab with her boyfriend John. They would take in fluffies that were abandoned, sick, injured, etc, and nurse them back to health. Afterwards they would either rehome or release them, it was up to the fluffy where they wanted to go. He also learned that Aurora was actually an alicorn aqua fluffy, having been confused and scared when he noticed her coral colored fin wings on her back. It took a bit to calm him back down, and after a lesson on what is and isn’t a munstah, he was back to being head over flipper for her.

For the first time in his life he was given proper food and care, he was given affection and once healthy enough he got to join Aurora in her 150 gallon outdoor salt water pool. Poseidon knew he wanted to stay there with Mandy, John, and Aurora. He wanted them to be his family, and in a few months time he had become special friends with Aurora. They were expecting a litter, and his life couldn’t possibly get any better.

Then came hurricane season.

The winds were wiping around wildly that day, the palm trees looked to be barely holding on with their roots. Mandy and John brought all the non-water dwelling fluffies into a closet, making sure they had a light and would be safe. John stayed inside to keep them calm while Mandy hurried to the pool in order to grab Aurora and Poseidon, the wind so strong she almost lost her footing for a moment once out the door.

“Shit, it’s here a lot sooner than they said- most accurate weather in the tri-state area my ass! Mr. Butt chin meteorologist needs some fucking glasses.” She complained as she went over to the pool. Both fluffies were under the water, but once they saw Mandy they swam to the top. They reached out to her, Poseidon making sure Aurora was safe in Mandy’s arms first.

“Take speshuw fwiend! Keep babbehs safe!” He called out as Mandy picked up Aurora first, struggling a little since she was heavy with foals, but once she had her in one arm she reached for the seafluffy. Poseidon felt the winds picking up, but he shook his head and insisted again that Aurora be brought inside first. Mandy hesitated, but knew it would be easier to do it one at a time so she stood up.

“I’ll be right back out for you little buddy, just stay put okay?” She told the fluffy before running inside. The winds grew worse, and Poseidon did his best to hold on with his flippers. He even went under the water again to try and keep safe, but he couldn’t dive down fast enough. The hurricane was so close, and the winds were just too much. Poseidon felt himself being lifted from the water. At first he thought Mandy was back for him, but there were no warm hands or comforting embrace, just cold wind whipping him around as he became airborne.

“SCREEEEEE! Hewp! Mummah! Daddeh!” The seafluffy cried out as the place he called home grew smaller and smaller, barely seeing Mandy running to the door as he was swept away by the hurricane.

“SPESHUW FWIEND!!” Was the last thing that could be heard as the storm stole the seafluffy away from his perfect life.

Just wanted to mentioned that Aurora is a fluffy I adopted from @gal-with-pastels. Thought that this was a good place to introduce her. Will Poseidon ever see her again? Who knows, let’s see what the next person decides to do with this story.


Ironically, Poseidon seems to have more in common with Odysseus. But where is Grey-Eyed Athena, to impart him with cunning, & lobby for him on Olympus?

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Well why not add to the story yourself ?

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The temerity!
That would be actual work.

I know !
It might even be fun !

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Responsibility? Making oneself subject to the criticism of others?
Effort, even1
Sir ( as I presume you are ), I am eurotrash. We do not do such things!

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Don’t we ?
That explains a lot, dismantle the EU !

Joking aside , this project is just supposed to be a bit of fun, and to see what we as a community can create together.

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“Create”. There you go again!
Next will be personal growth, whatever that is, fungi seem involved :wink:

But to be that dreadful thing, serious, I have far to many other writing projects to be done before I can resort to anything as light-hearted as fictional pseudo-equine tortures.
If anything, I would take up drawing the ghastly little things before resorting to that.

I only hope he ends up back with Carl by the end

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