Prescribed Animalism (Written by Hugboxing)

Gerald gently stroked the colts back, smiling as he watched the little wings flutter at the touch. “Oh you’re going to be a perfect Smarty friend,” He mumbles, leaning down to gently press his lips to the foals head. The pretty pink Pegasus was his latest attempt at making a proper Smarty friend, some-fluffy that could successfully lead a completely feral herd. It wasn’t breaking news that fluffy’s couldn’t last anymore then a week in the wild, they craved human attention and would literally die of depression if not given adequate “love”. This was one of the reasons that the government refused to classify them as animals; what kind of creature couldn’t make it at least a month in the wild?

Gerald thought it was bullshit, people intervene with wildlife more often than not, and there were several domesticated creatures that wouldn’t live without human help. Granted… fluffys had killed most of the wildlife anyhow… but that wasn’t their fault! They were made by evil people playing god and now no one would hear about possibly helping the pitiful mistake. The little foal was attempt number 12 and his first “home-bred” successor, a little blue tag on its ear marking it as Leon. Leon was made between two of Gerald’s previous failures: a sweet but chronically dumb stallion named Justice and a brave while overall selfish mare named Apollo.

Maybe her name was a little ironic in hindsight, giving that her arrogance and selfishness had almost gotten her killed multiple times. The now pillowed mare was actually right beside him, derped from running horn first into a wall, the helpless thing now serving as a permeant pet. “Bebeh grit Kithes!!” She exclaimed, seeing the affection given to her foal rather than herself, sad for a reason she could no longer recognize.

“Huh- oh, yes Apollo I gave Leon a kiss, would you like one too?” The man smiles and leans down to peck the balding head on the mare, gently rubbing down her nape until she falls back asleep. Leon, squirming and softly peeping in Gerald’s free hand, let out a soft coo.

The foal was only a few days old, and premature at that, the incident that had derped Apollo also caused her to go into labor four days too early. This meant that Gerald kept a constant eye on him, as he was the sole survivor of the litter. Speaking of… The man glanced back down and was met with another premature development. Despite his early entry to the world, the little Pegasus foals eyes started to open. Surprise turned to disappointment when Gerald noticed that what should be at the very least a dark blue was milky white. The foal was blind.

“…blind. You’ve got to be kidding me- I-“ He looked at the foal, squirming around and peeping softly as if nothing had happened, as if it hadn’t just reached a monumental milestone. Another failure, there was no way the foal could even pass the first lesson with this type of disability. Gerald let out a low shaky sigh, anger rising in his chest. “APOLLO!”

The mare startled back awake, looking around with a terrified expression that almost dulled the burning emotion. Almost. He grabbed her nape, tugging so that she had to look in the correct direction, the mare starting to tremble as shit leaked into the litter box underneath her. He knew it wasn’t right, to get this upset at her, but he couldn’t stand to just let the mare go without at least a little scolding.

“Look! Was running worth it? Was Huggy-tag worth your baby’s sight?!” Gerald had warned her, over and over, don’t go running around while pregnant. Of course the headstrong mare hadn’t listened, he had been far too lenient with her to even get basic respect. At first that had been fine, a feral animal had no respect for humans, he could use that to argue his case… but then she’d gone and hurt herself in an irreversible manner. He shows the blind foal, now peeping and whimpering in equal fear. The man tightened his hold slightly, just so that the infant wouldn’t roll off his hand, holding the foal as close to her as he could.

This proved to be a mistake.

Confused, disoriented and absolutely petrified, Apollo lashed out. He had gotten the foal right in her face and the derped mare mistook her frightened child for the threat; she chomped down right on his marshmallow soft head. Gerald watched in shock as she thrashed as best as she could, teeth that couldn’t even cause a bruise on a human obliterated the still soft skull and popped the useless eyes. He drops the mare, now fully whipping her head back and forth with the added mobility, only stopping once the quivering foal did. “Dade,” She croaks, blood running down her chin as she stared at him, tears streaming down her face. “Dade why no save Olo?”

Once the shock wore off, Gerold found himself grinning. Finally, some fucking Instinct.

Hello! Boy howdy it’s been a while… Anyhow, I wrote this on my break at work so it’s not my best piece; though I am more then happy to receive feedback as thats how one improves their craft. This story kind of got away from me but I’ve decided that every chapter I make I’m gonna have it able to read as a stand alone, this way if I lose steam you lovely folks won’t be disappointed!

Thank you as always for your time, and I hope you guys have a great day


This dude has got some strange ideas about Fluffies, but I’m intrigued about the science and where it can lead.

Though good God, Apollo is dumb


Apollo Justice. Hm.

Sounds familiar.

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Huh- Completely a coincidence I assure you, I was just trying to think of good “Leader” names

Though Ace Attorney fluffs sound quite fun

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Brain damage will do that

Josef: “On the one hand I respect your commitment to science. On the other hand I abhor what you’re trying to do.”
Crimson, asking Apollo about the corpse of the foal whose head she ate: “Yu gunna finish that?”


Gerold: “We’ve done it, we’ve successfully bred a smart, empathetic and capable Smarty Friend.”

Josef: “Excellent, I’ll get the gas and the matches.”