Princess's New Friend Ch. 8 (end) (by fluffysomething)

You are Dr. Joser Mongola, and after a quick call to Clarke, you’ve gotten permission to give Princess some ‘corrective training’ before she goes home. You’ve already got the things to work this plan out, anyways.

“Nyu dad-dee? Sickie-baybee wuv nyu dad-dee! Wha’ nyu dad-dee doing?” One of the baby Bestest Sickie Friends you got question, as you carefully dye its membrane and surface proteins to look exactly like one of Princess’s ‘bestest babies’.

You did the same with the other babies, and now it’s time for the good part.

“Now, I’ve got you all dyed to look like a very bad parental fluffy’s favorite babies. Here’s what I’m going to do with you all.” You lower your voice to a whisper, as the baby Bestest Sickie Friends gasp at the thought of such things happening to them.

“Buh, sickie-baybee nu wan diss-en-fek-tint! Diss-en-fek-tint am bad fo’ sickie-fwiends!” One of them cry out, as you cover its small mouth with your gloved fingers.

“Be quiet, or the very bad parental fluffy might hear! Now, let’s put you all in your spots.” You say, carefully picking up all six babies you need at the moment and placing them in different places as you organize the other Bestest Sickie Friends, fluffies and things you need for this to work.

You are Princess, and you woke up in the meanie mister’s ‘basement’! What’s happening?

“Babies, your babies. Your bestest babies.” You hear a voice whisper, as you looks around to see what it is.

“Gib bak bestesh babbehs! Whewe am dey!?” You shout, stomping your hoof and puffing your cheeks.

“You’re a bad mummah, Princess. Bad mummahs kill their babies.” The voice says in a hushed tone, as you start to hear peeping and squeaking. Those must be your bestest babies!

“Nu am bad mummah! Wook, bestesh babbehs am wight hewe! Dey am big babbehs nao!” You say, pointing at a invisible wall as a sickie-friend comes in from out of nowhere and smiles at your babies.

“Bay-bees… Bay-bees am suuuu cyoot…” You hear them drone on about how your bestest babies are cute, and how they’re little babies.

“Sickie-fwiend wan giv bay-bees biggest huggies…!” They smile meekly, picking up all of your bestest babies and squeezing them.

“Be cawefuw! Dey am bestesh babbehs! Dey tuu wittwe fo’ biggesh huggies!” You shout, the sickie-friend seemingly not being able to hear you, and only hugging them tighter.

“Wuv bay-bees…!” The sickie-friend grins, your babies moving around fearfully as they appear to break open, releasing two long, connected strands with each broken baby.

Then, you hear the voice again.

“They’re bad, but they’re not a bad mummah like you are.” The voice whispers, repeating the words ‘bad mummah’ a few times before you can see your babies playing again.

“Nu am bad mummah! Babbehs am safe 'gain! Wai fwuffy wook at babbehs wike that?” You question, as the fluffy walks up to one of your babies… And… and…

“Nuu-huuu-huuuu! Nu gib wittwe babbeh moufie speshew-huggies! Dat am suuu bad!” You start to cry, sobbing in between begging for him to stop.

“You really are a bad mummah! You’re just letting your babies get hurt?” The voice exclaims, repeating the same words over and over again for a few minutes before your babies appear again, behind a different wall.

“Waww nu wet sabe babbehs! Am gud mummah… Wight?” You stop crying, apprehensively walking over to your babies and tapping on the wall.

Then, a fine mist covers your babies, and all seems fine.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! HEWP SICKIE-BAYBEE! HAV WOWSTEST OWWIES!!” One of your bestest babies screech, trying desperately to get the mist off them as the others start screaming, completely ignoring you.

“That was bad. Not as bad as you for killing your no-smell-pretty babies, though.” The voice mutters, as you brrak down into tears and collapse.

“Huuuuuu…! Wai!? Am wowstesh mummah! Wan die! WAN DIE!” You sob, as you feel something pinch you and you soon fall asleep.

You are FV-0446, and you, your new special-friend, and Princess are leaving the nice mister’s house! Princess is sleeping, and the nice mister whispered something to you both as you left. He said to make sure to have good babies together, but all babies are good! He also said he’ll get you both plenty of fluffies for replication-huggies! You like the nice mister so much! He was holding a notepad labeled ‘Fluffy Eradication Plans: Book One’, though. You wonder that that means? And, where’d the babies you got from Princess go?

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