Prisma’s game — part 1 (starfellfluffies)

A yellow unicorn fluffy walked up the walkie trail, passing numerous nesties and fluffies. The fluffies were mostly earthie fluffies, with a small scattering of pegasus fluffies pushing around clouds. All was well in Acornville, when suddenly a group of scary monsters attacked! The yellow unicorn fluffy whips out her sharp sorry stick-

“Fwuffynutty, dat shawp sowwy stick am cawwed a swowd.”

“Oh. Otay, Pwisma.”

The yellow unicorn whips out her sword, and charges at the scary monsters. She attacks, swinging her sword and giving many of the monsters forever sleepies. There were too many of them however, and the one fluffy was quickly swarmed by all of the scary monsters.

“Hewp! Mawwow am in twob- twoubw- Mawwow nee hewp!” One of the monsters slashes at Mallow, but stops short. It slumps to the ground with a pointy stick sticking out of the back of it’s head.

Suddenly, a powder blue pegasus with an unusually sparkly mane jumps down from the top of a nestie. She is holding-

”Bewfo’ ou say dat am a shooty stick, Pwisma say dat am cawwed a bow.”

”Ummmm… Cwystaw totawwy nu am gon say shooty stick… Yeh, a bow!”

Prisma sighs and rests a hoof on her head. “Citwus magic sowwy stick am cawwed a staff. Da scawy munstahs am gobwins. Da pointy sticks am cawwed awwows.”

“Ohhhhhh!” Citrus says as her eyes widen.

The power blue pegasus is holding a bow. She points it at a group of the goblins and fires three arrows, each hitting a goblin. The rest of the goblins see this and run away.

“Wow! Dat am coow!” Mallow looks at the unknown wingie friend in amazement. The pegasus smugly dusts off her bow.

“It am jus’ a coow twick Indigo picked up. Nuffin big.”

“Ou namesies am Indigo? Dat am coow! Ou wan gu on ad- aven- adent…”


“Yee! Aventuwe! Ou wan do dat?” Mallow bounces up and down.

“Suwe. Dis pwace am bowwing. To aventuwe!”

The two fluffies follow the path out of the town and into the woods beyond.