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I haven’t been uploading much so I decided to do a quick piece of art.

Life has been pretty good, I started doing art commissions outside of fc and while I’ve only gotten a few that’s still something. Job hunting has been a pain in my ass tho but I had an interview today and I’m hoping I get it. I also started dating someone and she’s the absolute best, I could gush over her and how sweet and wonderful and adorable she is >w<

Uploads here will probably be pretty scarce as I’m trying to focus on other stuff. This community is pretty important to me so I don’t think I’ll ever truly leave even if I’m not as interested.


Very happy to hear it!

I remember when I first started seeing your stuff on Reddit, I think. Still love it now. It’s amazing to see how you’ve grown in such a short time as an artist (you’ve put in the work for sure).

I don’t need this place like I did before. A lot of people do seem to move on as their needs change. And that’s fine. Great even. I only pop in once in a while to see folks :slight_smile:


Yeah this community really helped me when I was pretty isolated and I’ve met a lot of nice people here. I don’t need it like I did back then but I’m always going to care for this place and I hope it can help other people as well ^w^


The ponies wax and wane, like the seasons.


Nice that you still save a bit of vim for us yahoos :wink:

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