Prologue, chapter 1, and chapter 2: YouTuber family (thefluffydestroyer1021)


You are Pewdiepie, your daddeh named you this after his favorite “u-tub-ewh” you don’t know what that is, but you think it’s important. You have tummeh babbehs that will come soon. Suddenly you feel a pain in your poopie place. You know what happening, and you scream “BIGGEST POOPIES!!!” “Fuck, not now!” Your daddeh screams as he rushes toward you. He said a no-no word but you don’t care. You push as your daddeh pets you. A babbeh plops on the floor and starts peeping and crying. Your daddeh picks it up and puts it in front of you, he names the little black mare SSniperwolf. Your special friend Dream rushes to you and helps pull out another babbeh. 30 minutes later, 4 babbehs are sleeping and sucking milk but SSniperwolf is crawling around. She’s your new bestest babbeh, as are all your foals. You teach them about toys, nummies, and the litterbox. You hope your daddeh won’t hurt your foals. But he never did that to you, so why worry?

Chapter 1: The invasion

Your name is SSniperwolf and you have 3 bwudews named Markiplier, Sockfor1, and Smg4. You’re old enough to finally go outside, so you and your siblings run out. An hour later, you hear a grunting noise. You go to the fence and see a small herd of 2 stallions, 3 mares and 9 foals through a hole, a male rolling one of the mares, the mares pregnant. You rush to your hoomin daddeh and tell him. He says that he’ll talk to them and then decide what to do. You follow hoomin daddeh and listen to what they say. Your bwudews follow you.

Smarty: Hewwo nice hoomin, can fwuffeh hewd stay in dis land? Wiw make shure nu gud feews habben untiw widol babbehs awe big fuffehs.

Daddeh: Sure, but you must stay there for a while, I’ll make a pen for you guys. I’ll take the pregnant mare and give her love and huggies okay?

Smarty: Otay, wiww stay hewe and take cawe ob foaws

You and your siblings are very confused, you haven’t seen a “pew-web-nand” mare before, and you remember that you are a mare. Thinking of the worst, your bwudews say that the pew-web-nand mare will blow up. You think that, since your fluffy mummah was pew-web-nand with you and your siblings, you say that maybe she’s a soon mummah.

Your bwudews try to respond, but one of the wild foal crawls up to you. He’s twice as big as you, probably a tuffie. He speaks in a deep voice
Tuffie foal: U an stupi bwudews awe poopeh babbehs! Gib gud feews! ( he is a bad smarty)

Socksfor1, the biggest foal of your litter walks up to him, Socksfor1 towers the tuffie.

Socksfor1: U am nu boss of fwuffy witter. Go, ow teww hoomin daddeh

The tuffie runs away pooping and crying.
You tell your hoomin daddeh about the tuffie foal. He confronts the herd.

Daddeh: Ok, which foal here is a tuffie? One of them tried to hurt my foals

Tuffie foal: I da tuffie, an does babbehs awe dummeh poopies! (Bu big wone scawy)

Daddeh: I was gonna give the big fluffies sketty and you guys sketti milkies, but you…
You fucking retarded shitrat of a toughie don’t get any. Everyone else gets some.

Poopie foal: eben stupi poopeh fwuffy?

Daddeh: Even you, lil cutie.

You and your bwudews give the poopie huggies, and call him CaptainSauce, after a u-tub-ewh your daddeh watched when you could start to walk

Chapter 2: The foal in a can

You and your daddeh go on a walk, you have a “hawness” on your back. You notice a big metal monster standing in an alley, and itt has foals inside of it! You hurriedly tell your daddeh. He walks to it and he puts a small metal disc in it. It lowers a yellow and dark-grey foal down. You look at the foal. It’s in a small can with a teat to drink what looks like miwkies. It’s lined with fuzzy, semi-clear bedding. Your daddeh tells you to hold the can in your mouth, but you can’t hold it, so you put it in a small pocket in your hawness
Your daddeh brings him home and names him Blitz.


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