Psi-corp timeline 1 {interview} [by Virus3eye]

"In the night Show" by 'Sammy camel’

"in the night Show tonight with revolution and Ingenuity of Psi-corp come at us tonight,
1 out of 5 heads of hydra Dr. Marx Krasnyy "The audience in the room sent trembling applause.
Dr. Marx walked into the stage with Cedar brown wing fluffy with headpone on this fluffy healthy and looking more energetic than the usual fluffy when her owner sits down on the sofa, she flaps her wings a few times before lifting herself on to sopa before crouching on her owner’s lap Calling a buzz from the audience
“wait a minute That your fluffy just fly onto the sofa how ??” ‘Sammy camel’ host of in the night show ask
“just a little of gene modified technically it side effects of me repairing her innards”
“repairing her innards ??” … “yes, as you all know fluffy internal organs are poorly effective.” Dr. Marx scratching her back
“becouse they internal organs are work on low efficiency they digested only one portion of the nutrients it eat.” he explain
“so how that have side effects on fluffy working wings” Sammy ask
“well i modified all her organs so when her muscles and digestive system work at full capacity …” Dr. Marx let off
“her have enough energy and muscle strength to fly” Sammy add audience applause.
“more like hover up a littlebit she strengt is sill limited it happen all the time in full grown fluffy” “full grown fluffy ?? than what if …” Sam ask
“from newborn or in a womb yes? let’s me show something to all of you” Dr. Marx signal to staff To play video on big tv on stage video of small fluffy herd playaround on smallclearing in some woodarea all of them Have long and healthy legs one fluffy ran away from the other, flapped its wings and flew to the treetops. Some flew from one branch To another…
sit next to bush is green pointy mare and her three foals all feed from her udder one earthies pink stallion walk back up to her and his tail flick in her face which she try to plead but look like he didn’t pay attention… her puffed her cheek then tap stallion ass with her horn. spiral on her horn starting to glow before electrostatic spark between her horn and pink stallion ass make he jump her still puffed her cheek and talk at stallion “babbeh sitww num miwkies go 'way”
“pinky sowwy Smawty” pink stallion tail drop and move out Before another earthies call himto help dig up the nest under another bush
“nao that fwuffy’s babbeh” Cedar Interrupt and pointing her hoof at green pointy mare "yes that pointy mare…sorry for the language i talk with fluffy to much “” so “” yes “” she is Cedar foal after treatment of Cedar another herd was attacked by coyote on my orchard only a dam and her brother survive so after treatment them the dam give birth to 5 foal her brother and Cedar have 2 they all smarter and have good Logic "
“and what with spark from her horn dr.” well i when fix they genetic code i found out hasbio use narwhal dna to ger the horn i seen some feral use they horn as weapon before so i just add electric rays dna to the mix so they can discharge from horn or Hoof
so when they huntcommon techniques it to stomp after that hoof discharge on prey "
sammy get shocked look “they hunt ?? what are they hunt dr.” “mostly rat some hare on rare chance coyote” “wait what ??”
"yeab they make coyote lose balance and stab from the side… in earthies case they leg and hoof strong enough to just break coyote leg after that they just stomp coyote skull and in… wingies case Oh man, you can’t believe what fluffy can do when they plummet full force hoof first on coyote head "
“wow” “unfortunately my herd still not have pointy wingies or you call it alicorn so i can’t know for sure all ability can inherit to them or not”
"this is game changer Dr. you new fluffy can challenge Hasbio out of market " Dr. Marx snicker "oh sammy sammy i know but by law i can’t
and my friend already name them well… her fluffy To be correct she call them “huntin’ fwend” " “hunting fluffy” “aww that more stuck”
"well us at Psi-corp can’t just create new products and challenge Hasbio we do not own the law atleast not yet " Dr. Marx utterly suspicious "aww i just want one "
“they don’t work like fluffy sammy… they have more energy stronger and smarter they need more room to run to fly to play you can’t just leave them in a room like fluffy too… it boring for them only people i recommended would be a farmer or people with enough land to let’ them run arond or next to the forest” "aww man " "So sam may i recommend to you ‘beardy’ “what it is dr.” "this is why i come to your show tonight sammy The latest from Psi-corp biolab ‘beardy’ " Dr. Marx signal to his assistant walk in with smallbox Dr. Marx open it and yellow colts with round ear reach out it front leg and grab Dr. Marx fingers he give it a bread sticks yellow colts grab it with two arm before break it in half and start eating it it hold half bread sticks like a hotdog
"oh my god dr. did it have a finger " “nubby” “what???” "they call it themself ‘nubby’ it have 3 from each leg " “what did you do with them doc” “well fluffy do looklike teddybear some time so i just think why not use some bear dna” “so you just add bear dna on it” sam ask Innocently "ha ha ha sammy oh sammy no… it Too dangerous We just want the look… it was bonobo sammy " “bonobo ???” “This species is not as violent as chimpanzees it more safe for customers and we repairing fear of the dark out and we reduced it dependent on human down ‘Beardy’ rely on it instinct and can takes care of itself more now.” “wow” “all Three services for the same price you just choose beardy or hunting fluffy…
if just repairing your fluffy innards we throw in reduced dependent on human with it.”
“wow really considerate Dr…that’s it folk” In the night “we see you tomorrow”

  • in my timeline “hunting fluffy” is fix fluffy they body strong like an animal of that size
    but smarter “Beardy” genetically modified fluffy with the internal organs being repaired and a little more intelligent
  • “fix fluffy” Normal adult fluffy being treated looks healthier and a little smarter
    service from Psi-corp reduce dependence on people left fluffy to be able to take care of themselves to a certain extent but not up to the hunting fluffy level,
    if fix fluffy can live up to 40 year same as hunting fluffy
  • because complete transfiguration is not possible in a fully grown fluffy, the recommended approach is to bring pregnant mare to get fix service and you will receive foal as “hunting fluffy”
  • If you want a “Beardy” do the same as “hunting fluffy” and you can choose whether or not to get pregnant mare fix

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