Question #24: Artist Impersonator's

I have had this thought a few times since I join the site, and since two notable members of the community have recently returned, I thought it would be the best time to ask this question.

What’s stopping people from making fake accounts, and claiming to be old booru members, and posting their art?


Unless they’re perfect imitating then art or writing will give them out


I mean someone calling themselves “Micron” then posting his/her art saying it’s theirs.

Ask for a new post or booru ID if they were there

This is the answer.
Trust, yet verify.
I’ll generally believe people, but I’m watchful for impersonators. And I’m not the only one.
And the most watchful people here are the ones that you never see post at all.


As someone who knows a bit about counterfeiting I can confidently tell you the fakery would only hold up until they ran out of other people’s art.