What happens if the Original was found
What if it died and all fluffie just dies


In my headcanon, billions of hoomins would Sturv


I’m not seeing a downside to that.

Well since the original fluffy was the product of many trials it is likely you would just get a slightly (very slight) different version of the first fluffy.

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Why would all fluffies die if the original died? I mean hell the first fluffy is certainly long-dead by now.

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Some people’s canon has the original as a dumber, but otherwise a “perfect”
Fluffy. Better survival instincts and biology like a highly durable miniature horse, not as able to understand English and more prone to repeating it like a parrot without understanding words.

In others, the prototype is just an MLP pony of human intelligence without the magic powers, and they were just too expensive to produce and not as profitable so Hasbio kept making the generations worse to get cheaper until the most flawed generation that was proof of concept for some trait or another got loose.

How long Fluffies have been around is odd in most canons. People reference them as something that has been around long enough to have most kids and working adults unable to remember a world before them, with the creators still alive, yet society revolves around them and in some cases resembles an Adult Swim or Comedy Central cartoon where the world is progressing slowly and disappointingly from dystopian to post-apocalyptic with a low class malaise.

I get that part, but why would all fluffies die if the original died?

Probably a joke about vampires, alien invaders, or a hive mind.