"Race Against Time" Part 2 by NobodyAtAll

Part 1

I fly above the streets as fast as I can, wreathed in white flames, my eyes burning red.


Then something round and silvery bounces off my face.


“The fuck?!?”

I look at the thing that hit me.

It’s some kind of drone. It flies up to me and speaks.

“Herr Korkea! Am I glad I finally found you!”

Aw, shit, I know that voice.

“Hans fucking Stahlberg. So you had another backup, huh?”

“Two, actually. Now I have just one. But there’s no time for this. I know where Adam’s going, what he wants, and what he plans to do with–”

I grab the drone.

“What are you doing?!?”

“Not falling for this shit again. Just tell me where he is, knowing what he wants is optional by now.”

“He’s looking for someone! I don’t know who! All I know is that they have the power he wants! The power to control time!”



I need to find Jack yesterday.

If only I had stuck around for his training, I would have clicked, and that would actually be an option.

But finding Jack now is the next best thing.

And I know where he is. Hopefully, Adam hasn’t found him yet.

“Thanks for the tip, Hans.”

“But I need to tell you more–”

“Nope. I said I’m not falling for this shit again. You won’t stall me twice. Bye, Hans.”

“Nein, warten–”


I crush the drone with my bare hand.

Then I throw it at one of the scaly monsters.


When it turns to me, I fire an energy blast right between its eyes.


Thank you, Akira.

Then I strap on a temporal stabiliser and fly towards Faucheuse Tower.

The Nerd Squad exits Faucheuse Plaza.

Valerie turns to Jack.

“You know what to do.”

Jack nods.

“Right. See you guys, um, later. Later for me, that is.”

Jack stops time. The world falls silent.

“Let’s see what we’re dealing with, here.”

Jack walks off, as calmly as if he was having a nice stroll through the park.

He has to keep moving in stopped time, otherwise he’ll run out of oxygen.

Adam Omega, still invisible, hiding in an alleyway near the Tower, looks around at the silent, frozen world.

He’s not frozen, obviously.

“Amazing. He made time grind to a halt. Good thing my armor has a chronal equaliser built-in.”

And that’s why he’s not frozen.

“Seriously, I don’t know how many ideas these idiots think were theirs.

Adam hears someone coming.

He peeks out of the the alleyway. He’s invisible, but because he’s so close to his goal, he’s not taking chances. He doesn’t want to trip at the finish line.

Adam smiles when he sees a blond, effeminate man in a saffron battle suit approaching. He’s looking away from the alley.

Then Adam raises an eyebrow when he sees what color the suit’s legs are.

He murmers softly to himself.

“Flesh tone legs? Really, man? I’m just going to assume that’s a man.”

Then he smiles again, as he silently sneaks up on his quarry.

As Jack looks at Marley, who was in the form of a large steel ball and rolling over scalies when time stopped, he chuckles.

“Heh. Marley’s a beast when he combines different powers.”

He turns towards an alleyway, seeing a man standing in it.

A tall, muscular, ethnically ambiguous man, in gleaming armor, an omega symbol on the chest.

He seems to have been frozen too.

Jack walks up to him.

He hasn’t actually met Adam yet.

So he doesn’t realize that he’s walking into a trap.

As he’s standing in front of Adam, looking up at him, Adam suddenly grabs him.

“Gotcha bitch!”

“The fuck? I didn’t unfreeze time yet!”

Calvin lands, his body still burning white, his eyes still burning red.


Adam lifts up Jack with one hand, and ignores his struggling. Adam turns to Calvin.

“Calm down, Calvin Korkea. You can have him back in a minute.”

Adam places his other hand on Jack’s chest.

“What are you gonna do to me-- nnngh!

Jack’s body glows white, and the white energy moves onto Adam’s body, being absorbed by Adam.

There. I got what I wanted. I copied this idiot’s powers.”

He casually tosses Jack towards Calvin, who catches him.

Calvin’s still wreathed in flames, but his flames don’t burn anyone he doesn’t want to burn.

Then, to make a point, Adam unfreezes time. The chaos resumes.

“Happy, Calvin Korkea? I got his powers. You got him. We both get what we want.”

Calvin snarls at Adam as he helps Jack get back on his feet.

Jack feels a bit woozy after having his powers forcibly copied, and doesn’t feel up to speaking right now.

“Why the fuck do you want Jack’s powers? So you can go home? We have a time machine! You could have borrowed it if you had just fucking asked, Adam!

Adam chuckles.

“It wouldn’t have been enough, Calvin Korkea. It has been nice meeting you. Thank you both for helping me. But this is the last time we will speak.”

Kushim flies over to Adam on his dragon-like wings.

Kushim was wisely fleeing Marley the amazing fluffy wrecking ball when time stopped, leaving his children to die in his place.

See, scalies have more in common with fluffies than Kushim thinks.

“Right on time, Kushim. Heh. We’ve got what we need. We’re going home.”

“Tuk yu wong enuff, daddeh. Bai bai, chiw-dwen. Be gud fow yu new fwendssss. Hee hee.”

Calvin carefully unhands Jack, who manages to stay standing.

Then Calvin charges at Adam.


Adam sends Calvin flying into a wall with a punch.



“Yes, I do. My name is Adam. Adam Omega. I am the first and best of our kind, Calvin Korkea. They were named after me. And I am the strongest man alive. Thank you for keeping my throne warm for me. But your service is no longer required.”

Calvin charges at Adam again.




By the time Calvin gets back up, Adam and Kushim are already flying away.

They’re heading east.

Calvin turns to Marley, who crushes the last of the scalies attacking him.

“Marley! Let’s go after those cunts!”

Marley reverts to his ordinary rasta fluffy form.

“Wite. Dey nu can ess-cape us, daddeh.”

The Nerd Squad catches up with Jack.

Calvin turns to them.

“Miles, you’re coming with us. We need all the Omegas we can get. Valerie, get Jack to safety, and call Future Quin. Tell him to blip to us, and let him know we’ll be flying.”

Valerie walks up to Jack and blips him away.


Calvin turns to Erwin, who is piloting the Stahlkörper 2.0., his mechanical armor.

“Tell everyone else to get this shit under control. We’re going after Adam. We’ve wasted enough time.”

With that, Calvin, Miles and Marley take to the skies and fly east too.

Part 3