Ragequit Contest Comic (RoseTea

I didn’t wanna make this comic too long, so I cut it hella short to make the point, hope you guys like this! This foal is beyond cute, hope I did her image well! I tried showing off just how bipolar or such
some kids are. Least how easy they can be to sway.

Also enjoy the fact my art style managed to change like… 4 times in this lol.

I wish I could have made more parts, but god forbid I drag this thing out 30 more pictures and I’d never get it done. :slight_smile:

Here da link to the contest, it was fun to do!


Cute :heart:


This is totes adorbs! Such a sweet interaction. Art looks nice, too.


I love this. Whole thing is beautiful! I love it! Love it!

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That babbo got shut down


That mare manipulated her own foal, even it was “besteh bebbeh”, for learning a real lesson. Nice to see their are also really good fluffies and not like all the others. Shit rats that thinking their “besteh babbeh” is always good even their behavior is bad.

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